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Candy Jack Feminized

Candy Jack Feminized Strain is a balanced blend of Sativa effect that has won the Cannabis Cup once before. Its THC level can reach around 19%, with CBD levels averaging about 0.01%. The genetics of this cannabis strain is a combination of Skunk #1 and Jack Herer. Medically, Candy Jack Feminized Strain can reduce discomfort, and on the recreational aspect, it boosts the imagination and uplifts the mood. This cannabis strain is one of the best psychoactive strains available in the market, with a THC content of 19%. CBD has an average concentration of 0.01%, rendering it inappropriate for severe disorders such as seizures. Its musky citrus scent, which it instills from its iconic parent strain, Skunk #1, is well-received. Candy Jack Feminized Strain has a light green shade with white and orange trichomes. Some users reported that this strain tastes fruity, pine, and menthol, while others said it is a little skunky and sweet.

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