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B 52 Feminized

B-52 Feminized

Created by crossbreeding two well-recognized strains, which are the Big Bud and Skunk #1, the B-52 Feminized marijuana seeds have inherited some of the best qualities from their ancestors. One of its most recognized characteristics is its high THC levels of around 15-18%, producing effects that promote real relaxation and calming sensations. Moreover, it makes users feel very alive and alert, and excited about life. The weed also possesses an amazing flavor profile that’s made up mostly of sweet, skunky, earthy aromas and flavors plus other tasty notes, making it a must-try for those who want a classic smoke. Another great quality of this strain is that it has become a favorite low-maintenance yet high-yielding cannabis among commercial and season growers. Considered one of the best Indica choices, the B-52 Feminized marijuana strain will definitely impress both consumers and growers with its effects, taste, and very generous yields.