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How to Use One Hitter Pipe

One Hitter

One-hitter is a fantastic companion to every user’s, maybe you’ve never known it or if you’re new to weeds. These portable, functional pipes come in all sorts of enjoyable designs and appeal to users that choose the beloved flower to a quick, tiny hit. Using a one-hitter will help to manage the dose, protect the stash, and keep the system secure, safe, and easy. So what is there to learn more about the application of these compact and convenient pipes

What is One Hitter

One of several marijuana products you can find on the market is a one hitter pipe. They are great for individuals who want to cherish the experience of discreetly getting a fast, slight boost. This not only lets you conserve stash, but it also helps to monitor the dose actively. It keeps things easy, clean, and allows the experience simpler for you all to enjoy.

A single hit of cannabis will hold up most one hit. It is usually made of glass and metal, however, it has a tube-like form on the other side of the vessel and mouthpiece. Dugouts have more features than standalone options, but they are heavier. These let you switch its end, making it a lot easier to pack it for you. From cool form glass bowls to discreet cigarette lookalikes, one-hitters often come in various types.

One Hitter Traditional Styles


A Middle Eastern pipe historically used only to smoke tobacco blended with herbs is the midwakh. Most of these one-hitter pipes are manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and can be made from a variety of materials.


The kiseru is one of the Japanese pipes traditionally made of steel and bamboo-metal. In the 17th century, Kiseru became popular and can even be found cited sometimes in Buddhist textbooks.


Chillums are smooth, conical one-hitter pipes with a channel from end to end connected. They are generally made of clay and have been in use since the 18th century. Chillums were initially smoked in India by Hindu monks, but their use is now recognized all over the world.


Sebsi is classified as a Moroccan pipe with a small mud bowl. The stem is made of wood that has traditionally been used to smoke cannabis resin or kief. These may have a length of up to 18 inches.

Benefits of Using One Hitter

When anyone thinks of a one-hitter, the cigarette one-hitter is the common picture that comes to mind, but there are quite a few different types as well, such as the Middle Eastern Midwakh and the Japanese Kiseru. But let’s concentrate on the classic One Hitter Marijuana system for the sake of simplicity. One hitter is really a small narrow smoking pipe built for weed “one hit”.

For a single hitter, other common names are: bat, chillum, taster, bat taster, and oney or onie. The standard one-hitter pipe contains about 25 mg each hit of weed. This may seem like a tiny proportion, but let’s examine why the one-hitter is the perfect device for smoking:

  1. Discreet

    Its low-profile style is the greatest thing about one hitter. When you want to have a discreet session, it makes them fine. Generally, one-hitters come with a logo that looks like a cigarette. Walk around the park or walk along the beach while smoking your strain, that you’re much less likely to be heard. You’re going to look like someone who just smokes a cigarette.

  2. Less Smell

    Another nice thing about one hitter would be that there is not much smell created. This happens because you are taking a single hit. Compare it to other ways of smoking where the smoke scatters around you insistently in the air. This does not imply that no odor is produced, but it is far more regulated. You still need to be careful, but your timing can be selected by the absence of continuous smoke. If that’s what you’re thinking about, you may as well try to use a sploof.

    A sploof works like a marijuana muffler that filters out all the odor each time you breathe. But don’t mind about the cost, when you’re using a toilet paper tube and dryer sheets to build one yourself! A sploof alone, however, is not a visually secure tool to use.

  3. Saves a lot of stash

    If it’s your thing to save sufficient stash for tomorrow, then using a single hitter will help you accomplish it. You should actively control your high as they work in singular hits and therefore use less weeds. You know exactly how high you are and whether you want more with each hit, without the downside of having already heated weed, as you do with a blunt or a vape.

  4. Easy to Use

    All about comfort is one-hitters. They’re so tiny that you can practically take them wherever you go with you. Simply put them in your pocket, or maybe put them beautifully in your purse. We promise you that it’s not going to bug you out. For when you need it, only take it out, and you’re ready to go.

    And remain aware that any time you’re done with one hit, you have to pack up the one-hitter. If you’re not that comfortable with that, or you want to do it discreetly in a spot you can’t do that, then we recommend using a vape pen. It saves you the trouble of loading it again.

How to Use One Hitter Pipes

It’s quick to use single hitter pipes. You load your weed in a narrow chamber or cup, pack it securely, light up, and catch a puff. To get the best hit, inhale slowly but steadily and stop drawing in ash. There are a few strategies you can use to make it more fun to use a single hitter.

  • Put the Right Amount

    You’ll want to use the proper consistency of cannabis to prevent inhaling ash. Don’t ground your cannabis too thinly, or the second you light your one hitter, it will turn to ash. Instead of turning to ash and mixing with the smoke, make sure the marijuana is split up so that it is small enough to fill into the bowl but big enough to remain in the pipe. It’s better if there’s one little piece you can use. When they are just trying to get a little buzz, nobody wants a mouth full of ash.

  • Vertically Pack the One Hitter

    Switch one of your hitters over so that the bowl faces down. Dip your marijuana into it and twist your pipe. Then repeat it two or three times before you have packed the one hitter well. This will guarantee that you have a hit that is longer-lasting. However, don’t pack too tightly, or you will end up limiting the airflow.

  • Light it correctly

    You don’t want one of your hitters to get too hot while you smoke. To stop it from getting too hot too quickly, light the entire pipe for a second or two. Keep the flame as far as possible from the single hitter and aim the pipe so that it is pointed to the ground to prevent it from burning up pretty fast.

  • Always Keep it Clean

    Lastly, after each use, you should always clean your single hitter. This will help avoid the accumulation of ash and give you a smoother hit each time. After the toke, tap out the ash, and use a poker to rid it of any resin. Using a pipe cleaner if you’re really having a hard time making it squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts When Using One Hitter

Make sure you’re not grinding your stash very fine, but after you light it, there’s a massive tendency for it to transform to ash a second. It also helps ensure that you’re not going to inhale ash. See that the marijuana is properly broken so that inside the tube it won’t clog up. To fit into the bowl, it should be small enough, but wide enough to remain out of the pipe. If you do this, there is little chance of a mouth full of ash.

Pushing your bowl carefully into your stash and turning the pipe a few times is a simple way to pack your one-hitter. A couple of times, do this and you should have a packed tub. Just make sure you don’t do it too much, because it’s going to be too lightweight and limit the airflow.