Bubbalicious Autoflower Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Lavender and Bubblegum strains. The parent strains of Bubbalicious Autoflower are two of the top graded strains in the Skunk lineage. This cannabis strain is famous for having the most unique and tastiest flavor profile. Many users and growers admire it for having large nugs and a mouthwatering taste. Bubbalicious developed a bright green shade and resinous buds with a taste of fruity bubblegum and sweet fruits. The THC level of this strain is relatively high that can reach up to 15-25%, and users can expect an intense but delicate mental high of excitement with calming and gentle relief. After 8 to 10 weeks from germination, this cannabis strain will be ready to be harvested, and you can expect to reap around 350 to 455 grams of fresh buds for every plant.

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