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Pros and Cons of Smoking Cannabis Everyday

According to Paracelsus who is credited for indicating the basic principle of toxicology, it is the dose that makes the poison (originally “sola dosisfacitvenenum” in Latin).

Paracelsus claimed that all things are poison and it is “the dosage alone” making a thing poisonous or not. In the case of cannabis consumption, and in particular, when it comes to smoking marijuana, Paracelsus’ indication is perfectly applicable.

There are both pros and cons of smoking cannabis every day – and we are committed to listing these out along with science-backed up research and little-known facts that may just as well astonish you, apart from giving you some food for thought.

Nevertheless, smoking cannabis regularly may be or may not be harmful depending on factors that are ultimately unique for each person – so it is not solely the dosage that must be taken into consideration.

To Smoke or Not to Smoke Cannabis EveryDay: Busting Myths!

It might be surprising to find out that the country with the highest cannabis consumption rates among the local population, as compared to other countries globally, is… Iceland!

Yes, you read that right – it is not Uruguay which was the first country to fully legalize marijuana for both medical, as well as recreational purposes, and it is not the United States which is, actually, the country with the second largest marijuana smoking population across the globe.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the country that is often labeled as “the homeland” of cannabis – the Netherlands – ranks at number 20 in the category of countries with highest cannabis consumption rates.

In Iceland, 18.3% of the population aged 15 – 64 use cannabis, while the US cannabis consumption is set at 16.2%, followed up by Nigeria – 14.3%.

But why do their percentages even matter when it comes to the pros and cons of smoking cannabis everyday

In a nutshell, we do live in the era when the mainstream media has a tremendous impact on the way we experience the events in global communities worldwide.

With this in mind, we are regularly hit by waves of information regarding marijuana consumption that can be both true and false.

For instance, insanely famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifaclaim to smoke a HUGE amount of cannabis every single day (Mr. Snoop Dogg alone shared that he hits 80+ blunts a day! *hazy_look_behind_clouds_of_smoke*)

It’s medicine,” Snoop Dogg sums up.

However, despite being the absolute #1 cannabis connoisseur, Snoop Dogg shares that he doesn’t really enjoy the way edibles kick in – and this is why he prefers to stick with daily smoking instead. “Cus it’s in my bloodstream, it’s all over me and I don’t like feeling like that, so I don’t do it,” explains Snoop.

Video by Fuse – Snoop Smokes 81 Blunts a Day – Reddit AMA

Then there are also songs that hook us up with lyrics such as “smoke weed every day” (Dr. Dre – The Next Episode feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg).

But then there are also those anti-marijuana campaigns such as the You Can Campaign warning marijuana consumers that weed can have negative effects on both mental and physical level, making one “feel and perform” less than their best.

So where is the truth Is there a golden middle in the ocean of information Should you or shouldn’t you be smoking pot on a daily basis

Then again, we want to bring you back to Paracelsus’ immortal wisdom – that it is the dose that makes the poison.

In a world where being able to find your way through a myriad of fake news and promises is becoming increasingly hard, we’re determined to shed science-backed up light on the pros and cons of smoking weed every day – so that you can be free to make the most well-informed decision for yourself.

The Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Daily

#1 – Smoking Marijuana can Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Based on a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, people who use cannabis on a daily basis have shown lower levels of insulin, as compared with patients who do not consume cannabis.

Even though more research is needed to explore the possible ways cannabis treatment can help diabetes-prone or diabetes- diagnosed patients, there is little doubt that the herb does provide certain benefits when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels.

However, it is still unclear whether the reduction in blood sugar with daily cannabis consumption can be employed in the short-term, as well as in the long-term with best results.

The number of people fighting with diabetes has risen to 422 million people in 2014 (as a comparison, 108 people were listed as diabetes patients back in 1980, based on data from the World Health Organization).

These alarming numbers point out to a single truth – the indisputable fact that we need to fight for our legal rights to receive adequate treatment in the future, keeping in mind the rapid advance in science and technology.

So if smoking cannabis daily can become the cure to healthy, non-invasive, all-natural regulation of blood sugar levels – then we can only hope for faster improvement and more science-backed up research on that matter.

#2 – Smoking Cannabis can Help with Weight Management

It is widely known that smoking cannabis induces the munchies – or in other words, the almost uncontrollable desire to indulge in your favorite treats.

By binding to receptors in your brain, the active cannabinoids send signals throughout your nervous system, resulting in boosting appetite and making food more palatable.

This particular effect of cannabis consumption is, however, is dependable on the strain that you choose to consume.

