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What OG Really Means in the World of Weed

The term OG in the world of Kush has various origins and has a long history of debate on as to who coined the term or who invented the strain itself. However, OG depends entirely on how the user believes how it was conceived. But through the years, this word has been shed light on facts brought about famous breeders with the help technology.

Origin of OG or “Ocean Grown”

OG came from the south

The term OG or Ocean Grown is one of the widely known definitions of the abbreviation. It is believed that OG or Ocean Grown originated and became widely famous in the 1990s in Southern California with the help of the wealth of human experience. Also, the particular strain or species of the OG Kush is one of the most potent and has a unique medical grade that Kush users are particular. 

Ocean Grown hailed in the northern part of Cali

Other theories explained that the OG Kush originated from northern California. The lore was believed that a northern grower mastered the cultivation of this particular strain, wherein his expertise was notably evident when this grower encounters other Kush enthusiasts; as he defines the effectiveness as well as the properties of the Kush. Also, there was a story of a time that a Kush user presented a bag of Kush that he defined as “Mountain Grown” but immediately corrected by the expert by saying it’s “Ocean Grown” because he raised the strain that was in the bag. The term OG stuck and now commonly used in the world of weed.

OG! Does it mean Original Gangster

One famous origin story of the OG Kush comes from the HipHop culture which means Original Gangster. This term was made famous and coined by old-school rappers such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. The term was then tagged or connotated in the world of Kush that is being grown to the distinction of San Fernando and Cypress Hill’s crew which gained respect due to the effectiveness of the strain.

The origin of the OG term has been debated for a long period. However, these terms always depend on how the Kush user or enthusiast believes it should be. As long as it works, then there’s nothing more to debate about it.

Efficacy of OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most sought-after strains across the world. This is due to the fineness and quality of the particular type. Many people look for it out due to its exceptional flavor, smell, appearance, texture, and euphoric high- which is not for faint-hearted. The buds of this Kush are close bright lime green in color and makes your fingers gluey after handling due to the heavy crystallization.

THC Content

There may be a huge dispute and debate in the origin of this particular species. But its potency ranks of the highest with a THC percentage of 20 to 25%.


Since this is also an Indica strain, OG Kush has dense buds that scale on average to a huge size. It has leaves that are green in color with yellowish hints. The leaves are sometimes are also stained purplish. The plant produces vibrant flowers that have orange pistils and has a silver-like white layer of Trichomes that shelters the buds which gives it it’s sticky texture.

Taste and Aroma

If the Kush is properly cured, it produces a stale and basic smell with an undertone of tangy and citrusy hints.  When the flowers are being crushed for usage it emits a strong smell of pine. It has a strong irritating smell when ignited and smoked which makes the user cough in most cases. It commonly tastes like spices and it leaves and lingering smell even after hours of use.

The Performance of OG Kush

The effect of this type of Kush is specifically psychological instead of physical. When taken, it initially provides a headrush and provides an increase of awareness in the surroundings as well as an increasing amount of focus. User’s dug this strain because it can provide a good vibe that is very good in social settings like concerts and parties. Also, the majority use this as an inhibitor to increase focus in work and studies especially for students with long hours of reviews.

OG in a Medicinal POV

This Kush is recognized to deliver relief from severe headaches and migraines. Also, it helps a person with ADHD to feel calm and relaxed. Another medicinal benefit is a relief from depression and anxiety this type of Kush acts like a type of anti-depressant which gives the user a lightness sensation that alleviates the factors that make a person feel depressed.

Cultivation of OG Kush

OG Kush can be grown indoors and outdoors. For outdoor cultivation, there must be a constant 75 degrees for the strain to thrive. While indoor cultivation can produce trees that span into 2.5 to 3 feet.  The strain produces flower buds in just 9 weeks and can yield up to 45 grams for each square foot. If bred inside, proper ventilation must be observed since it produces a strong pungent smell.


Although there has been a long-standing debate on the origin of the famous OG Kush, there is no denying that this is one of the most famous and widely demanded types of Kush that everybody is raving about. Due to the popular demand of this Kush, the prices may vary from $50 to 80$ for an eight. However, the prices never really mattered to the users that are already comfortable with the effects and the medicinal values it provides.

People may debate the origin of the strain but every enthusiast can agree that the efficiency and potency of the strain are very consistent and it never performed below the expected results. But always be reminded that this strain is not called OG for no reason, these strains are never for the faint-hearted. Always remember that everything must be taken into moderation.