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Lambs Breath Feminized

Lambs Breath Feminized is a mostly sativa hybrid strain hailing from a Jamaican landrace. This particular strain was made popular after having sterling recommendations from the one and only Bob Marley himself. The captivating smoke that smells and tastes like sweet cigars with a hint of spice and herbal undertones adds to the whole satisfying experience of Lambs Breath. Being modified to be a feminized strain, it is already guaranteed that it possesses potent smoke especially that it contains 19% – 25% THC. With this in mind, expect Lambs Breath to be extremely mentally stimulating. Consuming this strain will take you to heights of bliss while boosting your energy. Furthermore, it encourages creativity and improves focus, so, if you need inspiration for creative ideas, Lambs Breath can help you out. People suffering from mental conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and mood disorders can heed to the wonders of Lambs Breath. It is highly suggested to consume Lambs Breath at the beginning of your day to prompt creativity.

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