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Gelato 48 Feminized

The indica dominant Sunset Sherbet and the well-balanced Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies variants were crossed to create the slightly indica leaning Gelato 48 Feminized cannabis. Both parent strains have a tasty profile, which was passed down to this weed; expect a delectable flavor when smoking this strain. Aside from its terpene profile, the Gelato 48 Feminized plant also got its outstanding appearance from its parents.

Since it is slightly leaning on the indica side, with a ratio of 55% indica to 45% sativa, tokers can expect an almost balanced physical and cerebral buzz. This ganja also has a high THC level, ranging between 20% and 25%, and low CBD content that does not go over 1%. Despite having a low CBD level, the Gelato 48 Feminized marijuana is still beneficial to medical smokers, but they will have to rely on the THC-based effects.

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