Opting for the right type of strain/s can help patients trying to put on weight, as in the case with those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, as well as patients fighting with the ravages of cancer – in particular, nausea, and vomiting which lead to dangerous lack of appetite and weight loss.

However, smoking cannabis can also help those who are trying to put down some weight, too.

As confirmed by a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, those who consume cannabis on a daily basis have shown a lower risk of obesity.

Another study published in the American Journal of Medicine back in 2013 explained the way regular marijuana consumption can help in maintaining a healthier body weight by being intricately related with the ability of marijuana to lower insulin levels.

As a result of lower insulin levels, regular cannabis users develop a higher resistance to insulin produced in the body, leading to better, faster carbohydrate metabolism.

#3 –Smoking Ganja can Help to Reduce Pain and Aches

With a total of 33 US states that have legalized medical marijuana in 2018, we have finally reached a phase when people fighting with a wide range of intolerable, severe, intractable, chronic and/or persistent pains and aches can gain access to sustainable medication.

However, it might be surprising to find out that cannabis has been used as an all-natural remedy for chronic and menstrual pains and cramps for thousands of years.

Most noteworthy, it is not only verified medical marijuana patients who can reap the benefits of cannabis for pain management. Many people confirm that they smoke marijuana daily to help relieve mild pains and aches and to help the body relax after a long, tiring day.

Nevertheless, both professional athletes, as well as people who are involved in physical activities that lead to sore/tensed muscles or even cramps can further reap the benefits of the green medication through controlled, careful dosing.

Careful marijuana dosing (also known as microdosing your cannabis intake) means you can enjoy the beneficial properties of the herb while actually consuming a too limited quantity that isn’t supposed to lead to the associated downsides of smoking weed every day.

#4 –Smoking Pot can Boost Productivity & Creativity

In outdated public perceptions, weed was claimed to turn people into useless, couch-locked potatoes or potheads. Because of the ability of marijuana to lead to a feeling of ultimate relaxation, it is partially true that daily cannabis consumption can be associated with lacking the desire to move a finger.

Fortunately, the shallow and misinformed associations of marijuana’s effects on people’s productivity have been busted thanks to research and advance in the field of cannabis education in recent years.

Then again, it is the dose that makes the poison but also the type of strain that you choose to consume that can either lead to a boost in productivity and energy, or exactly the opposite.

Nowadays, many people are enjoying the effects of smoking cannabis every day in order to get along with their daily tasks more efficiently.

In particular, it is Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains that provide a massive boost in energy, and hence, in productivity.

But it is good to keep in mind that marijuana affects the body and brain in unique, highly individual ways.

That means even the time of the day when you choose to smoke weed can affect the way you experience the following effects.

Much like the placebo effect, your consciousness is somewhat “prepared” to experience a particular array of effects better in some parts of the day/night vs. other parts of the day/night.

To illustrate this better, if you smoke cannabis at the end of the day with the clear intention to unwind and relax, even a pure Sativa strain might fail to help you become more productive – meaning it can still boost your energy levels but if you don’t have the right mindset to really get productive, then marijuana won’t provide this effect on its own.

When it comes to boosting creativity, there are numerous examples of highly successful individuals who smoke cannabis daily with the clear intention of having their creative juices flowing better (Big thumbs up for Rihanna on that note!)

For those involved in creative activities like arts and music, smoking cannabis daily can provide the much-needed dose of inspiration and enlightenment which both greatly help in coming up with new, fresh, out-of-the-box ideas.

And if smoking cannabis every day in order to boost creativity may be considered just as a form of a drug addict’s excuse by skeptics, it’s important to know that marijuana has been used as an entheogenic plant for centuries.

Smoking weed before significant religious rituals and sacred practices for hundreds of years and up-to-date, Jamaican Rastafarians are just a single example of the way the herb can be treated as creativity-higher awareness-mind expansion gemstone from Mother Nature.

In fact, Jamaica has been progressively stepping onto the global scene of cannabis in the recent years, sharing valuable insights and little-known ways to enjoy benefits of the green medication.

Video by Monica Walton – Rastafarian encounter in the Canaan Mountains, Jamaica

#5 – Smoking Weed can Help you Quit on Opioids

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), every single day opioids cost the life of 130 people.

A blooming, billion-dollar industry that roughly brings the US alone 78.5 billion in profit, opioid addiction has become epidemic.

Not only are opioids damaging to people’s health in the long run because of the toxic compounds involved, but they are also highly addictive. Nevertheless, opioids lead to dangerous side effects.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to fighting opioids back.

