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Must Read! High Weddings Kick In

If only a few decades ago cannabis connoisseurs were highly limited in the possible ways to enjoy the herb, nowadays things are changing dramatically. Not only is marijuana legalization on the rise but cannabis is also entering the world of event management and organization as if by storm.

And so, cannabis-themed weddings kick in! Of course, weed brides and weed grooms are not the only ones who get to tune in the 420-friendly wedding celebrations. Instead, high weddings are truly brilliant because they allow for all of the guests to experience the world of cannabis like never before.

Since cannabis weddings really seem to be the perfect way to elevate your big day, then how about the cannabis-infused treats and surprises you can expect to come across Join us below to get inspired with massive waves of creativity, laced with the spirit of cannabis to make a wedding day feel as high as no other.

The Beginning of Stoned Weddings: Cannabis Wedding Expos

The year is 2019 and cannabis wedding expos are no longer a rarity. Things have truly gone mammoth-scale when it comes to combining the thrill of one of the most beautiful days of a lifetime ever (the wedding day, hooray!) with the pleasure of cannabis consumption.

But for the curious ones, it might be interesting to find out that the very first weed wedding expo was held in Denver, Colorado in 2016.

During the one-of-a-kind, trailblazing cannabis wedding expo, couples who share the love for cannabis were granted the fantastic opportunity to learn the secrets, as well as the hottest trends in incorporating marijuana at their wedding day in safe, classy, funny, and creative ways.

Video by: Cannabis Wedding Expo – Cannabis Wedding Expo, 2016 in Denver, CO

The truth is, smoking weed on weddings is not a new thing, right

We all know those wedding-style “under-the-public-radar brief walk to take a gulp of fresh air” which end up with the participants coming back to the wedding armed heat to toe with tons positive vibes that sparkle from their gleaming, hazy eyes, and which leave zero place for wonder whether or not they managed to take a gulp of fresh air. Or to be more precise and concise, a gulp of fresh cannabis smoke.

But more importantly, don’t you find it so sad that for years those under-the-public-radar wedding smoking sessions excluded many of the guests from stepping into the world of cannabis together and making this super special day feel more intimate and more shared than one could even dare to imagine

Well, this is exactly what high weddings are targeted at. Weed culture is all about sharing, and is there a better day and a better way to share the cannabis vibes with like-minded individuals than during one’s wedding day WOW, this seems like a no brainer!

I pronounce you men and wife, and you may now smoke with the bride… Holy Cannabis, Amin!

The Benefits of Marijuana Legalization Extend Beyond Being Able to get Married High as a Kite…

And so, soon after the pioneering Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver, Colorado, took place in 2016, more states across the US where marijuana is legal for both medical, as well as recreational purposes followed up.

It was on April 30, 2017, when a Cannabis Wedding Expo was held in San Francisco. Additionally, Weed Wedding Expos arose in California, too, and do mind that these two examples are just a small portion of the cannabis-themed wedding events across America.

It is hard to catch up with the fast pace of cannabis wedding expos which keep growing and expanding their reach in the very moment you are reading these lines, and, as a matter of fact, we can’t be happier about it.

After all, entering the world of marriage is a sacred moment, and as most cannabis connoisseurs will fully agree, marijuana is the ancient tool, remedy, friend, and teacher which most deservedly has a special place during the most important moments in life. If you consider this statement to be one made by potheads, oh, well, honestly, we don’t mind being labeled as such. As marijuana advocates and enthusiasts, we are pretty much used to all kinds of labels. The only thing that matters is to stay true to yourself because haters gonna hate, right Most importantly, the facts and stats speak the truth louder than any words.

If we get back to the example of Colorado where the first Cannabis Wedding Expo was held, it might be good to know that Colorado made more money from taxing weed in 2017 than what the authorities have even dared to plan! And so, the state literally ended up with more money collected from taxing pot than what they originally knew what to do with!

