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Chocolope Feminized

Chocolope Feminized Strain is one of the most common and interesting hybrids ever launched into the cannabis industry. Since its release, it has won many awards, including being named as the Strain of the Year by High Times magazine in 2007. The strain’s coffee and chocolate taste, and its powerful cerebral sensation, have made it a common choice among marijuana users. Growers also admire this strain, as it is easier than ever to cultivate a good crop. This strain’s famous psychedelic kick comes from both of its parents, making it almost entirely Sativa. Cannalope Haze contributes its vigorous resin development and shortened flowering period, while the rate Chocolate Thai adds its popular flavor to the mix. Chocolope Fem Strain smokers should anticipate a soaring flight of euphoria thanks to a THC level as high as 21%. It is said to have tremendous medicinal benefits in addition to its recreational benefits. This cannabis strain is a genuinely enjoyable herb with long-lasting results.

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