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Can Cannabis Help You Have Better Sex (Yes, Study Confirms)

marijuana sex

For years, many marijuana supporters have claimed that the plant has miracle powers that raise sexual excitement and increase the potency of orgasms experienced after intake.

While the fantastic advantages of cannabis in helping people have better sex has long been a popular claim among marijuana enthusiasts, a new study backs up the cannacionados’ solid opinions on the subject.

But how come can cannabis help you have better sex, as confirmed by studies?

Join us on a spectacular ride exploring the latest news, science-backed up data, and hottest trends in the exciting cannabis and sexual life niche.

Did the Millennials Stop Having Sex and Can Cannabis Become the Solution

Regrettably, sex, as shown in films, has nothing to do with sex in real life.

According to studies, sexual dysfunction is one of those areas about which individuals are cautious, if not outright afraid, to speak. Meanwhile, it’s believed that 31% of men and 43% of women have had some sexual dysfunction.

What exactly is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction refers to a wide range of issues that might prevent a couple’s or individual’s sexual engagement from being satisfying.

On the other side, the AARP Foundation and Modern Maturity magazine collaborated two decades ago to poll 1,384 persons aged 45 and above about the role of sex in their lives. According to the data, 56.7 percent of women and 66.8% of men feel that sex life happiness is inextricably linked to overall life quality.

Sketch out a detailed image of sexuality in middle age and beyond.

It almost seems paradoxical that sexual dysfunction is such a worldwide issue in a culture shaken by sexual assault and abuse and distinguished by never-before-seen freedom in the way individuals may flaunt their sexuality and sex appeal.

However, as American novelist and journalist Hunter S. Thompson eloquently pointed out, sex is empty and silly without love, just as love is hollow and stupid without love.

So, where is the missing piece of the puzzle? Are we becoming the most sexually dissatisfied generation in history?

According to surveys, despite the ease with which young people may get hooked up in this day of substantial social medialization, they have more small sex.

Indeed, societal conditioning, stress, a fast-paced lifestyle, high expectations for personal accomplishments, and the great challenges of the new ages all have a significant influence on how we see sex.

In actual life, sex is significantly less often than in those hot, seductive movie scenes. Despite this, there isn’t even a hint of the thundering orgasms we’re used to witnessing on TV.

Surprisingly (or not), the missing link between much lower sexual satisfaction rates and sex life quality might be found in a more excellent grasp of cannabis research.

There are several remedies to the highly frustrating difficulties associated with poor quality, unsatisfactory sex right now, but none is as natural and understudied as cannabis.

That’s why scientists and academics are collaborating to shed fresh light on the incredible advantages of cannabis intake for improving sex life and, as a result, overall quality of life in individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Sex, Cannabis & the Golden Thread: Active Cannabinoids

For decades, marijuana supporters have been fully aware of cannabis’ good benefits on improving the quality of sex life, as we briefly noted at the start of this article.

On the surface, this assertion appears to be more than rational and straightforward. While cannabis usage may help users relax, the ultimate state of relaxation has clear benefits in boosting the sex experience.

With this in mind, the sex-enhancing properties of cannabis appear relatively straightforward, so what’s all the fuss about?

To comprehend how cannabis intake impacts people’s physical and emotional well-being, we must first understand the complicated role of active cannabinoids in marijuana plants.

In a word, the science behind how cannabis can help individuals have better sex is more sophisticated than just explaining the benefits of marijuana on unwinding and relaxing.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring substances that have a significant and unrivaled influence on the endogenous cannabinoid system in your body. The endogenous cannabinoids system (ECS, or endocannabinoid system) in your body is a one-of-a-kind network of cells. Furthermore, the ECS aids in the regulation of a wide range of critical activities, including mood, hunger, immunity, pain perception, and more.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are the most well-studied cannabinoids as of 2019, while CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and CBC (Cannabichromene) are all making waves in the world of cannabis study.

Cannabis plants, in addition to these vital active cannabinoids, generate a slew of additional lesser-known cannabinoids. All of these active cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, are thought to contribute to the synergistic impact (also known as “the entourage effect” or “the ensemble effect”) that cannabis use has on the body’s critical homeostasis process.

THC and CBD Effects on Sexual Pleasure and Quality of Sex Life

Even though a large percentage of active cannabinoids and their unique influence on the endocannabinoid system have yet to be further investigated, there is enough evidence to support the beneficial function of THC and CBD in raising sexual pleasure overall sex life quality.

To begin, research shows that both THC and CBD can help people relax.