Now, let’s switch our focus into another direction because when discussing marriage, it is not only the materialistic things that matter. So, whether or not Colorado made a big BANG with the taxes collected from legal marijuana is actually NOT the most important thing we want to discuss in this section.

According to research marked by the teamed up efforts of researchers from the University of Buffalo and Rutgers, as well as the University of Yale, marijuana consumption correlates to happier marriages.

Over the course of 9 years, the researchers investigated the married couples’ lives with a focus on the presence of abuse and/or violence. The researchers found out that when both spouses consumed marijuana (without alcohol) regularly, it was highly unlikely for domestic violence or aggression to occur as compared with marriages where partners love to indulge in booze (or a combination of marijuana and booze).

Ultimately, will the old “Here’s a toast!” find its way into becoming “Let’s light one up!” Chances seem to point to a big, fat YES.

Cannabis & your Wedding Day: Why Not

Weed aficionados are hungrier than ever to enjoy the freedom of choice. They are hungrier than ever to explore the ancient relationship with the cannabis plant that has been misunderstood for far too long. And yes, you can bet that people are hungry for high-ly CREATIVE ways to make weed part of their wedding day (or every other special or not-so-special day that cannabis can and will make feel so much better).

But what about the wedding guests who might dislike the effects of marijuana Is there a way to make them feel comfortable and awesome, too

Well, the fact that a wedding is cannabis-themed doesn’t make it obligatory to consume cannabis, although there can be tons of fantabulous options including but not limited to CBD products, low-potency edibles, to name a few, that guests with low prudence to marijuana can find joy indulging in, too. Last but not least, alcohol is here to stay, so have no worries that (some) of your non-pot loving guests would end up disappointed.

Finally, there are limitless variations in which a cannabis wedding can be organized. With this in mind, the bride and groom-to-be have absolute freedom when choosing how to plan their special day by including cannabis at the event in such ways as to not make weed feel like the dominant part of the wedding. Or exactly the opposite. Like, why not!

It is with a Why Not how some of the greatest steps for the better are made, and it is exactly with a Why Not how the vendors of both sides – the marijuana industry side and the wedding industry side –made it possible for the first weed wedding expo to turn from a distant fantasy into a reality.

If the idea of getting involved into a cannabis-themed wedding where bouquets are made out of freshly harvested marijuana flowers instead of the traditional roses and lilies seems too much to handle, then something as simple and as classy like a marijuana bar can be more than enough to let the 420-friendly guests feel blessed and blissed.

Video by: The Real Daytime – Marijuana Bars at Weddings

Listing the Top X Best Cannabis-Themed Wedding Ideas Ever

Now, the truth is, when it comes to the top cannabis-themed wedding ideas, we believe that the BEST of the best is always yet to come.

But while the world of weed masterminds across the globe is brainstorming for out-of-this-galaxy cannabis ideas regarding weed-and-wedding related gifts, menu, and humor, among many others, we will make sure to get your creative juices flowing. Abracadabra, puff, puff, and pass! Hooray! (*Do you feel your lips, Mindy I think this strain I just tried was so dope. Go and tell your mum to come to give it a shot! Hey, Sarah, this is the best wedding ever. Oh, wait, I think I’ve mistaken one of the brides’ maids for the bride herself haha who cares when it’s a high wedding, duuuh! Let’s celebrate!*)

But before we get down to the list, we wanted to put the spotlights onto what is (arguably) the most important factor regarding the organization of any wedding: budget.

Indeed, various marijuana gigs to big day celebrations can be quite a costly experience. However, we do live in times when creativity stands above availability. If a cannabis-themed wedding is well-planned, much of the cannabis-related accessories, gifts, and treats can be made by the bride-and-groom-to-be and/or their 420-friendly fellows, since anyone can grow cannabis from seed. Growing your own cannabis plants is an experience that cannot be possibly compared to purchasing readily-available buds, although the more options we have, the merrier, right

While it does seem tempting to follow the example of the couple who included a pot for over $8000 into their weed-themed wedding, we can’t help it but mention that, after all, there is nothing more intimate and bounding than introducing your very own home green stash as part of a wedding.

