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Saliva Drug Test: What Every Stoner Needs to Know to Pass

A saliva drug test is not similar to the modified urine type of test. Understand that both test screens mean an entirely different compound. Like for instance in a urinalysis, a lab technician will look closely at the THC-COOH or the 11-COOH-THC. This metabolite is formed once when the body has metabolized the delta-9 THC. This is in an effort of removing it through the urine. 

Nevertheless, a saliva drug test is calibrated in detecting the delta-9 THC. This psychoactive compound lets you get high experience. So far, the cannabis joint has its millions of delta-9 THC. This is hugely found in saliva after hashish or marijuana is consumed. It coats the entirety of the mouth surface that appears on the swab test. 

The thing is that it takes up hours for the THC-COOH to reach the detectable levels of the urine. This is why it is difficult to beat the saliva drug test. This is also true if you have inhaled marijuana a few hours ago. Presently, drug testing companies are using 25ng/ml cut off when using and testing marijuana in saliva.

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Saliva

THC is surprisingly known to not stay for long hours in your mouth. This is based on the study published aiming to investigate how long does it last in the saliva. This is also considering the control way of administering smoked cannabis 

 The experiment includes collecting a specimen from a single subject. It resulted in a 5800ng per milliliter THC concentration through a procedure known as the GC-MS test. This is also twelve minutes once you are done smoking it. 

In the twentieth minute, one more experiment was carried out. It showed the concentration that fell to about 81ng/ml. Twelve hours later, a decline in the concentration is observed to about 1ng/ml.

Although the study has shown that the concentration of THC in the saliva fell at a detectable level in just twelve hours, it’s good to take note that saliva tests laboratories used today can monitor marijuana. This is to say forty-eight hours after you fired up a joint. 

If you want to avoid the test, you must keep off the weed for forty-eight hours. This is equal to seventy-two hours before the test. 

Probability of the THC to Seep from the Blood System

Long-term and heavy smokers fear about the THC seeping from the blood system and back to their saliva. This is also even if they abstain for almost about seventy-two hours. In the studies conducted before, the THC is somehow sequestered in the nasal cavities. This is right after consuming it. 

The study proves that the concentration declines over time. This is because the THC molecules are then absorbed into the blood system. It is also evidently observed that THC does not diffuse back into your saliva. 

THC is considered to be lipophilic. This is according to the researchers who conducted an Analysis of Drugs in Saliva. Thus, it means to say that it can never be absorbed back into your saliva. This is also after it has entered into the blood system.

This is also the reason why a stoner is likely to fail a urine or blood test. But, one also passes a saliva test for as long as one has not eaten or inhaled cannabis in the past forty-eight hours.

It’s good to keep in mind that the THC found in the saliva shows that one has used it in the past. This is also why the saliva drug test is used by companies, road safety enforcers, and employers. They are after minimizing the risk of accidents on the roads or at the workplace. This is also brought about by smoking when driving and when at work.

Pass Saliva Drug Test With The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

It is more likely to pass a saliva drug test with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Many people have tried this technique and passed it also successfully. While many sources have different ways of using a solution to overcome this drug test, below are the step-by-step methods of passing it. 

Abstain from Marijuana For About Forty-Eight Hours

It has been mentioned that THC comes with a detection window of about twenty-four to forty-eight hours. That’s when you as a user should keep off from it 2 days before getting tested. If you will abstain for longer hours like 72+hours, you will likely increase your chances of beating the test. That’s true if you consider yourself an everyday weed-lover.

Eat, Drink, & Brush the Teeth Three to Four Times a Day

When you consume marijuana, you’ll notice millions of the THC molecules lingering throughout the mouth surface. Some of these molecules go into oral cavities. They are then released into the saliva. And, they are absorbed into the blood. The technique to follow here is to eliminate these molecules right away.

It’s suggested to eat and then drink. Brush more during these days before undergoing the test. This will help keep the fluids in your mouth. And thus, you boost the chance of removing the THC molecules that get stuck on your mouth. Rinse off using mouthwash. Do these things on the day of the test.

Brush the Entire Mouth

During the day of the test, focus more of your energy on brushing your mouth. This is because you will not do this ever again. This will also be your last shot upon removing the smallest THC molecules that have gone through the brush. This is also as you start to prepare for the test. Brush your tongue including your gum line. 

Throw Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide into the Mixture

Continue to invade the THC molecules (leftover) in the saliva. Throw a solution of Listerine or Hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Make it three to four times to eliminate the molecules. This might burn and then sting your gums. But, this is one of the surest perks of following this method.

Go to the Test Venue

Be very sure that you have removed the THC molecules from the saliva. As you go to the test venue, take a mouthwash and a bottle of water. Gargle one more time before heading into the collection point. Drink more water.


Every stoner should understand more about the saliva drug test and what one needs to know to pass. As discussed as well in the study is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Water can also bring about the very same results. If you won’t like the stinging effect of the hydrogen peroxide to your tongue and gums, water is also already enough!