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Organic Marijuana Growing: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Nowadays, the very term organic is steadily becoming mainstream.

We are supposed to know fair well why any organic food is superior to non-organic counterparts but are we really aware of the utmost necessity of embracing an organic approach to literally every aspect of life Yes, this includes considering the benefits of organic marijuana growing.

And in fact, not merely considering these benefits but also finding the inner determination to stop opting for quick fixes and quick solutions and to go for what is good in the long-run on a global scale.

Growing marijuana organically is good for you, and it is good for the planet. Period.

But why should you even bother thinking about the global scale of the matter in the case you are a small scale cannabis grower It’s pretty simple: each and every one of us is personally responsible for the way his/her actions or lack of actions affect the living nature. And living nature needs our help more than ever before.
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Apart from the positive impact on the environment, growing cannabis organically comes with numerous bonus points such as awe-inspiring flavor and smell, smooth smoke, increased potency, better yield, and most importantly not letting any harmful substances present in pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers get into your body.

And if these reasons why organic marijuana growing rules are not enough, getting on the organic side of gardening also comes with advantages that extend way beyond what is visible to the eye.

Organic growing will challenge you to establish a deeper, better relationship with the surrounding environment, and in return, to explore the way we, human beings, and Mother Nature are interconnected in a majestic, mysterious, sublime manner.

Restoring the relationship between you and Mother Nature while growing marijuana (or any other plants) organically can help you reach parts of your consciousness that have been long neglected because of the busy pace of life we tend to live nowadays, often forgetting that it is not all about quantity but it is about quality.

Your health is intertwined with the health of the little blue planet we call home. Your health depends on the quality of anything you choose to put into your body or onto your body. Not the least, your health depends on your mental state of being, and your mental state of being is responsive towards the poisonous compounds you possibly ingest when consuming cannabis that has not been grown organically.

Or as the ancient Greek physician Herophilus (often referred to as the Father of Anatomy) wisely stated, art cannot be manifested, wisdom cannot be revealed, wealth can become useless and intelligence cannot be fully applied when health is absent.

Below, we invite you to join us on a journey to exploring the top science-backed up reasons why organic marijuana growing is good for you and good for the planet.

But first, let’s discuss the core concepts of what organic marijuana growing encompasses.

How to Grow Marijuana Organically

Picture yourself amidst lush green fields where cannabis grows in clusters untouched, unspoiled, untainted, and unpolluted of human intervention marked by the application of non-organic substances and/or non-organic methods of cultivation.

You can feel the exquisite, complex aroma lingering in the air, alluring you to walk through the cannabis field and enjoying a sweet, whimsical escape somewhere far, far away from the stress of daily life. No matter how inspiring this picturesque landscape might look like in your imagination, it might feel quite awkward considering that most cannabis seeds are often promoted as part of famous nutrient brands campaigns.

The truth is, there is nothing fatally wrong with non-organic nutrients, at least not that fatal when it comes to small scale cannabis grow operations. But it is good to keep in mind that when hunting for highest-quality cannabis seeds, you really need to take into consideration the know-how of the breeders/retailers.

Take the time to dig into the articles, videos, guidelines, tutorials just any information available that can give you a proper understanding of whether or not you can expect to get what you pay for; of whether or not you feel the right kind of vibe. Because, as much as we want to discuss the significance and benefits of organic marijuana growing, we also feel responsible for highlighting that every successful cannabis cultivation journey starts with picking the best marijuana seeds.
Fed with the use of clean, pure water and grown in rich, fertile soil that contains all the vital elements marijuana plants need to flourish, organic marijuana growing is all about enjoying the purest, most natural cannabis green beauties.

Furthermore, organic cannabis cultivation provides a mesmerizing harvest featuring top-shelf quality without any of the associated possible negative effects on your health or on the environment’s well-being.


Quintessentially, organic cannabis growing is all about establishing the perfect growing medium. It is the establishment of a perfectly natural growing medium which is the secret key to understanding organic growing.

Still rather poorly understood by many, the soil is a magical microcosm where multiple different beneficial microorganisms work and thrive in synergy. It is the symbiotic relationships between microbial life found in soil that make up for exactly what cannabis plants need in order to flourish.

Microbes are in charge of digesting all the nutrient-rich castings and turning these into valuable nutrients that are fully available to marijuana plants. There is no better way to fertilize soil than following the rules of Mother Nature, for no matter what type of cut-edge, top-performing synthetic fertilizers you choose to use, these can simply never outperform the genius ways of the living nature.

