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Making Your Way Into The Cannabis Industry: What Are Top 9 Cannabis Jobs

Do you have that innate love for marijuana Do you want to be part of a growing industry with a bright future ahead Experts say that the marijuana industry is barely scratching the surface.

There’s more to discover and more to offer. More and more states and countries are also realizing the goodness of medicinal marijuana and the impressive effects of recreational weed. Now is the best time to join and take that dream cannabis-related job you have always wanted to pursue. Here are the most popular as of the moment.

Production manager

What would a marijuana business be without a production manager A production manager oversees everything. He is the eyes and ears of the business owner. Employees must not take this too hard because as a manager is tasked to work closely with the business owner, he can better inform the manager about working conditions and air the employees’ side when it comes to paying.

If you want to work as a production manager, you must have excellent business management skills. You must also know how to work closely with employees and to be a loyal and efficient worker as well.

Depending on the type of cannabis-related business, a production manager makes sure that the operations are going smoothly and that all the employees are working comfortably as well.

He may also be involved with hiring employees and part-time workers. He is also responsible for processing orders, supplies and deals with customer complaints. Production managers also oversee the quality of the products and if quotas are met. He makes reports at the end of the day and submits these to the business owner in a timely and efficient manner.

Marijuana harvester

As a marijuana harvester, you’ll be getting your hands dirty and will be working long hours. BUT, you’ll be working very closely with the real deal. You need to be very patient and must really love weed to be a marijuana harvester.

During harvest season, business owners need eager and skillful hands to harvest weed. Commercial cannabis growing businesses look for part-time workers who can process buds and plants quickly. Harvest must be done fast or you might miss the best harvest time for your plants.

Marijuana harvesters are very important because, without them, harvesting can take many days. A harvester must have the skills and knowledge to harvest different parts of the cannabis plant especially the buds.

A harvester must be diligent, a hard worker, and must be able to follow simple instructions regarding the company’s harvesting policies.

He might work with his hands or operate harvesting or trimming equipment. He must be willing to learn how to operate simple equipment like weighing scales, labelers and tools made for harvesting. Workers are usually part-time employees but longer hours mean more pay. Sometimes harvesting has to be done really fast that long hours are expected but the pay is really sweet.

You’ll be working under the sun for outdoor gardens or inside growing areas.  Be prepared to be with people who love cannabis as much as you do too!

Website manager

Have you ever admired marijuana websites These online cannabis dispensaries are well-made, very efficient and come with everything you need to buy cannabis! Marijuana-related websites have evolved to very simple, discrete shopping sites to works of digital art. Every part of the website aims to please consumers! If you have the skill and knowledge now to make this kind of classy site then you must consider working as a website manager.

Just like any other business website, a marijuana-related site has a website manager behind it. Because most people get information online, a marijuana website has to be packed with information and the latest about cannabis.

A manager deals with website operations, management and updates with regard to content. He must be knowledgeable in software for creating a website and must know how to enhance the site’s score in search engines.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of online marijuana-related websites. A site has to stand out from the rest with updated and important content and only an experienced and talented website manager can do this.

A website manager also creates content for the website. This is about creating pages for the company, its products, FAQs and other important terms in using the site. Website managers also link the website to social media, blogs and other sites related to cannabis so that customers will find everything they need in just one site.

A manager makes sure that the content is relevant, new, fresh and engaging. He is also responsible for images, animation, and overall design. You can be a manager for a marijuana website and work at home. You can manage the site remotely and meet your clients through Skype. You may be asked to create a site or manage the site routinely.

The demand for well-trained, updated and talented website managers and developers is high and the pay depends on your expertise and the difficulty of the task or project. You call the shots here when it comes to rate and pricing.  

A store manager in a dispensary or seed bank

A store manager works in a dispensary. He manages the entire operation and thus he needs to have at least a degree in business management and must have experience with cannabis although this is not often required.

A manager is in charge of everything. From the procurement of supplies, ensuring that employees arrive on time and dealing with customer concerns, he never misses anything. He conducts group meetings in case a piece of important information has to be disseminated and one-on-one meetings with employees to evaluate their performance.

Store managers make sure that the company’s beliefs and ideals are strictly followed by the employees. He handles customer service and can pacify even the most irate customer. Since he manages an outlet, he has to work closely with other store managers as well.

He is closely involved in hiring new employees. He ensures that dispensary employees are competent, skilled and trained. He also oversees the payment of employees and commends workers that are hard-working, loyal and has good customer service skills.

