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What is a Rosin Press and How Does it Work

Rosin is generating waves and a lot of people are discussing this solvent-free concentrate. If you are interested to learn more about rosin and you want to explore more about rosin pressing, then you should learn about the corresponding machine.

With the fame of rosin presses constantly soaring each year, no question pressing rosin has been a recent craze. However, some people are still not aware of these machines. Hence, we find it helpful to discuss what a rosin press is and how does it work.

What is Rosin Press

Currently, Rosin is one of the brisk expanding extract business in the UK and has immediately expanded stateside. The machine is a non-variable extract which can be employed with numerous vaporizers and possess a rich and full aroma. 

Years ago, you can only buy already fabricated rosin from huge companies. Fortunately, that is already one thing that belongs to the past. You can now purchase your Rosin Press and enjoy its function in the convenience of your home to draw out rosins from your chosen plant.

It is difficult to determine which the best rosin press is because they can differ in performance, size, and price. Hence, it will simply depend on one’s preferences and requirements. Nevertheless, all rosin presses are employed for one reason.

How Does a Rosin Press Works

When extracting Rosin from cannabis or any kind of plant, one has to obey 3 particular steps:

  • An intense volume of pressure which can be attained with a Rosin Press
  • A high level of temperature that is sufficient to liquefy the material
  • In a short time

The extraction of the tasty resin is done simply. All that is important for a herb to extract its juices is to exert a minimal heat that will be sufficient to liquefy the resin and then a large volume of pressure which could melt the resin and consecutively clutch it out by detaching it from the scrap material.

What is ideal about the rosin presses is that they are incredibly user-friendly. What you simply require is a parchment paper and the herb which you are extracting rosin from. Turn the rosin press on, assign the preferred temperature as well as the other specifications needed. 

Once it is heated up, put the parchment paper in the press while securing the herb inside. Push the button that pushes together the two heated plates. You will notice the two plates to come together. After several minutes, the procedure will be completed and you have an available tasty, personalized yield. 

You may consume it immediately or keep it for later consumption, just see to it that you will properly store it in an airtight container and a dry area. It is suggested to refrigerate or freeze the rosin if it will not be consumed for a long time.

Suggested Pressing Temperature

When determining how to operate a rosin press, it is critical to comprehend the effect of temperature and to quantify how much heat is needed. A useful guideline to go by are the following:

  • At a low temperature that is 150 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the yield is reduced. However, the content of terpene is higher, the taste is much intensive, and the final product is potent and stable.
  • At a high temperature that is 220 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the yield is feasibly higher. However, the content of terpene is lower, the taste will be more precise and the final product will be gentler.

The preferred temperature will vary greatly on the kind of initiating material and the extent of pressing. As an overall guideline, this is the most efficient formula:

  • Flower: 190-220 degrees, 15 to 60 seconds
  • Low-quality bubble or sift: 180 to 220 degrees, 30 to 90 seconds
  • High-quality bubble or sift: 150 to 190 degrees, 30 to 90 seconds

Pressing at extreme temperature or displaying the material to lengthened heat can affect the trait of the rosin. Thus, it is best to prevent using high heat.


High pressure allows you to do pressing at reduced temperatures and decreased the pressing time. However, it is worthy to note that the aids are the slightest past a particular pressure point. Too much pressure may trigger the material of the plant to pollute the rosin, creating little blots of green to turn noticeable in the extract.

There is a comprehensive formula when it comes to the best pressure. However, it is commonly useful to consider press pounds and the plate area. 


The yield relies on the initiating material. Cannabis flower bears excellent quality rosin. However, the yields are smaller, unfortunately. If you are getting a rosin press to extract flowers, it is useful to choose small nugs since this will allow you to magnify the area of the surface and initiate better motion of the rosin to the assortment point.

Greater yields may be produced by pressing kief, hash, and trim, although the quality is somewhat lower.


The amount of time needed for pressing must be put into consideration in connection to the temperature and pressure and the kind of press.

Modern, huge presses work amazingly fast, and the amount of time happens to be quicker when at high temperatures if the quality of the initiating matter is high. It is necessary to prevent too much exposure to heat to conserve the quality.

Benefits of Using a Rosin Press

Another reason why rosin is a very famous extract is that they are entirely free from solvent. If you have an available Rosin Press, you do not have to rely on anybody to provide you the best extracts because you can already create rosins right in your home and do not need to rely on huge establishments to supply you.

The use of Rosin Press is a lot easier and safer alternative than using variable procedures of extraction like CO2 or BHO extraction. Another benefit of owning a Rosin Press is that you can make sure that you have natural extracts and they are as healthful as they can be.

By exerting only heat, pressure, and time, the rosin is declared free from toxic matters such as propane or butane which are needed in certain extraction methods.

Rosin Presses are incredibly easy to operate and anybody can acquire the skills of extracting their rosin and be compensated with a tasty yield each time. Every person who has done this method explains that it is very easy. They further say that the vapor made from rosin is not rough on the throat just like the other extracts.

The aroma and flavor is nothing similar to what you have tried before. Because the heat generated from the press is not extremely hot to damage the terpenes, the molecules stay unblemished while in this process, which conserves the taste once consumed.

Types of Rosin Presses

There are three types of Rosin Presses which you can choose from:

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanic
  • Pneumatic

If you intend to get the best results possible, you should not limit your expenses when selecting the type of rosin press. If you like to use the best one, you cannot be wronged with the Pneumatic Rosin Presses.

Although Hydraulic rosin presses are utilizing compressed fluids to make pressure, the Pneumatic ones are more contemporary, and they utilize air to make pressure. Although both types can carry out the task, the Pneumatic type is an excellent selection because it is maintenance-free and oil-less if they are with high quality.

Pneumatic rosin presses are also a lot sophisticated and quieter so your pressing activity can stay private. Just ensure to acquire your machine from a credible supplier who concentrates on making high-quality products.

Nevertheless, you can still attain good results with both Mechanic and Hydraulic presses and your selection of Rosin Press must be decided based on your budget, needs, and wants.

Before you purchase a rosin press, it will be helpful to consider the following factors:

  • How do you intend to use the machine – commercial or personal purposes
  • How often will you use the rosin press
  • How much material are you aiming to press
  • How much is the available space
  • How much noise can you tolerate
  • How much are you willing to spend

You need to carefully analyze these questions and come up with honest answers. This will help you narrow down your selections and get a rosin press that provides your needs.


Rosin press has been a major attraction in the thriving world of cannabis. It does not only offer a solvent-free solution to extracts, but it also provides a smooth, clean, and delicious taste. A lot of people feel fortunate because they can now get their rosin and they can finally press their clean and fresh cannabis for personal consumption.

By understanding the capability of rosin presses and how they work, you understand how practical can it get to buy one. Just like with other machines, you must know what the product is. You should also clearly determine your requirements to make sure that you get the best choice.