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What is Rosin and how is it used

Imagine how you can take pleasure on shatter with the absence of solvent You might even question the possibility of it. It is now made possible because of the rising solvent-less capacity known as the “rosin” mechanism.

Rosin is a kind of cannabis concentrate that is recognized for its flavor, potency, simplicity, and purity. Although a lot of people choose to vape or dab rosin, there are a few more ways to relish it.

What is Rosin

Rosin talks about the process of extraction that employs a mixture of pressure and heat to almost promptly clutch the sticky sap from the starting material. The word “rosin” was formulated as a process of creating a product utilized to generate friction through violin bows.

Rosin is a cannabis product that is very adaptable since it made from a cannabis flower, kief, or hash and converted into completely-melted hash oil. The output is a luminous, mushy, and occasionally shatter-resembling product which can be used as rosin dabs. If carried out properly, rosin can compete with the yield, potency, and flavor of other solvent-founded extraction products.

This concentrate can obtain a potency level that is more than 80 percent THC. It undoubtedly blew the mainstream after made universalized by a cannabis enthusiast, Phil Salazar in 2015. Nevertheless, the method of extraction employed to generate it is perceived to have been available since the 1990s.

It is perceived to be purer than any other kind of cannabis concentrates since it is free from solvent. Different from concentrates that are formulated through the extraction of BHO, rosin does not need a solvent to formulate, and hence, cannot have any hints of likely destructive chemicals.

Why are they Famous

One of the reasons why rosin has gained rising fame is its solvent-less technique, which means that the process does not need any usage of offshore substances. Rather, rosin utilizes a mechanical method that involves pressure and heat to draw out the resin from the chosen plant. The output of this method is a dense, sticky whole-plant extract possessing a healthful combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of its rich terpene content, rosin is not only compelling – it is also tasty.

Other procedures of extraction use hydrocarbons like propane or butane. Most of the time, these intricate and mechanical structures need a tedious expulsion to securely eradicate most, if not the entire waste solvents from the end product.

Under other conditions, rosin simply utilizes pressure and heat and does not need any further cleaning. Hence, the end product is clean and set for usage in just a few minutes. When contrasted to BHO, the two are creatively identical.

Rosin, if done properly, keeps as many important terpenes that rationalize the flavor and aroma. Nevertheless, in a laboratory test, rosin can never have a single PPM of lingering hydrocarbon. Particularly, you are substantially getting shatter with no solvent when executing this method.

It can be that the most significant reason why rosin has been very popular is the absolute clarity of this mechanism, letting the aficionados with no knowledge in botanical or chemistry extractions to try it themselves with nominal risk.

How to Use Rosin

You may have the wrong perception that rosin is only best in one thing and that is dabbing. Rosin is a wonderful all-around concentrate that can be used in numerous ways. There are five means to use rosin:

  • Dabbing

We should begin the list by mentioning dabbing. Certainly, you will have to secure some materials such as a dab rig, blow torch, and nail, however, dabbing rosin is very typical for this reason – it is the perfect means to relish everyone’s beloved solvent-less extract. Moreover, you cannot defeat that excellent terp taste which makes it all valuable.

Dabbing concentrates draws out the terpenes and allows you to take pleasure in the innumerable aromas and flavor that every strain has. Knowing that rosin already contains a hefty terpene content, you are assured that the dabs will be very tasty. If you are searching for a way to magnify the taste and flavor, dabbing rosin is the ideal way.

  • Create Edibles

It is also possible to bake your rosin to form a cannabis edible. Some enthusiasts choose to decarboxylate the rosin before they imbue it into another thing whole others do not see it to be relevant.

An ideal rule to follow is that if you like to magnify the potency of the edible, it is perhaps a helpful idea to decarboxylate it before the infusion. However, if you are simply searching for a swift edible fix, putting it raw straight to the recipe or any foods or liquids can also complete the job.

You do not have to spend many hours to decarboxylate the cannabis flower and steep it into butter. With the use of rosin, you can easily add it immediately to food while you are cooking, or simply steep it into oil or butter. You may even want to create a tea with it. And the best thing about it, there is certainly no material of plant in rosin to destroy the flavor of your beloved foods.

  • Roll in a Joint

Do you prefer something quite low-tech Then, you might want to consider putting some rosin in a joint to get an additional kick. You may smear it over some fine bud and simply roll it up just how you typically do. Or if parched a bit, rosin will melt and can be coiled around the outer surface of the spliff. You may even roll it again through kief to create a joint suited for a master.

It may appear counter-perceptive because of its stick characteristic, however, it is always possible to crush up rosin and be rolled into a joint, spliff, or blunt. Just make sure to dry it out so you won’t encounter a gummy mess. As an alternative, you can also heat it and distribute it through a rolling paper with the use of an applicator tool. You may think that the additional stickiness can turn the process of rolling more manageable for you.

  • Portable Vaporizer or E-Nail

Bring vaping rosin to another level higher with a portable vaporizer or e-nail. You do not have to secure a room that is packed with tools to dab rosin since portable electronic vapes are made particularly for dabbing concentrates. Simply occupy the container, lock the vaporizer, and let the electricity to heat it with the best dabbing temperature. And right there and then, you can nearly dab anywhere and anytime.

If your vape is made for consumption with cannabis concentrates, then you can just load the rosin and start vaping it. However, if you find it more indulging, you can assemble your rosin-imbued e-juice at the comfort of your home by simply following several steps.

Regardless of what kind of vaporizer you are using, just see to it that it is safe to consume with concentrates. Smoking or vaping rosin from a dusty herb vape may result in a gummy mess and irreversible damage.

  • Sprinkle in a Bowl

Are you too exhausted to try the rolling Well, this should not be an issue. For bong enthusiasts out there, you may easily drop rosin over a bowl of your desired flower. While the ignition is not the ideal way to consume rosin, it can still kindle like any typical bong hit. Thus, regardless if you do not have a dab rig, it is still possible to relish the exceptional potency of rosin through your credible, old bong.

However, just make sure that you remain cautious. Putting a concentrate in a bowl or joint will surely heighten the potency.

What to Check When Getting a Rosin

To make sure that you are buying the best rosin, you should check for the following characteristics:

  • Clear, light tan or amber shade – Do not buy if the rosin is green as it means that a plant matter is present.
  • Strong smell – Good rosin smells similar to the flower where it came from. Do not buy if the smell is “hayish”.
  • No plant matter available – Plant matter is hardly seen in commercial rosin. However, if you see it, do not buy it. Plant matter appears similar to small hairs/specks.

Keeping in mind these guidelines will help you get the best rosin products. You should back up yourself with information and ideas that will help you distinguish good and bad rosin.


From dabbing to eating to smoking it, there is so much about rosin that you need to learn. One thing is for sure, the moment you find the best rosin product, you will surely love the experience.

The fate of solvent-less extraction is believed to be bright and promising. And if you have not tried using rosin yet, you are going to find it pleasing to use it once you learn about its taste, potency, simplicity, and purity. Rosin is the freshest, quickest-growing craze in the industry and shall only continue to increase popularity.