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Marijuana Laws and Policies in the Northern Mariana Islands

We know what you’re thinking. Where exactly are the Northern Mariana Islands And what do they have to do with US cannabis laws The Northern Mariana Islands are actually a US territory located to the Northwest area off the coast of the country.

Known to be a very small and congested set of 14 whole islands, this US archipelago came under the country’s jurisdiction during 1975. As such, any and every marijuana law found over there reflects the USA’s weed status as well!

With only a population of around 50,000 residents, there is definitely no shortage of cannabis here! That’s right, cannabis is legal over in the Northern Mariana Islands (NMI). But just how legal is legal What types of weed can you get your hands on in the NMI While not a great deal is known about the Northern Mariana Islands’ weed industry, here’s what we were able to pick up!

History of Cannabis in the Northern Mariana Islands

For many years while under the jurisdiction of the USA, cannabis use was also frequent in this place. The Northern Mariana Islands was no exception to the rising crime rates and illegal activity reports involving marijuana.

Because of the ideal climates and growing conditions in the NMI, it comes as no surprise that residents of the island can get their hands on weed. This holds great significance in the island of Saipan, where the majority of the NMI residents live.

Things did start to change during 2018, however. In that year, the NMI government did bring in the Public Law 20-66. This law, which people call the Taulamwaar Sensible Cannabis Law, effectively did make both medical and recreational cannabis legal in this US territory. After the passing of this law, residents of the Northern Mariana Islands were allowed to use medical marijuana for health benefits.

The law also established a plausible blueprint for the registration of patients and caregivers. Guidelines for the distribution and utilization of medical marijuana were also enumerated under this policy.

Legalization of recreational cannabis:

The Taulamwaar Sensible Cannabis Law did not only legalize medical marijuana. The use, selling, possession, and cultivating of marijuana for adult use was also made accessible to residents of the island. Retail stores and local marijuana shops that sell adult use cannabis may also be found in certain places around the Northern Mariana Islands, most especially in Saipan.

Ever since 2012, well before cannabis was made legal in this part of the world, the NMI was considered to have a surprisingly high cannabis consumption rate. It measured at around 22% per capita which was, at the time, the second highest per capita consumption rate in any area across the world! Cannabis for either purpose has definitely played a key role in shaping the culture and lifestyles of people in the NMI.

Cannabis Rules and Regulations in the Northern Mariana Islands

Not a great deal is actually known about the cannabis scene that operates in this part of the USA’s jurisdiction. However, because it still falls under US laws, the rules and regulations may be quite similar to those of the states in the country.

The Northern Mariana Islands, as you would expect, houses some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal views anywhere on earth! It is the perfect place to light up your joint and enjoy the scenery!

Legal Age:

As you can already guess, the minimum age requirement for cannabis consumption in the NMI is 21 years old or above. This is consistent with the state-wide rules laid out in the other US territories in the country. Adults who are of legal age will be permitted to possess, purchase, and utilize cannabis for adult use.

Medical patients and their caregivers will also be allowed to register with the medical marijuana program. Caregivers will need to be at least 21 years old to act as primary caregivers for medical patients. While medical marijuana is made available to minors as well, residents must be at least 18 years old to fully make use of weed independently. Minors will be subject to much more stringent conditions.

Forms of cannabis:

Practically any form of cannabis that is useful for your chosen purpose is available. This includes dried cannabis buds/flowers, marijuana edibles, cannabis oils/extracts, THC pills, topicals, and tinctures.

Additionally, many products containing cannabis ingredients such as cannabis tea and lotions are made available all around the islands. Cannabis sales to adults are subject to a 10% excise tax in addition to other local sales taxes by specific regions.

Cannabis Cultivation:

Both medical and adult growers who are registered under the Homegrown Marijuana Registry are permitted to plant up to six (6) flowering plants along with twelve (12) seedlings in a given period of time. All plants must be grown in a cultivation site which is an area that is kept away from public view. Additionally, the cannabis kept at home should not exceed (8) ounces at any given time.

If you are looking for a low-key spot to enjoy weed while chilling along the beach coast, then book a trip to the Northern Mariana Islands now! It is definitely one of the most relaxing and breathtaking places that you could visit, Plus, marijuana is legal over there!

But despite the wide acceptance of its residents towards cannabis,it is still important to learn about the rules and regulations of this island. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into will surely help you stay out of trouble and maximize the best cannabis experience possible.