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How to Use a Marijuana Vaporizer

Cannabis Vaporization is a growing endeavor that traditional Kush users are getting into that wants to consume cannabis in a discreet manner which is also easy and less messy than the traditional methods.

The main benefit of vaporizing weeds is that it eliminates the threats of tar and carcinogens brought about by combustion. Vaporization entails a very complex process that creates a phase from turning liquid into vapor.

Also, marijuana vaporizers allow the ease of consumption and usage and allow discreet usage that will eliminate the lingering eyes of the public. Also, these vaporizers are portable and easy to fit in anyone’s pocket. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to use marijuana vaporizer. But before we even go any further, let us have an overview of what it is and all things you need to know to better understand it. 

What is a Vaporizer

The process of vaporizing weed involves heating cannabis flowers or concentrates at a certain temperature that changes the active compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) into vapor. Vaporization is a healthier way to smoke weed since it does not produce tar and harmful carcinogens brought about by combustion or burning.

Most vaporization devices are manufactured and engineered to heat cannabis below the point of combustion which ranges from 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. In contrast to the traditional way of smoking weed, vaping produces more cannabis by-products that are being activated which produces a more beneficial and pleasurable result. 

Although the claims mentioned above need more research to prove that all the claims are true. Some studies back up those traditional smokers whether tobacco or cannabis shows a significant amount of health risks rather than the users of vaporizers which studies showed that there is an increasing amount of cannabis intake with lesser health risks such as respiratory ailments. This study was done way back in 2007. 

These studies concluded that the controlled heat produced by vapes avoids the emission of toxins and carcinogens linked to combustion.

Kinds of Vaporizers

Table Top Vaporizers

These types of vaporizers are stationary or non-portable temperature control units that need a solid surface to sit upon to be operated properly and safely. 

Tabletop vaporizers come in many assortments, but all comprise four main structures:

  • A temperature knob to control the temperature
  • A heating component that heats the flower or concentrates
  • A heating compartment where you place the flower or concentrates
  • A mouthpiece accessory

Some of these tabletop units use bags to collect the vapor then detached from the heating chamber before inhalation. While other varieties include long tubes to take advantage of a higher volume of vapor which directly moves from the chamber then into the tube straight to the user.

The majority of this type of vaporizer capitalizes on heating flowers rather than concentrates. Users who learn to use this type of vaporizer are very unlikely to use other varieties.

Portable Vaporizers

These are the types of vapes that you can carry in your pocket and can be used in various places that are not prohibited. Most people favor these types of units due to the ease of use as well as the convenience that is tied to it. 

These also have cartridges that can be filled with the flower, buds, and concentrates which are then heated up to the right temperature to produce vapor. These are types of vaporizers that are compatible with flowers and concentrate.

Also, if you are well aware of the e-cigarettes and vapes, they serve the same function and purpose.

Vape Pen and Dab Pen

These types of vaporizers and the most discreet variants whereas they are just literally in the size of a regular pen. These are battery operated and consist of a heating chamber, a battery and a cartridge that contains oil or concentrates.

The dab pen is significantly used to produce a high dosage of vapor that can be consumed in dabs. This shares the same component as the regular vape pens.

Vape pens on the other hand are specifically engineered to produce vapor from cannabis oil or distillates. These also have a heating chamber, a battery, and a cartridge where the good stuff is placed into.

How to use a marijuana vaporizer

  1. Heating the unit- A vaporizer takes a minute or two to generate heat. This is imperative to know if the heat is adequate to produce enough vapor and to avoid burning and putting the concentrates into waste.
  2. Loading the chamber- The chamber must be clean and sanitized to avoid any contaminants. The cannabis flower must be finely ground to allow the proper distribution of heat and efficient production of vapor. Grinding cannabis by hand is not advised since the cannabinoid-rich content may stick in the hand which will reduce the results of the shot or puff.
  3. Adjusting the temperature- The majority of units have a fixed temperature ideal for vaporization while others provide custom control that can be adjusted based upon the user’s preference.
  4. Inhalation- Once the chamber is loaded and the unit heated properly, you may now inhale the vapor using the mouthpiece that is provided in the unit.  When inhalation, you may be able to taste and see the results of the Kush that you used.
  5. Completion- When vaporization, you can determine that the cartridge or the cannabis flower needs to be changed when the vapor as well as the taste is degrading or decreasing in every inhalation. Once there is no vapor, these indicate that all the essential oils are already depleted and the cartridge needs to be replaced.


In the venture of using a marijuana vaporizer, it is important to understand its benefits and convenience of use. While there are various methods available nowadays, vaporizing is still one of the most convenient and better methods at all times. 

With the broad perspective in defining marijuana vaporizers, it is also regarded that it includes different kinds. Different kinds of vaporizers are widely proven to reduce the risk of health hazards brought about by traditional smoking. 

Yet, always take into consideration the type of vaporizers that will be fit to your character as well as your ability to take control. 

Moreover, the usage of these vaporizers is not only for recreational but also for medicinal use.