However, this light isn’t white but green – for it is medical marijuana that can greatly help those suffering from opioid dependence.

In fact, Mike Tyson himself has been promoting the benefits of marijuana treatment vs. opioids treatment, targeting one of the most vulnerable groups of the opioid epidemic – veterans.

I’m a big fan of veterans and I think they’ve given a lot to our country and we should give them back something in return…Especially with all the addiction that many of them come back with,” shares Tyson.

Apart from shedding more light on the benefits of marijuana vs. opioids, Mike Tyson is determined to empower the veterans’ community by employing veterans in Tyson’s Ranch. Nevertheless, Tyson is determined to contribute to the conducting of more research into how cannabis can be helpful for veterans returning from deployment.

#6 – Smoking Marijuana can Help you Quit Cigarettes and/or Alcohol Consumption

The number one reason why cannabis is classified as a gateway drug is because of the fact the active compounds found in marijuana affect parts of the brain related to the feeling of pleasure-and-reward.

These are the same parts of the brain that are stimulated through alcohol and cigarette consumption, among other addictive substances such as cocaine.

Ironically, as it turns out, the very trait that made marijuana end up listed along dangerous drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine can be actually key in reversing away from the use of dangerous substances – such as cigarettes and alcohol, among others, by substituting unhealthy habits with taking a few tiny tokes instead.

Eve, who used to be an alcoholic, shares eye-opening insights on the way marijuana can help people quit their vices in an interview for BuzzFeedNews’expert Kiersten Essenpreis.

What struck me in the meetings [Anonymous Alcoholics meetings] was that they would say, ‘You’re an addict because this is who you are as a person,’” recalls Eve about the period before she began smoking cannabis and seeing a therapist – and finally quit drinking. “I don’t think I ever would have quit if I didn’t have another substance to use,” Eve says.

But this is not the only story of people being able to quit on various vices with the help of marijuana. We’ve received positive comments on quitting cigarettes by smoking marijuana instead by hardcore tobacco smokers.

Then again, it is the dose that makes the poison. The idea is to take a toke or two whenever you feel the usual urge to smoke an ordinary cigarette – and to gradually decrease the dosage.

#7 – Smoking Cannabis can Help to Protect your Brain

Our cognitive abilities inevitably decrease as we grow old.

However, smoking weed can actually help us fight off cognitive decline by helping our brains to stay in good shape for longer, as compared to the brains of non-marijuana-smokers.

In two independent studies conducted by a group of German, as well a group of Israeli researchers, the active compounds found in marijuana have shown to protect brain cells from the ravages of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among others.

#8 – Smoking Cannabis can Help in Improving Sexual Life and Sexual Health

As confirmed by a recent 2019 study that was published in Reproductive Health, conducted by the experts of Harvard, smoking cannabis is associated with higher sperm count in males.

According to the study, men who have never smoked marijuana in their life had a significantly lower concentration and count of sperm, as compared to men who have smoked weed.

Even though more research on that matter is clearly needed – and keeping in mind that over-consumption of cannabis can lead to a decrease in fertility status – there is no doubt that cannabis can be used for the treatment of male and female reproductive health-related issues in the foreseeable future.

What’s more, various other studies confirm that cannabis can help people enjoy a higher quality sexual life.

Emma Childs, who is a co-author of a study conducted at the University of Illinois, shares that “THC at low doses reduces stress” – which means those who smoke weed daily with moderation can eliminate stress from interfering with their sex life.

Meanwhile, a study conducted at the University of New York found that CBD can help to reduce libido-depressing factors such as anxiety and fear.

In fact, these studies lead to one more reason to never skip on whole-plant medicinals since the magic of marijuana is hidden in the way all active compounds interact with each other, and not alone.

And since smoking weed is a good way to take advantage of the whole plant, the pros of smoking cannabis every day with moderation certainly seem to be more than the possible cons.

The Downsides to Smoking Cannabis Daily

#1 – You can Build a Tolerance to Marijuana

Cannabis tolerance is a real thing – and that’s probably the only part about marijuana addiction that we should care about as consumers.

As for now, nobody can tell you the exact formula for calculating whether you have developed marijuana tolerance or not by smoking pot every day.

But if you are really smoking cannabis on a daily basis, there’s a high chance that you have, indeed, developed marijuana tolerance in the case you have not been taking regular days off from smoking.

The truth of the matter is, you can build a tolerance to just about any substance – even if this particular substance is shown to be greatly beneficial for your health and well-being.

