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Marijuana and Meditation: Tips For an Elevated Mind

When you’re always busy meeting deadlines and working on tight schedules, it pays off getting some form of meditation once in a while. It’s a good thing that our favorite herb can be used for this purpose.  Cannabis and meditation are often linked especially in the medical field or for therapeutic purposes.

When people meditate, they reach the positive changes in the brain for improved metacognitive skills, mindfulness, and the feeling of well-being from overall physical health issues. These benefits from meditating are also the benefits that we get when we are into cannabis utilization.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use cannabis for meditation so you can reduce or completely eliminate stress and promote body and mind relaxation.

How To Meditate With Marijuana

Even in the ancient times, cannabis was used for rituals and mediations. It’s no wonder why it’s still being used until today. Learn more about how to meditate with cannabis.

Before the Session

1. Setting

Choosing the perfect place to do your cannabis meditation is important. You want to ensure that you prepare everything, like setting the right mood for a calming and relaxing ambiance.

Here are some tips and tricks when preparing the setting:

a. Choose A Good Meditation Space

In choosing a space, take into consideration the lighting setup is its invites total relaxation. Find a spot where there is no noise pollution and here you can be yourself.

b. Keep the Room Simple and Organized

Choose items that will remind you of peaceful things. Having nice pillows, colorful table mats and comfortable rugs will do. It is also important to have a comfortable chair or fluffy pillows to sit on.

c. Add a Touch of Nature

Meditation involves connecting with nature. Enhance your space with touches of nature through the use of infused scents of relaxing vibes such as the smell of flowers, candles, aromatic oils and incenses. You can also add up life plants to give you fresh air.

d. Soothe Your Soul With Music

If you can’t find a space where you cannot get rid of the noise, the sound of music is a big help to bring peace and tranquility.

e. Personalize Your Space

To make your space your comfortable, you can add anything that reminds you of your comfort zone. You can add colorful stones, picture frames, chimes, statues etc. You can also paint the room with your favorite color or with nature touches.

2. Mindset

The first step before meditating is to clear your mind from different things such as a list of chores, anxieties and those that give you frustrations. If you are having difficulty getting your state of focus, this is the perfect time to have a tiring session with your body. You can do some exercises or household chores. In this way, your mind and body will dictate you to relax.

Another tip is to know what your goal is and know your intention for doing it. Intentions are a specific goal that you would want to come into your life. Meditation helps you see a bigger picture if this intention comes true to life.

Here are some tips and tricks to have the right mindset for mediation:

  • Prepare everything you need, like your favorite relaxing cannabis strain to set the mind for meditation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Wear something that is not too tight or too loose that can impede movement.
  • As much as possible, you need to make sure to finish all pending tasks or assignments before meditation so you won’t worry about them or rush finishing the meditation.
  • Reduce the use of gadgets, like smartphone and tablet, before meditation. Turn off all gadgets, appliances, and devices around you that might catch your attention while you’re meditating.
  • Take breathing exercises and make sure that you’re in a silent and peaceful setting.

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How to Set Your Intentions

In any meditation session, it’s very important to set your clear intentions right from the start to help you free yourself from hassle and stress. If you know your goals, you’ll be able to plan a smoother cannabis session without compromising your work, health, and safety.

1. Write It Down

Physically writing your intentions with the use of a pen and a paper will give you a wider overview about it and how to achieve for it This will also serve as a constant reminder not to forget about it.

2. Make Sure That Your Intention Is in a Positive State

If your attention is in a positive state, then more likely, your action towards attaining that intention would be directed towards yielding a positive outcome as well.

3. Know Your Intentions by Heart

In Buddhism and Hinduism, meditation reflects what your heart desires. Before going to your meditation session, make sure to read your intention. It is like sending your intentions to yourself as a reminder that you need to be motivated and be focused on attaining it. It is also a way for us to send our intentions to the universe.

Chinese life balance or the yin and yang teaches us to attain our purest intentions with the right combination of love, dedication, passion, and hardwork. Meditation can help us achieve life balance and set positive intentions that gain positive results.

4. Be Open for Any Possibilities

The use of intentions in meditating is just a reminder for us to be focused on achieving our goals in life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will really happen, but you need to be open to possibilities that life may give you.

During the Session

The use of cannabis in the process of meditation helps in the temporary removal of blindfolds in order to fully focus and be yourself. In this phase, you need to connect with your body. Close your eyes so that you can fully feel how cannabis treats your body.