No matter if you are planning your very own cannabis wedding or you are about to attend one of those high weddings, do not hesitate to do your bit for the green party by bringing in the delicious homegrown buds of your own. Who knows, you might just get so creative as to breed your very own cannabis wedding-themed strain!

Cannabis Open Bars

One of the best things about weed weddings is definitely the presence of an open cannabis-style bar where knowledgeable budtenders can cater to the guests’ needs when it comes to picking delicious strains to celebrate with.

Most certainly, an open cannabis bar can go with or without hiring a budtender. However, a budtender can be a weed wedding’s bff because of the undisputable skills and know-how he/she possesses. This means that even the guests who tend to be more conservative or simply shy about cannabis consumption can feel at ease when speaking with a well-educated, intelligent individual with professional cannabis background who can answer any of their possible questions regarding the specifics of each strain.

In fact, things can get even better if the budtender is a guru of marijuana-based cocktails and mocktails that can be mixed individually for each guest. Now, that’s what we call a canna-friendly toast. Bottoms up!

Finally, don’t worry about getting anyone who is underage to consume marijuana by accident. Wristbands can be given to those aged 21+ prior to consumption as to minimize the risk of watching one of your young cousins rip his head off with a fat joint right in front of your aunt’s mad eyes.

Cannabis-Themed Tables

While not an obligatory feature of a high wedding, cannabis-themed tables do add that extra bit of charm and togetherness to the atmosphere. On the practical side, cannabis-themed tables are a great way to plan the amount of weed the bride and groom are in charge of, making sure that no table gets less or more weed than another. Although, when talking about weed and weddings, setting strict limits seems quite out of track; yet with a mind to the budget, this is a smart move.

However, cannabis-themed tables don’t have to be solely associated with the idea of supplying your guests with as much weed as needed for a good party. Instead, it can be about the small things that leave a big, lasting impression.

For instance, bud vases that can be used as bongs make a fantastic cannabis-themed wedding table decoration that is actually quite practical, too. Labels that humorously associate the family names of the guests with the names of different strains (for example, Dina and Rick Morrow, you are invited to celebrate our wedding day with a batch of White Widow with no hangover tomorrow) makes up for a cute, funny canna-element that won’t cost you a fortune.

Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Treats

It goes without saying that a cannabis-themed wedding should not be limited to sharing pre-rolled joints or fat blunts. There are multiple awesome ways to consume cannabis that have made it into the new century, and it is good to make sure that your guests will have options to choose from.

Cannabis-infused treats are, of course, a must-have at any high wedding because they allow for the health-minded individuals to join the fun with zero remorse. Plus, since the active compounds in marijuana get metabolized by the liver when consuming edibles, this makes for a way more potent, lasting high. And, of course, a potent, lasting high can be more than welcome, especially on certain occasions.

There are two major options when it comes to making weed-infused treats part of the big day.

The first one is to opt for the services of professionals who will make sure that cannabis will be on the wedding’s catering. The bride and groom-to-be can set particular limits of the potency and types of edibles available. Furthermore, these should be carefully labeled as to note the potency of each dose per serving so that guests don’t end up overwhelmed at any point.

The second option is that you mix a DIY batch of cannabis goodies for that special day, which is also more than splendid. You don’t need to be a gourmet weed chef pro to make a batch of low-THC-dose gummies, a batch of cannabis-infused lollipops or a batch of delicious pot brownies.

CBD-infused treats are also a great thing to serve as part of a wedding’s catering. Then again, homemade CBD treats are totally achievable and can be an especially intimate, unique addition if you happen to grow your very own high CBD strains in your garden. Gourmet cannatreats with a very personal story – isn’t this simply fascinating

Marijuana Wedding Favors

Let’s face it: the conventional, traditional wedding favors can be heartbreakingly cute but most of these end up somewhere in the basement or locked up in that old drawer you barely get to open.