It is important to look upon organic soil as a fascinating underworld where complex actions, reactions, and advanced systems of communication and collaboration between the microbial life and plants take place – and this is nothing less than a fascinating process!
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The truth is, synthetic fertilizers are created to boost yields but that’s only in the short run. Sticking to non-organic fertilizers means constantly opting for new growing medium once harvest is completed. Respectively, this means throwing away the soil you used just to buy new and the cycle never ends.

Instead of being a quick solution, high-quality organic soil for cannabis growing does take time and patience to be established at its best.

But on the bright side, organic soil only gets better with time which means your efforts will not be wasted in vain. Year after year, the soil you use will become more and more brilliantly suited to the needs of your marijuana plants, granting you more and more satisfying yields in the long run. In a combination with picking top-quality seeds, you can establish a strain-specific growing medium that can give rise to those mesmerizing buds you’re used to seeing only in magazines.

As confirmed by a study published in Agronomy for Sustainable Development, organic farming has proven to boost the numbers of beneficial microorganisms in soil from 30% to the stunning 70% while also improving soil’s structure in terms of water retention/drainage rates apart from the structure of the soil food web!


Without any doubt, if you want to be a part of a 100% organic marijuana growing mission then you need to take advantage of natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight caters to the needs of all plants, including cannabis plants, simply beautiful, as it provides the full-color spectrum required to make plants thrive, flourish, and reach their fullest potential. Plus, there is no electricity involved which means helping Planet Earth grasp a breath from the burden of high energy output.

However, it is not that easy to benefit from natural sunlight when growing cannabis organically because of numerous restrictions that may block your path on that matter.

But even if you are among the cannabis growers who cannot afford to grow their plants outdoors making use of natural sunlight for whatever reason, this doesn’t mean you cannot get into organic marijuana cultivation.

The major thing you need to remember is to opt for artificial lights that feature a low energy output. Energy savings are good for your pocket but they are also extremely important to the well-being of the living nature especially since global warming is reaching a phase when every single effort truly matters in order to avoid ending up in a never-seen-before ecological catastrophe in the following decade.

NO to Toxic Pesticides and Fertilizers

Organic VS non-organic cannabis growing = NO toxic pesticides and fertilizers VS exactly the opposite. Indeed, it seems like a no brainer for anyone who is engaged or plans to get engaged in organic growing that any substances from a non-natural origin must be avoided.

After all, is there anybody who wants to inhale chemicals We bet the answer is a big, fat NO.

To illustrate this better, let’s take, for instance, one of the most common toxic additives present in pesticides because of the ability to increase their effectiveness, namely PBO which stands for Piperonylbutoxide. Alongside PBO, bifenthrin is yet another of the most widely-spread toxins used to repel pests on various grow operations, including but not limited to cannabis.

Can you imagine the hazardous compounds that you ingest when indulging in the otherwise health beneficial magic of the green medication These hazardous compounds are used in order to wipe off entire flocks of organisms by literally poisoning them. So it goes without saying that there is no way, simply no way that your body will stay away from getting in contact with the remnants of these toxic chemicals, even if only in trace amounts.

Moreover, have you ever wondered about the global benefits of putting an end to non-organic solutions in your cannabis garden, apart from the obvious advantages for your personal health and well-being

Beautifully, saying NO to non-organic pesticides, herbicides, and/or fertilizers is a fantastic way to take personal responsibility for the living nature – a socially and crucially important topic that we are about to discuss in more detail in the next section.

What are the Benefits of Organic Cannabis Cultivation

1. It is Environmental-Friendly

When thinking about the environmental-friendliness of organic marijuana growing, we need to take into consideration several factors, one of which is soil erosion.

Soil erosion is a huge issue related to non-organic gardening. Actually, soil erosion is a naturally occurring process. However, even though it’s a natural process, soil erosion is greatly exuberant by modern-day non-organic gardening practices.

Soil erosion takes place due to wind and rain but it also takes place due to tilling. When the top layer of the soil is removed, earthworms are inevitably killed which means blocking the soil’s natural aeration, as well as making it far less fertile. What’s more, tilling leads to burning the humus, thus, depriving cannabis plants of the invaluable nutrients present in the humus.

