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Mix Match Combo Marijuana Seeds 101: Pros & Cons of Purchasing in a Bulk

Because of how fast the domination of marijuana use in today’s contemporary world, more and more people have found their marijuana operations in the comfort of their homes. This is primarily appropriate in part to how combo marijuana seeds are now widely accessible in the market and how the requirement for marijuana is unwaveringly and quickly increasing. And nowadays, more and more people have opted to buy marijuana seeds in bulk.

If you are currently looking for the best deal on bulked marijuana seeds, then you must consider transacting with the most reputable one. It is understood that buying marijuana seeds in bulk can be a difficult encounter – are you picking the best strains from a trusted company that will continue to give superior quality products at superior prices It is very important that you know precisely who you are transacting with when engaging in this kind of investment.

Mix and Match Combo Marijuana Seeds

However, if you do not intend purchasing seeds of the same strain, then you may consider mix and match combo pack to cater to your requirements. Mix and match marijuana seeds in bulk can work well for people who are not particular with the kind of marijuana strains they are getting. Instead, their requirement is simply to purchase a bulk of marijuana seeds in packs that contain a classification of strains that have a superior quality rate for germination.

Mix and match marijuana seeds become ideal for most growers because they get to buy regulars, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds in one purchase. Growers can save money by purchasing in bulk of various marijuana seeds in a pack.

As the majority of us have budgets to consider, purchasing in bulk has turned to be a famous option. It is very basic – if you manage to lower the amount per unit of your purchase, you can cut down your accumulated expenses in the long run.

Why Purchase in Bulk Combo Marijuana Seeds

As the use of combo marijuana increases nowadays because of how cannabis strains are turning more popular and much embraced in many countries and societies, the demand for marijuana also increases. As an impact, the rise in demand may result to supply shortage, which makes it hard for you to get superior quality marijuana seeds on peak seasons.

Nonetheless, purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk can help address that concern. Here are the reasons why you should purchase in bulk:

You get to lower your expenses in marijuana seeds

Saving money is one of the top reasons why you have to purchase your marijuana seeds in bulk. If you purchase whole, the cost per unit will likely lower down, thus you can have more items out of each penny you pay.

Some stores also grant discounts to customers that buy marijuana seeds in bulk. If you place your order online, you will not have to shell out for the shipping costs now and then if you purchase marijuana seeds in bulk.

You get to save yourself from the hassle of buying during peak seasons

There are particular seasons or months when the sales of marijuana abruptly spike up considering the rise in demand. In some states, the sale has even reached a surpassing high sometimes in March 2018. Other places tend to be in peak season every December. Similar to other products, it can be hard to get good quality marijuana seeds during the period of high demand.

To save yourself from the possibility of picking a fight for a supply of marijuana seeds during peak seasons, you must consider purchasing in bulk before demands abruptly spike up. By doing so, you still manage to enjoy your marijuana strain at the comfort of your home while others are still combatting for their share of strains.

You ensure that you will not run out of marijuana seeds

It is never a pleasing day if you have to hurry in a dispensary or any of your local dealer if you find out that you are about to run out of your seeds. What is even worse is that you have no one or no place to seek help to once your supply is about to get empty. After all, theses dispensaries and local stores will not always be accessible for you anytime you want.

Hence, it will be better if you purchase marijuana seeds in bulk to ensure that you will not run out of marijuana seeds. You do not have to go out on the last trip to catch a dispensary if you have sufficient supply in your place.Y

You manage to keep your favorite strain right by your side

Various marijuana strains have various flowering periods and growth cycles. Some strains are characterized to grow in as quick as two months. Other strains will have to take four to six months to grow. Understanding that, there is no assurance that there will always be an available supply in the market for your most cherished marijuana strain.

However, if you purchase your marijuana seeds in bulk, you can be certain that you will always the reservation of your favorite strain in your home. You do not have to go through all the hassle of strolling the town in an attempt to find your beloved marijuana strain.

You happen to help our Mother Nature

Aside from the idea that you are using or inhaling an organic element, you happen to help our Mother Earth if you choose to purchase marijuana seeds in bulk. This is because each time you buy marijuana, you contribute to your carbon footprint due to the additional packaging as well as the fuel your car has to consume as you drive your way heading to your local dispensary.

If you purchase marijuana seeds in bulk, you will reduce your carbon footprint since you will be consuming up less packaging and you will not have to consume so much fuel as you would if you often go to a dispensary.