If you want to become a store manager, you must possess skills and experience in working in any establishment as a manager. You must have impeccable people skills as you will not just deal with your employees but also customers.

A delivery person

Seed banks and dispensaries use a special courier to deliver their packages on time. For international or overseas deliveries, a worldwide shipping company is preferred. But for local deliveries, some companies resort to local delivery services. 

Depending on the rules regarding cannabis delivery in your state or country, a courier on foot or someone who can ride bikes or motorcycles are preferred. If you know the way in and around your city and you have a fast bike or motorcycle then you can work as delivery personnel.

Delivering packages is a very straightforward job and is a very important one. You must understand different cannabis laws especially shipment and buying weed and you are also very particular about safety on the road.

You must know how to deal with customers as well and about safety and package security when handling deliveries. Orders must arrive sealed, clean and on time to customers. Your pay may depend on the number of deliveries you make or an hourly rate. You might get tips from customers too.

A cannabis headgear retailer

Do you possess the charms of a model Why not try working as a poster boy of a new vaporizer, an improved kind of rolling paper or as an advocate voice of cannabis cultivation and use Usually, models and commercial actors are found by chance but there are auditions for these roles too.

Cannabis company owners now look for young, hip and cool people who can persuade more consumers to try out cannabis. If you possess these impressive skills then you could work as a retailer or a model.

An edible maker

Edibles are very popular these days and if you have the knowledge and skills to work in a kitchen or bakery then you can work as an edible maker. For this job, you must know how to operate basic kitchen equipment, usually, ovens, mixers, weighing scales and measuring tools are just the most common things used.

You must know how to measure ingredients and understand the importance of safety. Edible makers are very particular about flavor and taste, not just the effects that cannabis edibles have.

An edible maker may need to test recipes, gather data from customers and do extensive research on new flavors and tastes l. Product presentation is also one of the things that edible makers need to do. She has to ensure that the packaging is perfect to preserve the flavor and effects of cannabis.

A budtender

A budtender is the go-to person in case customers need more information about a certain strain or cannabis seed. He is the best source of updated information about using smoking paraphernalia, edibles, and growing cannabis.

Budtenders gain from years of experience. You may notice that budtenders are usually suave, with a smooth voice and has the charms to attract customers. He can give personal recommendations about a strain because he may have tried it before. He bases his recommendations on his experience and not from reading guides and manuals.

A budtender helps customers make the right choice depending on their personal needs. He may also prepare orders, payments and offer promos and discounts. A budtender may also represent the brand or the company in events, community programs as well as social media.

Security personnel for a dispensary or seed bank

As security personnel, you are here to protect customers and staff who are working in a dispensary or seed bank. Security personnel may also work in other aspects of marijuana production but we will focus on these for the meantime.

Security personnel is strict and enforces provincial, state or national rules when it comes to buying cannabis. If he is responsible for a dispensary, he ensures that every person that comes to purchase cannabis products and paraphernalia should be at least 18, 19 or 21 years of age, depending on the age of maturity in the state or country the shop is in.  He firmly asks for identification before any customer comes inside the establishment.

Just like any other security personnel for an establishment, he makes sure that firearms are not allowed and that order is strictly maintained. Security personnel reminds customers of the rules of the dispensary. There are all kinds of rules enforced like no consumption of cannabis products inside the establishment or no minors are allowed to loiter inside the dispensary.

Meanwhile, security personnel in growing operations have a different role. They make sure that the growing area is safe and secure. He is in charge of security of the interior and the perimeter of the growing area and also monitoring using video security cameras. He averts security breaches by conducting rounds in and around the area.

He makes sure that everyone who goes in and out is workers of the company. He asks for IDs to verify. He reports to the manager about any issues. There may be three or more security personnel who works in a shift. Night shifts are common in growing operations but hazard pay and night differentials are included. Training to become security personnel is done by an agency.

Where to find good cannabis-related jobs

You can find cannabis-related jobs online. Usually, these are advertised on social media as well. You can also visit your local dispensary or cannabis manufacturing company and ask for job openings.

Experts believe that cannabis growing, possession and use will be legalized all over the world and this will open new opportunities for consumers, patients, and workers. 

Another good idea is to start your venture. Why not start your own cannabis-based business As long as cannabis is legal in your area, you can start a small-scale business by making all kinds of cannabis products and even open jobs for people looking for a good place to work.