Soil erosion must be prevented because it impacts the fragile ecosystems in soil in a profound way as it influences all of the five major levels of the soil food web, namely the photosynthesizers level (aka first trophic layer), the decomposers, mutualists, and root-feeders level (aka second trophic layer), the shredders, predators and grazers (aka third trophic layer), and the higher level predators (extending across the fourth trophic layer, the fifth and higher trophic layers).

Embracing the right organic marijuana growing approach can put an end to soil erosion regardless of whether soil erosion is triggered by winds, rains, or tilling.

Taking the time to help the rich, complex microsystems of beneficial microorganisms develop in soil organically means that you are able to do your personal contribution to preventing soil erosion. Even on a small scale, each individual’s contribution is truly invaluable.

What’s more, choosing to grow your cannabis organically allows you to further impact the quality of water in your area of residence.

When applying non-organic herbicides, pesticides and/or fertilizers, trace amounts of the toxic substances present in these synthetic solutions inevitably make their way into the local water supply. Thus, these toxic elements are inevitably consumed by other plants, by animals, and nonetheless, by us, humans.

With this in mind, preventing the runoff of these toxic compounds greatly helps to preserve the quality of water, and as we know fair well, water is a precious resource that we need to value and preserve more than ever before.

2. No Breaking the Piggy Bank

One of the most beautiful parts of organic cannabis growing is that you not only help the planet but you also help yourself in more than one way. Apart from the health benefits related to organic cannabis, you can also enjoy huge savings.

While conventional cannabis growing is mainly focused on achieving short term goals such as heavy yields, going organic is all about reaping long term benefits. For a year or so, organic cannabis cultivation may fail to reward you with the same huge yields as when utilizing non-organic solutions but the rewards you can reap in the long run are nothing less but impressive.

Organic solutions whether it comes to fighting off pests or providing your green ladies with all the essential nutrients they need will let you become very, very crafty. Just think about the fruits and veggies leftovers in your household all of these can be utilized as a part of your organic cannabis grow operation which basically means your homemade fertilizers can cost you little to nothing!

Even if you do choose to opt for readily-available organic fertilizers and/or pesticides such as Neem Oil, you will quickly realize that many of these tend to cost far less than conventional, non-organic counterparts.

Now, let’s not forget that there is another side of the coin when it comes to organic marijuana growing expenses, and that’s the labor you need to put into the process. Undoubtedly, going organic requires much more care, attention, diligence, research, and consistency, and it is difficult, if possible at all, to calculate the costs of your hard work. But are your efforts worth it at the end of the day Your possible gains are quite impossible to be strictly measured yet the only thing worth remembering is that these gains are simply invaluable, and most importantly – you will be able to keep reaping sweeter and sweeter rewards from organic cannabis cultivation as time goes by.

3. Improved Smell and Flavor

On the quite practical side of organic cannabis growing, the improved smell and flavor you can enjoy a kick in with a smash.

The way organic cannabis tastes and smells so much better can be compared with the way organically grown fruits and veggies come with authentic, mouth-watering flavors that when once munching on these sweet gifts from Mother Nature you can’t help it but wonder what crap have I been eating so far whenever opting for non-organic food!

The secret of the fantastic, unique aroma and flavor blend of organically grown cannabis can be then again found in the rich, fertile soil. As the soil is inhabited by mutually beneficial microorganisms, their hard-working colonies give rise to exposing the subtle, complex flavors of the different cannabis strains.

4. Smoother, Cleaner Smoke

Apart from the improved quality of flavor and smell, the smoothness of the smoke from organic cannabis buds is simply unparalleled. Indeed, cannabis growers who use non-organic fertilizers throughout the various stages of the plants’ lifecycle do perform a final flush (and in some cases several flushes) which greatly eliminates most of the chemicals’ remnants.

However, the fact that a decent flush does eliminate the predominant part of the chemicals present in conventional fertilizers does not mean 100% efficacy, so whether you want it or not, some of these compounds will inevitably end up in your body. And while making their way to your lungs, these compounds will also carry an increased chance of experiencing a harsh, cough-inducing smoke.

5. Higher-Quality Cannabis Concentrates

There is a tremendous difference in the quality of cannabis concentrates made with the use of organic cannabis flowers vs. those made with the use of non-organically grown cannabis buds. Most importantly, the extraction method doesn’t really matter on that particular note.