You will notice that your arms and shoulders will loosen up. Slowly move your shoulders and neck. Do this exercise until you explore the energy of your curiosity. Move your whole body to be more relaxed. As the tension increases, it means that the cannabis is now taking full effect.

After the Session

Having a journal or diary will help you jot all the experiences you had in your session. A successful session should give you a clearer vision of the things you’ve learned about consciousness, mindfulness, and happiness.

Yes, it’s possible to totally change your negative perspective about life by meditating. It’s like pausing a well-watched movie and thinking what the scriptwriter might have done better.

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Steps in Meditating While Using Cannabis

1. Search for a room that is free from disturbances. It should be clean and free from noise.

2. If you prefer sitting on the floor, use a cushion with whatever position that you are comfortable in. If you prefer using a chair, sit back straight with your feet flatly planted on the floor.

3. Place your cannabis close to you. Before taking in cannabis, inhale deeply and hold it for about two to three seconds. Next, you need to exhale deeply. This step should be done for at least 7 to 10 times until you totally feel relaxed.

4. Reach for your cannabis for your first toke.

5. Observe how cannabis enters your body and how it makes you feel. Expect to have changes in your breathing.

6. Just observe the high and how your body responds to it. If you feel more relaxed, you can take another dose. You may feel euphoric and relaxation but don’t fall asleep.

Good Cannabis Strains for Meditating

The cannabis property which is the CBD provides a calming effect on the brain so when cannabis and meditation is mix together it can have a positive, deeper impact on the positive effects of the brain that may help ease depression and anxiety disorders. It is better to choose strains that have high-level CBD to be partnered up with meditation. These are some of the helpful strains:

1. Head Band

This is a marijuana strain good for those who have extreme anxiety that has difficulty in focusing because of too much thinking and worrying about things that have happened. Having a mindful meditation s the target of this strain that will help you refocus your attention at the moment.

2. Northern Lights

This cannabis strain is great for meditation because it will help you feel relaxed and euphoric without sending you to sleep. It also helps in the relaxation of the muscles so that you Can hold your meditation pose. The main goal of this strain is to let you focus on the main acts of meditation which is taking a deep breath in inhaling and exhaling to achieve total relaxation.

3. Blue Dream

This is a hybrid strain that is ideal in balancing out the unpleasant mood that prevents you in getting in full tranquility and peace within. It has a potent bud that will put your mind and body at ease. This cannabis strain will still give you a clear-headed high that will make you follow the rules of your meditation guide.

You’ll never be in a state of blue with Blue Dream, but in a relaxing state, you surely need after a long week at work. It’s a good cannabis strain for in-depth meditation without knocking you down.

4. Green Crack

This strain will give you an increase in energy, focused and it boosts your imagination and mood. Green Crack enables you to have a creative visualization about your day-to-day activities, career-opportunity and it helps your new creative ideas.

5. White Widow

This strain will not only boost your creativity but it will give you an energetic head-high that will encourage you to connect with others and with nature. This strain will give you a long-lasting comfortable feeling while enjoying your meditation session.

6. Royal Cookies

Even though you only get a small dose, you will still have an enjoyable, relaxing experience in your meditation session. It uplifts the mind, body, and soul to achieve a feeling of inner peace.

7. Blue Mystic

Its blueberry aroma gives a relaxing vibe that will ease your stress. It can easily combat the physical discomfort during the session so that yo attention is focused only on how to achieve the well-being in a couple of hours.

Tips in Meditating With the Use of Cannabis

1. If you haven’t tried meditating before, practice meditating for a few weeks with a guidance instructor before adding cannabis into your system.

2. Choose a strain that provides the feeling of relaxation and happiness but will not give you the munchie feeling and thirstiness. 

3. Choose an Indica strain to be partnered up with meditation because these strains offer relaxation.

4. If you prefer smoking as your preferred method, take only a few hits and wait for the result into your body before hitting another batch of a hit.

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Advantages of Meditation While Using Cannabis

  • At times it is quite difficult to focus if you have racing thoughts into your mind while meditating. When you add cannabis into your routine then you can easily have a composed self to have focus and be yourself.
  • It clears your mind from all unhealthy thoughts.
  • It will help you have a clearer thought about life and how to appreciate little things.


Marijuana and meditation is just a natural combination because they have the same goal which is to provide relaxation, coping and healing. The use of cannabis in meditation is to make the experience quicker. Marijuana and meditation are not only good in improving mental health but it is also an aid for improving physical health.