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What Are Cannabis Moon Rocks

moon rocks

Moon rocks are sometimes called “cannabis caviar”. These are nugs that’re covered nith CBD oil. To be labeled as moon rocks, the cannabis caviar should be covered with kiefs. Moon rocks effects are just the reflection of its name. And for the final bud of THC -laden trichomes, moon rocks appear to offer consumers a distinctly “lunar” experience due to their classic blend of herb, extract, and kief. While moon rocks are a totally novel marijuana product, there is already a range of variations on the market. With myriad variations of variety and extracts.

Origin of Cannabis Moon Rocks

You can thank rapper Kurupt also known as Ricardo Emmanuel Brown and his collaborator with Dr. Zodiak of the Death Row Records in the early ‘90s for the introduction of moon rocks back in 2014 to the controlled marijuana industry. In association with the Industries in1933, through the 2019 launch of his premium cannabis brand, Gotti’s Gold, Kurupt further managed to promote cannabis moon rocks.

For a lot of reasons, moon rocks are common among marijuana consumers. Many users of weed prefer smoking flowers over other types of consumption. The additional punch of focus offers this experience with cannabis moon rocks. For recreational consumers with high THC tolerance or medicinal consumers looking for immediate, better, and longer-lasting pain management, this enhancement of potency is suitable.

How are Cannabis Moon Rocks made

The moon rocks are made by soaking the nugs on the concentrate, or hash oil. These are usually made with the Girl Scout Cookies flower but also could be made with any strain of marijuana. They are coated with kief. There are cannabinoids and terpenes in this crystal trace.

Steps on Making Moon Rocks

  • On making cannabis moon rock you’ll need the following:
    Amount of your chosen cannabis flowers. The thicker the nuggets are the greater.
  • The concentrate of your chosen cannabis strain, either fresh buds or resin. Warm up the flowers or resin to extract more fluids from it.
  • Drooper for the moist flowers or resin with the extracts.
  • A kief to cover the drench flowers.
  • A Tongs to soak the flowers on kief.
  • And lastly, a clean towel to clean.

Step 1: Get your kief ready, on the bottom The dusty substance in the bottom chamber is the kief if you’re using a grinder, and it is a potent extract consisting of terpenes and trichomes. Soak the kief in a bowl.
Step 2: Sprinkle your concentrated flowers, then grab and fill the fluid dropper with the extract. So, everywhere in the bud, drop emphasis, being careful to never soak the flower. Instead of soaking the bud, using a dropper will enable the flower to dry more quickly, which implies that when you are ready to smoke it will be smoother to light up.
Step 3: Begin to roll your flowers into the kief, and using the tong soak the wet nugs on the kief and wait until it’s all covered.
Step 4: Wait until it becomes dry for the bud to consume it. It is hard to light up if it’s damp.

Possible Effects of Consuming Cannabis Moon Rocks

  • Consumers who have tried cannabis moon rocks said that it is massive and compact. Very aromatic with a lot of smoke and abundant and have a very nice taste of the kief. The main elements of this are THC content and also the main reason a very high effect on the users. As moon rocks consist of higher levels of THC, and the results are more drastic than what you feel from run-of-the-mill recreational marijuana.
    A few factors, including the strain used and your tolerance, depending on the magnitude of the results. Those that are not used to high-THC marijuana tend to have more extreme effects. When using large amounts, the magnitude of the symptoms is also increased.

Here are some of the common effects of moon rocks:

  • dizziness
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiety
  • hallucination
  • drowsiness
  • headaches
  • impaired memory
  • dry mouth
  • Dry and red eyes
  • cough or other respiratory problem
  • severe hunger

How strong are the Effects of Moon Rocks

It’s no joke that the marijuana moon rocks are very strong, and they always begin with the king of strain you’re using. Furthermore, the power of the honey oil that you use along with the power of the kief that you use will have a massive impact on the amount of THC of the marijuana moon rock. A regular moon rock provides 50% THC, with the right combination, that already-high percentage can be increased. But effectiveness is not really the end-all, be of the popularity of moon rock marijuana. It’s a major part, of course, but the wide range of effects this type of cannabis provides is more often the main attraction. Moon rockweed can, depending on several factors, have different effects and various degrees of effect.

The night-unmeasurable interaction here between three ingredients is another big factor. Synergy is the relationship between both the bud, kief, and honey oil that creates results past what you might get if you separately took the goods. It could be very hard to find out the synergic effect you could get when you combine bud, and kief, honey oil, even with a degree in chemistry, so the best option is just to try various combinations.
By using CBD products in the blend instead of only THC products, the results can be further tweaked. But you can experience therapeutic benefits such as decreased fatigue, anti-anxiety, reduced seizures, and much more instead of only going as high as possible. With a touch of CBD, all of that is feasible.

Safety Tip on Consuming Cannabis Moon Rocks

Cannabis moon rocks are very powerful, and you have to make things smooth if you’re a beginner. It’s important to take into account certain things if you are going to give it a shot. Such strong nugs are certain to screw with your mind and energy levels, which can make it difficult to get stuff done. When you have a large portion of spare time, it’s better to arrange your schedule.

Eat and Drink Before consuming it

A large amount of THC on an empty stomach can make the psychoactive effects worse.THC triggers cottonmouth as well, so keep plenty of water nearby.

Choose a Safeplace

You’re likely to experience strong effects that make you numb, totally calm, and probably sluggish, as with any high-THC product. In a place where you can relax and lie down peacefully, consume your cannabis moon rocks.

Go Slow

Most flowers have approximately 20% THC, but marijuana moon rocks can consist of up to 50% THC levels. It’s particularly important if you’re new to cannabis that you pace yourself to keep away from greening out.
When it comes to dosing out the first Moon Rock, keep it low and go slow, no matter what kind of tolerance you think you’ve got. With that said, in the sense that they’re going to hurt you, they’re not harmful, but you’ll get too up high.


Cannabis moon rocks, even for an experienced marijuana user, are extremely powerful. You will certainly want to bear that in mind, especially if you are new to the whole thing about marijuana. Consult a dispensary and speak to a certified staff member if you reside in a state that has authorized marijuana. They will tell you all about the rocks of the moon they are holding and how powerful they are.