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Black Cadillac Autoflowering

Black Cadillac Autoflower is a potent Indica-dominant strain, a hybrid of the two legendary strains Jack Herrer and Black Domina. This cannabis strain has a unique THC content of 19-23%, which also offers a euphoric, relaxing, uplifting, and energetic high. It also has a pine, sweet, sweet, and blueberry taste profile. Medically, this cannabis strain can significantly help people with mental health issues as all the negative vibes in their minds and bodies will be replaced by happy thoughts. Black Cadillac Autoflower is a small plant with a compact and bushy structure. Its height could only reach around 90 centimeters tall, but it can produce more than the average yield when grown in an ideal condition. Aside from being a high-yielding strain, this cannabis strain is also suitable for newbie growers as it’s an easy-growing plant but needs a little bit of care and attention.

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