Nevertheless, in a similar way people can build a tolerance to particular exercising routines which, at some point, simply stop working as they did in the very beginning because of the way your body gets used to particular outer stimuli.

Marijuana tolerance leads to the need for administrating higher dosages in order to experience the effects that you once used to experience with lower cannabis intake – a thing that makes smoking cannabis every day controversial.

#2 – Increased Risk of Respiratory Issues

By combusting smoke and inhaling gaseous carbon on a daily basis can lead to feeling short of breath, and it is also associated with a higher risk of experiencing respiratory issues such as above-the-norm levels of sputum, chronic coughing, chronic bronchitis, and/or wheezing.

However, it is important to keep in mind that marijuana was actually prescribed as a treatment for respiratory disease back in the 19th century because of its proven ability to increase the lungs’ inhaling capacity.

Fortunately, there are numerous modern-day ways of smoking cannabis while curbing the number of toxic compounds present in smoke, such as vaping, as well as enjoying high-quality cannabis concentrates such as rosin.

Also, the way you choose to roll your weed matters a lot. If you are a fan of blunts or spliffs, then your respiratory system will be exposed to harmful compounds found in tobacco and not in marijuana alone.

#3 –Increased Possibility of Lung Damage in the Long Run

The American Lung Association warns consumers that smoking marijuana can lead to lung damage in the long run.

That’s because of the fact cannabis users tend to hold their breath for an extended period, as compared with smoking regular cigarettes, which is related to exposing your lungs to more tar in return.

Then again, modern-day methods of smoking cannabis can help you keep carcinogens away from causing lung damage.

What’s more, researchers are still fighting for the opportunity to conduct more studies on the way cannabis affects the lungs since it is already proven that weed has anti-carcinogenic properties.

#4 –Reduction in Short-term Memory

According to a study carried by researchers at the University of Lausanne, headed by Professor Reto Auer, people who smoke cannabis every day show a reduction in short-term memory.

The study involved a group of 2500 Americans aged 20+, and the results confirmed that those who smoked weed regularly had a decrease in verbal memory abilities.

However, the participants’ abilities in problem-solving were not affected negatively. It is also good to keep in mind, though, that short-term memory capacity can turn back to normal within as little as three weeks of marijuana temperance.

Nonetheless, an incline in short-term memory was most pronounced among the group of participants who were the heaviest marijuana smokers.

#5 –Dangers Related to Raise in Heart Rates

Research suggests that people who smoke cannabis every day display a rise in the resting heart rate – meaning their hearts get into a faster-beating-mode in the lack of outer stimuli such as stress or running, due to regular cannabis consumption.

On the one hand, the rise in resting heart rates can be beneficial for boosting metabolism.

But on the other hand, if you are faced with a higher risk of arrhythmias or heart disease (which is significantly higher in the case of family history with heart disease) – then smoking cannabis every day is not your best move.

However, different strains produce different effects on heart rates – so hopefully in the foreseeable future researchers will be able to come up with detailed guidelines on the most suitable marijuana strains for individuals who stand a high risk of heart disease.

#6–Disruptions in Learning Abilities

Modern-day research is focusing on the opposite theory of marijuana disrupting learning abilities and lowering consumers’ IQ – that marijuana can actually help the brain make unexpected, highly intelligent, complex connections that go way beyond what is merely visible to the eye – or what is indicated by plain memory tests.

However, it is undeniable that trying to memorize facts and important information (as, for instance, while preparing for a test) while being high is not the best option.

It is also good to keep in mind that the highest risks of disruption in learning abilities and/or lowering IQ levels affect individuals who start smoking weed much earlier than the legal age to do so. Since the brains of teens/minors are not fully developed as those of mature individuals, marijuana exposure can, indeed, lower IQ – as confirmed by a study in New Zealand.

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Cannabis Every Day: Final Food for Thought

At depart, we want to re-irritate that any substance or habit in life enjoyed daily can become poison, just like any substance or habit can become a cure depending on a single factor: the dose.

There are both pros and cons of smoking cannabis everyday – and it is not a single-folded debate whether you should smoke weed on a daily basis or not.

Above all, it’s your personal prudence to marijuana treatment that can help you choose for yourself whether smoking marijuana everyday benefits you more than it possibly does you any harm.

Best of all, the cannabis industry is changing the global scene of the green medication with a rapid pace – and revolutionary, innovative methods for smoking cannabis minus the toxic compounds are being introduced. Stay tuned for more exciting news on all things cannabis-related by subscribing to our newsletter!