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Diesel Berry Autoflowering

Diesel Berry Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between three potent genetics, NYC Diesel, Ruderalis, and Berry Ryder strains. It has a delicious flavor combination of fruits and diesel with hints of earthy and citrus tones. Diesel Berry Autoflower has an 18% of THC level and a CBD content of 1%. Its effects start a mild cerebral buzz that has a solid cerebral buzz. It can also be used as a medical treatment for various symptoms and illnesses.

Diesel Berry grows relatively short in just nine to ten weeks. This strain can reach around 70-120 cm if untrained. It has a thick, dense solid bud structure that covers crystalline trichomes. It is easy to manage since it is excellent for indoor and outdoor growing weed that also produces massive yields around 350 grams per square meter since it is suitable for any climate.

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