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Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

marijuana for anxiety

Anxiety disorder is one of the most prevalent forms of mental illness, according to research. One out of four adults has anxiety condition at some point in their lives. It is a source of contention for some individuals, while it is not an issue for others. Some of the finest marijuana strains for anxiety are listed below.

Treatment for Anxiety

It is estimated that less than half of those affected by a mental health condition seek treatment and that women are more likely than males to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Fears with anxiety are natural responses to risks to life, but excessive or chronic stress can lead to social dysfunction and catastrophic impairment. Anxiety disorders are classified into several categories, yet they all have similar impacts and are based on the same principles. Doctors have given commercial medicines to treat various anxiety problems, but they generally have a slew of unfavorable side effects.

Marijuana is alternative medicine. The medical world has acknowledged this since many individuals attest to its usefulness in controlling mental illnesses such as anxiety.

But you can’t just select any weed you see, or so you’ve been taught. There are several marijuana strains and hybrids available. The first step in picking the correct strain to combat anxiety is to understand your tolerance and sensitivity. Step two is to try out different strains to see which one performs best. To acquire the proper strain, you should still see your doctor.

Best Cannabis Strains to Help Treat Anxiety

Cannatonic – It has a fantastic CBD-rich strain. THC and CBD both have anti-anxiety properties, but CBD is thought to be the superior of the two cannabinoids. Because THC, when ingested in extremely high levels, can create anxiety in certain people. The THC content of Cannatonic is less than 6%, whereas the CBD level ranges from 6 to 17%. Cannatonic strain will make you feel better, happier, and more relaxed without the buzz and is ideal for daytime use.

Sour Tsunami – It’s also a CBD-rich strain. The CBD level is around 10%, whereas the THC concentration is between 6% and 7%. The strain Sour Tsunami is a powerful stress reliever. This strain will relax your mind and give you an incredible sensation of clarity. Sour Tsunami can also aid with the treatment of depression and is advised for those suffering from despair and anxiety.

One To One – It is a one-of-a-kind strain since the CBD to THC ratio is exactly 1:1. This is why it is such a powerfully healing strain. It is unique in that regardless of the total percentages of each cannabinoid, and it is incredible. It always comes out the same. It can generate a very light buzz with this one-to-one ratio without having a substantial psychoactive impact. Both your mind and body will be peaceful and relaxed, yet you will still have enough energy to carry on with your regular tasks. This is advised for those who want a little more motivation to complete a day’s work.

Cinex – Some may have recommended that if you wanted to alleviate anxiety, you should avoid sativa, but Cinex is an exception. Cinex is a moderate sativa strain that can give uplifting, joyful effects while remaining calm. This strain may provide you with a clear-headed and energized sensation, and the good news is that it’s not as potent as other sativas. Cinex does not cause psychosis; instead, you could find yourself giggling now and again. Could anything be worse? So, if you’re a sativa fan who also suffers from anxiety, this strain is for you. THC concentrations might reach over 22%.

Northern Lights – It’s a potent indica. For those who find THC the most effective for their anxiety, indicas are the most excellent choice. Sativas can invigorate you and then stimulate you more, but indicas can act as a strong sedative. This strain can immediately calm you down; thus, it would be helpful in any scenario. If you’re having problems sleeping due to worry, this strain will help you fall asleep quickly and deeply. The THC content of this strain is about 18%.

Important Things to Remember

Marijuana affects people in different ways. Some individuals respond better to psychoactive THC for anxiety, while others prefer high-CBD strains. These five strains may help you figure out which one is best for you.

Anxiety sufferers should avoid sativa dominated strains. For someone who does not suffer from anxiety, a potent sativa strain might occasionally produce it. Anxiety is a complex condition that everyone has encountered and coped with in their unique way. When it comes to utilizing marijuana as an anxiety treatment, it’s critical to analyze yourself and see how you react. Marijuana may be a double-edged sword because of its calming and overstimulating effects. This is why you must select the best strain and dose for your needs. The method you take it, the concentrations, and the types of strains impact how your body and mind react.

Before taking anything, it’s essential to see your doctor or a professional. Because while some people may claim that a strain worked for them, it might have a very different impact on you. There are many kinds of anxiety, so that’s something more to think about. As previously said, everyone’s body chemistry is different. Start with modest dosages and strains that have been prescribed. If you know your body can handle the next dose level, it’s up to you to make the decision based on professional guidance.