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Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridges

A prefilled cannabis oil cartridge is a small unit containing extracted cannabis oil or concentrates designed for vaporization. Pre-filled vape oil cartridges are highly recommended for medical cannabis use, consisting of a chamber which contains the cannabis oil or concentrates. An atomizer where the heat source is and it is also where the battery is attached.A mouthpiece where it allows the user to inhale the vapor. All of the types of a vapor oil cartridge consist of a battery that is useful to enable the unit to operate.

There are a lot of vape oil cartridges options or brands you can choose online and in physical vape stores. Learn more about the advantages, best features, maintenance, and other information about pre-filled vape oil cartridges in this post. Let’s get started!

Advantages of Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge

  • Ease of use

The use of an oil cartridge requires usage to no effort. You’ll just need to press the button and inhale it.

  • Portability

Most of the pre-filled vape oil cartridge is designed to be handy with its minimalist and sleek design. All the different types of pre-filled vape oil cartridge can fit into your pocket and you can use it anywhere at any time discreetly. It also produces less vapor and gives off a little smell that is why it can’t draw too much attention when used.

  • Proper Dosing

The use of pre-filled vape oil cartridge allows you to control the dosage with every inhalation.

  • Different varieties of cartridges

All types of pre-filled vape oil cartridge are not created equally. All has its own advantages depending on your preference and depending on the cannabis strain oil that was used.

  • It offers disposable or permanent rigs

Before getting a pre-filled vape oil cartridge it is important to know the different options available from each type of cartridges. There are vape cartridges that have a compact rig, some has formatted pre-filled tanks and some have entirely disposable vape pen.

  • Flavor and scent of Cannabis is preserved

Vape oil cartridges have a concentrated filling that has the ability to maintain flavor and potency for a longer period of time.

Types of Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridges

1. Distillate Cartridges

A vaporizer cartridge should have a proper viscosity to function properly. If there is no proper viscosity then the oil will be too thick or thin affecting the vapor. This type is a refined oil containing only pure cannabinoids. The advantage of using distillates is that there is a wide range of materials that can be used as an oil such as hash oil, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), BHO (Butane), EHO (Ethanol). However, distillates do not have viscosity agents to maintain its consistency that is why the thinning agent is required using this cartridge.

2. CO2 oil (Carbon Dioxide Oil)

This type of pre-filled cartridge is compatible with the vaporizer cartridge because it does not need any additives to have its required viscosity level. This type also has the ability to have a thinning agent that is applicable for strain-specific flavors. CO2 oil is also a non-toxic solvent making it perfect if you want to smoke for medical purposes.

3. Terpene Infusion

This type of pre-filled cartridge helps lower the viscosity of hash oils. It also helps increase the cannabis oil flavor and aroma. Terpenes also have the ability to influence how the cannabinoids interact and take effect in our body.

4. Additives

It is a supplemental thinning agent that controls the viscosity of the oil. Some ingredients that are considered an additive are coconut oil, polyethylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

What Makes a Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge Great

  • Cannabis users would love to use a vape in smoking weed because it gives them a smooth puff. Pre Filled oil cartridge has the ability to produce smooth vapor clouds.
  • Before creating the oil for a pre-filled cartridge the extracted cannabis oil is screened to ensure that it meets the high standards and quality of a perfect smoke.
  • The pre-filled vape oil cartridge is affordable.
  • It is much more convenient to vape cannabis oil through pre-filled cartridge because it can provide up to 97% THC potency within just a few puffs.

Styles of Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge

1. Vape Pen

This is a small vaporizer that is shaped like a pen. It is a small size and has a 510 thread where the oil cartridge is connected.

2. Conceal Style Vaporizer

This type of pre-filled oil is handy and the oil cartridge is built-in inside the device. This type of vaporizer has a magnetic adapter that can be connected to any 510 thread device.

3. CBD Cartridge

This type of vaporizer is the easiest way to consume CBD oil. You can choose from its variety of strength levels and concentration level that suits your preference.

4. Plastic Wick

This is one of the most affordabletypes of vape oil cartridge in the market. This type is perfect for concentrates with lower viscosity. If this is the first time that you are trying pre-filledvape oil cartridge this is a good catch because it is easy to use and affordable.

5. Pax Pod

This type is also made of plastic and metal. This is a good catch if you would want to preserve the cannabis flavor a little bit longer. It has options that let you control the temperature.

Tips and Tricks When Using Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridges

The first important thing that you should do if you have your newly acquired vape cartridge is to read the manual/ pamphlet because there is always something that you don’t know about the vape pen. It is also important to know its usage and its maintenance.

The different types of vape cartridges only support specific materials. The only materials that you can use are oils, concentrates,and dry herbs. If you have a type of pen cartridge that only supports concentrates never use dry herbs or oil because it may damage the unit or there is a possibility that you cannot fully maximize the potency or high of the weed.

It is advisable to only use your vape pen when it is fully charged. If your vape pen has a built-in battery make sure that you have charged it properly. In charging your vape pen make sure to only use the designated cables and charger to avoid short out.