However, marijuana wedding favors are much different because instead of ending up forgotten (or sometimes even thrown away in the trash), these brilliant take-me-home-and-let’s-get-high souvenirs are sure to leave lasting memories for the guests; memories that can never possibly end up locked in the basement for they remain forever a part of a person’s consciousness. From tiny mason jars where gourmet joints are patiently waiting to be indulged in through custom-labeled edibles, the list of marijuana wedding favors ideas is simply endless.

Probably one of the best weed weddings favors ideas, though, is none other but high-quality marijuana seeds. When sharing cannabis seeds with your guests, you are giving them much more than the high experience. Instead, you are giving them an invaluable opportunity which is to explore their relationship with the living nature and to get to enjoy not a few gourmet joints out of that mini mason jar but a whole bag of mouthwatering homegrown buds at some point in the foreseeable future.

Hotbox Style Ride

If you are among the people who have dreamed of arriving at their wedding with a luxurious limo, then we have some highly fantastic news for you. Vendors are already offering cannabis-friendly limo wedding services!

So, can you hotbox your wedding limo You most certainly can, alongside some of your best bud buddies.

The hotbox style ride might be part of the fun for all the guests if you choose to include it as a part of the program that everyone can enjoy or it can be a reserved territory for when you and your beloved one head on to that Just Married after-party trip waving off the happy, hazy, chilled up and lit up crowd your lifted, stoned to the bones bye byes.

Hemp-Themed Decorations

Last but not least, hemp-themed decorations can make a fantastic addition to any high wedding out there. Moreover, this can be a perfect way to spread awareness over the fact that our beloved Planet Earth needs urgent help, and that cannabis plants might be one of the keys to the greener, better, sustainable future that we need so badly.

The truth is, how each of us will choose to act in the following 2 decades will determine the life on the planet for the next generations. In order for mankind to make it through the terrible mess human activity has created by damaging the vital balance with the living nature, we need to be united more than ever.

Weddings have always been the time when people from different backgrounds have a unique chance to get closer together by sharing an experience full of joy. When combined with cannabis and the desire to help Planet Earth recover, a wedding can become much more than merely a way to say YES to the dearest person to your heart.

We have lead wildlife on the brink of extinction, and we are not able to cope with climate crisis effectively. We are still trapped in the nightmare of fossil fuels and the plastic war. Not to mention over-consumption and waste. Nowadays, every single step to increasing people’s awareness over the tiny steps each of us can take to help is something truly IMMENSE.

Video by: Prince Ea – Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Merging the help for Planet Earth with the love for cannabis is not simply brilliant, it is the most natural thing to do since cannabis teaches us so much about openness, connection, spirituality, community, acceptance, peace, love, care, and forgiveness.

In fact, even if you are dealing with conservative parents or friends who might lean to the anti-marijuana side, a high wedding might be the perfect way to help them get rid of the fake lies, fear, and lack of information regarding the true face of such a miraculous plant like the cannabis plant.

High Weddings Kick In: The Takeaway

High weddings are a place where sensations can be heightened and limiting boundaries, as well as limiting beliefs can be, united by the feeling of togetherness and belonging.

It is beautiful to attend an event where flower power is above anything that makes us feel separated such as race, age, gender, income, or whatsoever. A cannabis-themed wedding is a place where food can taste better than ever before. During a weed-laced wedding, guests can finally get into that unique collective vibe where music sounds better and the flow is one of mutual happiness and joy. When not alcohol but weed in on the focus, a wedding will be highly less likely to end up with guests violently wasted because of booze.

But most importantly, cannabis weddings are all about that new element of closeness when instead of having to sneak out to get a little high, guests can actually share the good vibes together in a social setting that creates a truly memorable experience. A marijuana-themed wedding can be organized in such a way as not to make non-cannabis users feel out of ease. The presence of cannabis can be more discreet or it can be simply omnipresent; it is all about how the bride and groom-to-be feel about that special day. Peace to ya’ll, bud buddies, you may now canna-kiss the bride and may the smoke be with you.