It will be advantageous for you if you are engaged to re-selling marijuana seeds

A typical issue in many businesses is the insufficiency of supply during the period when customers would need their strain the most. If you are engaged in re-selling of marijuana, you can potentially eliminate this concern if you manage to purchase your stocks in bulk.

Purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk guarantees that your business can always cater to the requirement of your customers. This will somehow lift the status of your business and will also build a stronger relationship with your customers.

You get to prevent deficiencies because of any unforeseen happenings

Typhoons, earthquakes, pest outbreaks, wildfires, and floods are merely some of the unforeseen happenings which can destroy the cannabis operation of a cultivator and result in deficiencies. This is typically something that they cannot manage already but it extremely impacts any existing marijuana businesses.

Nevertheless, if you purchase marijuana seeds in bulk and put them in the storage properly, you can prevent such deficiencies and you can be certain that you will always have the stock of marijuana seeds even if there is a deficiency in the market because of any unforeseen happenings.

You get to save yourself from price fluctuations

As the current direction is that marijuana costs are reducing, the economy may be slightly erratic and the prices may abruptly spike up. If that would be the case, the cost of marijuana seeds can be must high to purchase.

You may prevent this kind of difficult situation if you purchase marijuana seeds in bulk at the moment when the cost is at the lowest. Nevertheless, you should avoid purchasing in bulk if marijuana seeds are at a high cost.Y

You can buy peculiar strains at bulk whenever they are accessible

There are some strains that are not always available in the market specifically because of how peculiar they are. There is no assurance that these peculiar strains are always readily available in the market whenever you find the need to use them.

Nonetheless, if they abruptly become available in your local dispensary, you may stop the thought of considering them as peculiar and innovative strains by buying them in bulk. By doing so, you will always a reservation of those marijuana strains in your home.

You tend to become a more careful shopper

Purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk also affects the manner you see buying and shopping for other items. You will start to observe that there are less desolation and minimal packaging by purchasing items in bulk. Further, you will realize that you can also purchase any other item in bulk to become a more careful and environment-friendly shopper.

Pros of Purchasing Combo Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

There are great reasons why it is recommended to buy marijuana seeds in bulk rather than retail:

  1. You can avail greater discounts if you purchase your marijuana seeds in bulk. A lot of seed banks grant greater offers if their customers purchase marijuana seeds by bulk. Customers are given discounts if they purchase a large volume of marijuana seeds.
  2. Bulk orders are more advantageous if you want to keep your transactions in a more sensible approach. If you have made up your mind and you now certain to cultivate your marijuana plant, it would be much easier for you if you acquire of the bulk of marijuana seeds all in one sitting rather than waiting for repeating deliveries but only for fewer marijuana seeds.
  3. Buying marijuana seeds in bulk can save time and effort since you do not have to go out now and then to visit a store for your seed requirement.
  4. Buying in bulk is also a way of promoting a greener environment since you do not have to consume plenty of fuel because you do not need to regularly visit a store to buy your seeds. Likely, there will be lesser deliveries done if you placed an order online.
  5. Misuse from packaging also perilously declines. If you want it organic and green just like marijuana, then you should see the benefit of buying in bulk. Buying bulk marijuana seeds guarantee you that each seed you purchased is of similar quality. This is being explained by seeds that are more than likely were harvested simultaneously and from similar plans that have flourished together.

Cons of Purchasing Combo Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

  1. There is an insufficient variety if you buy marijuana seeds in bulk. See to it that the strain that you are selecting is the kind of strain that you completely love. Do not be in a hurry. Instead, consume enough time to examine various strains, and look for the one that is best for you.
  2. Storage is a common issue raised by customers who have decided to buy marijuana strains in bulk. Schedule a time to talk to a dispensary representative about the best approach to store your products.

How Much Marijuana Seeds Can You Purchase

For medicinal users, they are permitted to own at least 2 ounces. For recreation users, the biggest volume of marijuana for adults aging 21 and above is 1 ounce. However, if you intend to use your seed for medicinal purposes, you are permitted to acquire up to a minimum of 2 ounces. This quantity raises based on the asperity of your medical condition.


For a lot of people, purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk can make sense. A lot of dispensaries will blunt savings at you for buying in ounce accrual. In some instances, if you are to buy your bud gradually by grams, you will end up spending some 40 percent more for the ounce compared to purchasing it outright. Further, relying on your kind of use, buying an ounce or more at the same time will be ideal because you do not have to visit your dispensary every day.

Purchasing in huge volume proves out for people who are inclined to creating their edible marijuana or blowing their own choice of concentrates.