The use of a vape oil cartridge needs heat to produce smoke since the different cannabinoids evaporate at the varioustemperature it is important to know the level that you prefer. Experiment until you find the perfect option for you.

Always keep your vape oil cartridge clean to remove stack up residues that may cause rust. It is important to remove any build up residues in your oil chamber so there will be no decreased performance. Cleaning your device would also allow you to check if the connection of the atomizer and the chamber is intact.

Things to Consider in Finding the Best Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge

1. Vape Battery Design

The battery is an important component in a vape cartridge because it is the one responsible for providing power and heat to the coil to assist in the vaporization of the oil. The battery can be bigger but is powerful and it can also be small but more discreet. Regardless of the design and size of the battery, the most important thing to consider is the capacity of the battery (mah). The mah represents how much the battery stores energy that will last depending on your usage.

2. Material You Smoke

The different types of vape oil cartridge are designed for a specific kind of smoke such as ground flower and concentrate. There are also types of the cartridge that can accommodate both flower and concentrate. It is important to know what you are into to ensure the compatibility of the product with the cannabis product.

3. Your Budget

Before purchasing a vape cartridge, it is best to stick on a budget first to know what you really need. There are a lot of models in the market that are too pricey but offers the same quality when using more affordable vape pens.

Facts About Vaping Weed

1. Smoking burns the cannabis while vaping boils the essential oils and cannabinoids but the effects can be similar. The results of use would depend on how much the level of cannabinoids there is.

2. Studies show that the use of ground flower is safer than using cannabis oil. This is because there is some cannabis oil that contains harmful substance like polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol,and carcinogens. If you prefer to use cannabis oil for your vape, it is best to just make your own oil to make sure that the oil that you are using in your vape cartridge is from a pure cannabis plant.

3. Vaping can give you more accurate potency compared to eating cannabis edibles.

4. Vaping tends to give you a lighter feeling compared to smoking because vaping releases vapor that has a reduced odor and it enhances the cannabis flavor.

5. Vaping cause slight to no irritation in the respiratory system. This is because vaping doesn’t involve combustion that is why the vapor diffuses easily on the lungs.

6. The effects of vapinghave only one direction. A cannabis oil usually contains more than one cannabinoid that is why when inhaled, the effects feel thinner and direct.

7. There is less product that is lost when vaping because the product is directly heated in a closed chamber.

Steps in Operating a Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge

A. Power up

Charging your vape oil cartridge is like charging your mobile phone. It is charged through a USB port. Before using your vape oil cartridge, it is advisable to use it in full battery.

B. Assembly

  1. Remove the rubber plug at the main cartridge.
  2. Screw the mouthpiece and fully mount the battery into the mouthpiece.
  3. Tighten the mouthpiece. Make sure that it is fully attached to the cartridge to avoid any oil wastage.

C. Usage

  1. If you have a push button vaporizer. Turn it on by long pressing the button.
  2. Adjust the temperature. There are three levels the lowest, the middle and the highest.
  3. Some push button atomizer can be preheated by pressing the button twice and it will be ready within 10 seconds.
  4. Put the mouthpiece to your mouth and inhale within 4 seconds and exhale quickly.

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How to Clean a Pre-filled Vape Oil Cartridge

  1. Remove the rechargeable battery from the atomizer by unscrewing it until fully detached.
  2. Use a cloth or dry cotton swab to clean all the residue that is left in the chamber. Do not use rubbing alcohol because its residue may change the chemical components of the cannabinoids when used.
  3. Let the mouthpiece be under the running water in the faucet to clean out the airway.
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior of your device.

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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Vape Oil Cartridge

1. Properly Store It

You need to store the vape oil cartridge in an upright position with its mouthpiece facing down. IIt should be stored in a cool, dry place. If you purchased the vape oil cartridge with a manufacturer’s case or pouch it is better to just use it to protect it from breaking. If you will not use it for a longer time, it is advisable to unscrew the cartridge from its atomizer so that you can store it properly.

2. Check the Altitude

If you’re from the lowlands and you have decided to go to a higher altitude you need to check the performance of your vape because there will be a change in air pressure that may cause leaks. The best solution for this is to find a vape oil cartridge that best suits your location or better yet, find a device that can handle this kind of situations.

3. Use the Right Equipment

In charging your battery, it is advisable to use the manufacturer’s charger that is included in the accessories of your vape to ensure that the voltage is matched properly. It is also advisable to use the right cartridge to its matched cartridge oil.

4. Avoid Exposing Your Device to Heat or Sunlight The sun degrades the quality of the cannabis oil when exposed to sun or heat. It may also become less potent. The ideal temperature in storing your vape oil cartridge is at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Pre-filled vape oil cartridge is an innovation to the cannabis industry. Vaping is the evolve from smoking cannabis that also gives the same effects to our body. The use of a pre-filled vape oil cartridge benefits both novice and accustomed cannabis fans because of its benefits, usage and its portability.