For example, researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois recently discovered that THC reduces stress dramatically at modest dosages.

With this in mind, a modest quantity of cannabis, whether smoked, vaped, eaten, or absorbed through other means, can indeed prevent stress from interfering with your sex life. Most notably, this research is focused on taking a modest, controlled dosage of THC to modulate the increase in sexual satisfaction properly.

Consuming significant amounts of cannabis before sex, on the other hand, will not make you more relaxed or increase your sexual desire, strength, or satisfaction. Instead, potent dosages of THC, according to this research, have the opposite effect: they decrease your desire or capacity to have sex while considerably reducing stress levels.

On the other hand, CBD is known to help consumers relax, but it does not have the same intoxicating effects as THC.

In a research, a group of experts from New York University found that CBD can lower stress, anxiety, and fear levels, keeping in mind that all of these elements are linked to libido suppression. Unlike THC, there was no indication that CBD use had any harmful impact on sexual performance or desire, even at large doses. These critical studies reveal that mindful, well-dosed cannabis intake can be a very effective therapy for anyone suffering a decline in sexual function due to daily concerns and pressures.

Diving Deeper into Understanding How Cannabis Improves Sexual Experience

Lengthy research assessed the data acquired from hundreds of women (some of whom were experienced with pot, while others were non-smokers), published in early 2019 (March 2, 2019). Found substantial evidence that cannabis can quadruple the likelihood of a more pleasant orgasm when taken before intercourse.

The groundbreaking study, first published in the journal Sexual Medicine, throws further insight into the still-mysterious methods that marijuana is thought to improve sexual experience.

The survey responses of 373 women were analyzed by a team of specialists from Saint Louis University School of Medicine to perform the study. According to the survey’s self-reported replies, 47% of women said they used marijuana, while 34% said they had previously consumed cannabis before having intercourse. Most notably, the study included a wide range of themes relating to the complicated effects of cannabis on sex, including lubrication, sex drive, and sex-associated discomfort.

Researchers discovered the presence of substantial disparities in reported sexual encounters after carefully evaluating the acquired data. These significant variations showed out to be strongly reliant not just on the amount of cannabis taken but also on whether or not the subjects had previously used cannabis. A majority of women reported an increased sex drive, reduction in pain, and an improvement in orgasm, as well as a decrease in discomfort. However, just a few people noticed a difference in lubrication.

In a nutshell, the observed differences in the surveyed female participants’ reported sexual experiences equate to a staggering 2.13 greater likelihood of satisfying orgasms for women who consume cannabis (or double the typical satisfaction rates). Furthermore, women who used cannabis more regularly and those who used cannabis before sex were judged to have increased their odds of having good orgasms compared to those who did not use marijuana frequently or did not use it before (but after) sex.

Interestingly, scientists have come up with numerous fascinating, plausible theories for how cannabis improves sexual encounters, debunking the notion that the herb might improve sexual performance just by decreasing anxiety and stress. To begin with, experts point out that cannabis use can frequently result in a delayed temporal perception of time. As a result, the joyful sensations of sentiments experienced while intimate with a spouse might last much longer.

However, it’s been argued that slowing down temporal perception is linked to lessening sexual inhibitions and, as a result, enhancing confidence, desire to explore, and capacity to release yourself during the sexual act.
Second, cannabis is recognized for enhancing various senses, including but not limited to sight, smell, touch, and taste. Cannabis use can also improve empathy, which refers to people’s capacity to comprehend and share one other’s sentiments.

Is Weed Lubes the New Weapon for Better Sex

Cannabis use has been proven in research to be a fun, simple, and convenient approach to enhance sexual encounters. Even though sex-related cannabis research is still in its early stages. Weed enthusiasts, particularly millennials who are the first generation to witness the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, cannabis research, and related innovations, are well aware of the sexy “side effects” of marijuana.

Looking for references in history books, you might be surprised to learn that ancient civilizations were fully aware of cannabis’ mood and libido improving qualities. Women in ancient Greece, for example, are said to have taken cannabis tinctures vaginally. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern fairytale collection 1001 Nights, created during the Islamic Golden Age, describes marijuana’s sexual effects. When you think about it, your blood starts pumping quicker immediately after you consume cannabis. Further on, your mood is improved, and the inhibition-relaxing benefits are increasing. Doesn’t that smell precisely like fantastic sex?

Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, a Los Angeles-based expert on sexual issues and urologist, was piqued by these enticing characteristics of cannabis. The 62-year-old specialist was named co-leader of a major study on the popular sexual performance medications Cialis and Viagra. Instead of focusing his emphasis on sex and male organs, Dr.Harin Padma-Nathan shifted the focus on the frequently overlooked feminine side of the coin.

Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan recently joined Manna Molecular Science, a Massachusetts-based cannabis pharmaceutical business, on a mission to produce a high-quality cannabinoid-infused gel that may be administered directly to vaginal tissue before intercourse. Can Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan pave the way for weed lube to become mainstream?

Although Dr. Padma-Nathan is the chief medical officer of Manna Molecular Science, it is crucial to clarify that naming him the “Father of Weed Lube” or anything else would be inaccurate.

Canada is well-known as the home of only a few. Still, well-established bedroom-friendly cannabis product firms, despite being the world’s second country to legalize marijuana for recreational rather than medical explicitly, uses. THC-infused topicals that are up to date are not an official part of Canada’s fresh new cannabis legal framework. Companies like High On Love and Miss Envy, on the other hand, have already entered the market as demand for sex lotions and oils has grown. When we look at cannabis-infused lubricants in the United States, we can see that they are on par with those developed and sold in Canada. Awaken, a cannabis-infused arousal lubricant produced by Foria to take climax intensity and enjoyment to a whole new level is a fantastic example of a US-made cannabis-infused arousal lubricant that has received multiple accolades.

Furthermore, the exciting developments in the fields of cannabis and sex do not end here. For example, the device was named one of the top 25 innovations of 2016 by Time Magazine. This product, called Arouse, is a vape pen that delivers a well-controlled amount of THC to enhance the pleasure and anticipation between the sheets by naturally increasing the intimate partners’ excitement and anticipation. Until now, the main impediment to cannabis lubes becoming publicly available to the general population has been the lack of rigorous studies on the subject.

Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan comes in to fill the void of verified research by applying the scientific rigor required to manufacture Manna Molecular Science’s first cannabinoid-infused lubricant. Padma-Nathan acknowledges that creating an intimate marijuana gel needs far more time and severity than other natural remedies.

Cannabis VS Sex-Enhancing Drugs: Effects and Availability for Males VS Females

Given the scarcity of arousal products tailored specifically for women, it’s no surprise that a weed-infused lubricant is a welcome addition.

Furthermore, Manna Molecular Science’s CEO, NielDeMena, told the Boston Globe-News that the business chose to investigate sex topicals because several of the company’s female clients praised cannabis-infused transdermal patches for relieving pelvic pain during sex.

It’s worth noting that males have had access to sex enhancement medicines since the 1990s. In 1998, the miraculous tiny blue pill known as Viagra was released less than a decade later on the global market. However, there is just one sex-enhancing medicine authorized by the FDA in 2015 for women. However, the little pink tablet Addyi has been shown to have unfavorable side effects. Nausea and fainting are two of them, and none of them sound attractive!

Dr. HarinPadma-Nathan offers an insightful perspective on the disparity in sex-enhancing medications available to males and females. Women’s sexual reactions, according to Padma-Nathan, are more sophisticated than men’s. In a word, increasing sex for males is considerably more manageable since it is linked to increased blood flow. Nonetheless, when considering the linear cycle of desire – arousal – orgasm, men’s sexual reactions are far more essential than women’s.

To summarize, pot and sex are thought to be an excellent match for women since, according to research, marijuana’s benefits address numerous difficulties at once. These problems include, but are not limited to, some of the most unpleasant and limiting elements in terms of sexual desire and experience, such as distractions, anxiety, discomfort, diminished sensitivity, and, ultimately, the capacity to achieve orgasm.

Most notably, Dr. HarinPadma-Nathan stated that he does not want to create a cannabis-infused gel as a medication, implying that the weed lubricant will be submitted to extensive scientific testing and may still be rejected by the FDA. Instead, Dr. Harin Padma Nathan is ready to embrace a “sexual enhancement” product method, which means we’ll be able to experience the finished product very soon!

Dr. HarinPadma-Nathan and his colleagues are studying THC and CBD on animal vaginal tissue at the moment. They are hoping to have the cannabis-infused gel on the market by the summer of 2019.

Can Cannabis Help You Have Better Sex: The Wrap-Up

Is it true that cannabis can help you have better sex? Yes, and multiple studies have already confirmed that, albeit we must keep in mind that what we see now is merely the tip of the iceberg. We feel that the question of whether pot can help you have better sex is more of a search for a better working connection with ourselves and our loved ones, with the kind support of an all-natural gift from Mother Nature.