Whether it is the healthy version of cold water cannabis extraction or the less health-friendly BHO cannabis extraction methods, what you need to keep in mind is that whenever extracting active cannabinoids in order to end up with any kind of cannabis concentrates, you are condensing the active compounds. Literally.

In other words, whatever active compounds are present in the cannabis flowers used for the preparation of potent concentrates, you are condensing every single compound present, including but not limited to chemicals, nutrients and/or toxins.

For anyone who wants to enjoy nothing less but the best of the best cannabis concentrates, the way the cannabis plants have been grown matters, and it matters a lot. The higher the purity of cannabis flowers, the higher the safety and the efficacy of the cannabis concentrate. So, there we have another HUGE bonus point to organic cannabis growing.

6. Better Yields

When provided with the right conditions, organically grown cannabis plants can offer massive yields. In fact, the yields an organic cannabis grower can enjoy may even exceed the yields of a grower who opts for the use of conventional, non-organic growing mediums and fertilizers that do a decent job only in the short run.

The thing is, in order to brag about your impressive yields as an organic marijuana enthusiast, you will need to develop the virtue of patience. It is after investing your devotion and time into establishing and maintaining a balanced micro-environment of the soil that you can expect for your green beauties to live up to their fullest potential.

However, one of the most awesome benefits of living in the 21st century is that the waiting time regarding just about any aspect of life can be easily and sufficiently curbed to a minimum.

So, while it does take time (years, to be more precise) to create a vibrant, rich micro-environment for your cannabeauties to flourish, there is a wide choice of readily-available, quickly acting organic fertilizers that can do a tremendous job for your cannabis garden. Just some mere years ago, the technologies related to organic nutrient solutions were far less developed but this is not the case up-to-date.

7. Upgrade your Cannabis Growing Skills

Getting into organic marijuana growing might be challenging but it is in the challenges where the true beauty of organic gardening practices resides.

Being an organic cannabis grower allows you to let your creative juices flow. It allows you to spice up your marijuana growing journey by experimenting with various alternatives to the common non-organic solutions available in stores.

It is inspiring to find out and utilize the numerous natural alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and apart from the inspiration, doing so allows you to significantly upgrade your cannabis growing skills.

Growing marijuana organically will inevitably help you learn more about the intricate ways Mother Nature does her brilliant job. Thanks to the need to monitor your green beauties closely and observe their reactions to the environment you are creating for them by allowing microorganisms in the soil to flourish will also grant you the know-how to understanding better the demands of your green queens. This is the kind of knowledge that can never be obtained if you simply rely on knowing which readily-available, non-organic nutrient solution is supposed to be used during the lifecycle of your plants.

8. More Potent Cannabis Flowers

It might sound quite contradictory to discuss organic cannabis growing in terms of offering more potent cannabis buds upon harvesting, especially as we keep in mind the mottos of different synthetic fertilizers that promise the biggest, dankest nugs.

Also, we must not forget that it is great quality seeds that can grant great quality potency.

But then again, organic growing wins the bonus points on that note, too. And the reason is quite simplistic: most nutrient solutions take only a very basic approach when it comes to meeting the complex needs of cannabis plants.

To illustrate this better, while Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus are the Holy Grail of cannabis nutrients, there is still no conventional fertilizer that contains the full, perfect blend of elements needed which include but are not limited to Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Molybdenum, and more. Not the least, it is the vital microorganisms found in soil that cannot be obtained through any readily-available solutions, and it is the whimsical ways of the natural world that make up for the best utilization of nutrients from the soil, and in return, for increased potency of the herb.

Organic Marijuana Growing: Final Thoughts

In a world marked by ferocious polarization over the cannabis plant even though it has been proved to possess numerous health benefits that reach on physical, as well as a mental level, it seems quite obvious that it is only through the application of critical thinking how we can manage to reach a new phase of our development as human beings.

Hopefully, marijuana legalization will keep spreading across the globe, just like our awareness that each and every one of us needs to embrace the collective responsibility for protecting the little blue planet we call home in order for mankind to overcome the dramatic difficulties caused by our greed, negligence, arrogance, disinformation, and lack of desire to embrace change.

Remember the Butterfly Effect Something as fragile as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in New Mexico can cause a hurricane to happen in China, provided the flapping is done at the right point in space and time. In a similar way, your individual decision to go for organic marijuana growing has implications that extend way beyond the personal level but instead have a global impact.