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Cherry Kush Autoflowering

Cherry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that is sometimes referred to as Cherry Pie, but cannabis strain has its own unique appeal, flavor, and benefits. On the downside, the pie might be sweet enough to induce diabetes and sugar rush. This powerful strain raises your spirits, makes you happy, and leaves you feeling absolutely at ease. As a result, it is a common cannabis strain for social gatherings and parties. Use this cannabis strain for your friends, and the air will be packed with joy, laughs, and enjoyment wherever you go. In California, this marijuana is also known as Cherry Pie, and some people confuse Cherry Kush and Cherry Pie. Cherry Kush is a hybrid of Cherry and Kush if tracing Marijuana’s roots; Grand Daddy Purple crossed with F1 Durban has a different parents’ culture. Purple Afghani and OG Kush combine to produce Cherry Kush, a strong Indica-dominant hybrid; they’re both different varieties.

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