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Mixing Weed and Alcohol: What Will Happen

As they say, curiosity killed the cat. The same can be said for marijuana and alcohol lovers out there who love to experiment with different kinds of things. Both of these substances have similar effects to offer as both of them are quite good stimulants, however – does mixing weed and alcohol a good thing Or is it a bad thing

When it comes to famous substances, alcohol and weed should be up there in the ranks. But what does happen when you mix these two Does it give you the intensifying effects these two bring Or is it the other way around Lucky for you, in this article, we’ll discuss the effects of mixing weed and alcohol.

Mixing Weed and Alcohol

Mixing weed and alcohol isn’t a new thing anymore. Mixing weed and alcohol is called crossfading. Although mixing weed and alcohol doesn’t have any long-term effects as of the moment as it lacks significant studies and research, all signs lead to a more balanced result rather than contradicting ones.

However, you have to take this with a grain of salt, although there are no major health problems associated when mixing the two, it should be noted that there are many variables to consider, and which one you should use first and what type of consuming method you are going to choose.

It is also important to know that each person has a different reaction with these substances, let alone the mixing of weed and alcohol. This is evident when you are in a group of people, you could easily see in your point of view that each one of them reacts differently than your perception.

What is Crossfading And how does it affect people

As mentioned earlier, crossfading is the process of mixing weed and alcohol. This is true for people who love to add some spice to their marijuana or alcohol adventure. Some people want the exotic type of high both of these substances offer. Alcohol gives you that feeling of drunkenness, and mixing weed through it should give a user with some type of high.

In most cases, crossfading is done just to give a unique high. For others, mixing weed and alcohol tends to give them irrational decision making. For the most part, tends who engage themselves in crossfading leads to unpleasant reactions as doses don’t seem to balance out the equation as it differs from person to person.

If you aren’t careful enough, it often leads to sensations called ‘greening out’ or ‘spinning out’. These are unpleasant and intoxicated feelings that leave users with bad signs for the hours to come.

What happens if you drink alcohol before smoking weed

Drinking alcohol before smoking weed intensifies the weed’s high. This is because alcohol enhances the absorption of weed’s main active component, which is the THC.

In general, this combination results in a more potent and stronger high compared to a regular session of smoking. While this might be a good choice for seasoned veterans, this is not the case for people with low tolerance. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it leads to greening or spinning out when you overdose on it.

Spinning or greening out is a range of unpleasant feelings or sensations brought upon by consuming both weed and alcohol in large amounts. Spinning and green out effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nauseous
  • Vomiting

Precautionary measures when drinking alcohol before weed

Piece of advice, we mentioned earlier that drinking alcohol intensifies the effects of THC. This means that you should prepare yourself whenever you plan to do it. but it doesn’t necessarily mean that when doing this, greening or spinning out happens. You should always consider the quantity of both substances you are consuming.

Unless you are a seasoned pro, we highly recommend starting small and slow. Once you’ve gotten a grasp of things on how this duo works, take it from there. Also, we highly recommend avoiding this combination if you aren’t used to this or if you have a low tolerance between the two.

What happens if you smoke weed before drinking alcohol

While there are specific studies associated with smoking before drinking alcohol, the results are quite old and inconclusive.

1992 study showed that it appears that smoking weed before drinking alcohol slowed down the rise of blood levels that resulted in a slow onset of drunkenness feeling. But this study was questioned time and time again, and to this day remains to be inconclusive.

If it does slow down the absorption of alcohol, then it would delay the feeling of drunkenness for people, and this is a bad thing as most people tend to get drunk faster than slower. This might be a good or a bad thing but it is dependent on people’s views on how to get drunk and high at the same time.

Precautionary measure when smoking weed before drinking alcohol

Consuming weed before drinking alcohol can slow down alcohol’s effect on humans. This means that you might be tipsier than you already are, this might increase your risk to be overly intoxicated leading into greening out.

So, we highly advise when smoking weed before alcohol is to note the amount you are consuming. In this way, you’ll have an idea of how much you have already consumed. And if you aren’t still feeling the same if you already have a bottle or two, then try slowing down, or drink lesser than you already have without the use of weed.

Other things to consider when mixing weed and alcohol

When you plan on mixing weed and alcohol, there are important variables to consider before consuming this combination in addition to which one you will first use.

These include:

  • Your tolerance between the two substance
  • The type of alcohol and its content
  • How you consume weed, either vape, smoke, or edibles.
  • The interval between taking weed and alcohol.
  • Whether if you are on a medication

For us, the safest way is to avoid mixing weed and alcohol. In this way, you minimize the chance of getting unpleasant feelings. But if you do decide to mix the two, always start slow and small, and as you are getting through it, add small increments to it rather than taking it all in in one sipping. Always keep tabs on the amount of alcohol and weed you are taking as well.

Remember that consuming weed and alcohol together can induce a feeling of intense high or minimized feeling of drunkenness than if you are to use one or the other.

Also, if you are on a strict medication, always ask for additional advice from your doctor. This substance can slow down the effectiveness of the medication prescribed to you.

Final words

Mixing weed and alcohol isn’t for the faint-hearted. It should be taken with utmost consideration as it may lead to greening or spinning out. Always note that each substance has a different take on each individual.

Lastly, the best road for you to take is not mixing weed and alcohol. You can drink alcohol for this night, and smoke weed for the next day. We’ll just hope that sooner or later, significant studies should be found when you associate weed and alcohol together.