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Making an Indoor Grow Room

Probably, the safest place to cultivate your cannabis plants is indoors. Comparing to outdoors, growing cannabis indoors will ensure safety into your plants against judgments from nosy neighbors and lawful enforcers. That is why a lot of people prefer to grow indoors in order to prevent this thing from happening. Aside from that, you’ll be able to have more control over important parameters for growing like light, water, and temperature. Thus, you’ll get to ensure that plants will be growing healthily producing high bud quality and yields significantly.

But nonetheless, as you plan on growing indoors, you’ll get stuck with how you will set up the indoor grow room into your place. Unlike growing outdoors, it is a challenge to design and recreate your grow room in such a way that it will be suited for cannabis cultivation. In this article, we will give you tips and guidelines as to how you’ll grow your cannabis plants indoors.

Choosing the Location for your Indoor Grow Room

It is important to consider the length, width, and height of your cannabis space. Nevertheless, it is important that you’ll be installing grow room into the place where your plants will conveniently grow as needed. Thus, plants should be placed in a location with enough space, preventing crowding and as much as possible, easily accessible as to monitor the growth of your cannabis plants.The dimensions of the space you’ll be growing will mainly depend on the number of plants you’ll be cultivating.

Install Ventilation in the Grow Room

Cannabis plants should be grown into a secured place with enough ventilation for cannabis to grow. Nevertheless, a lot of cultivators install fans and humidifiers to control the airflow into cannabis spaces. Thus, it is important to inspect the humidity and the number of plants you’ll cultivate to note over how many fans that will be needed.

Temperature Regulation

Aside from ventilation, another thing that a grower should look on is the temperature. It is important that temperature conditions will be maintained as needed. That is why a lot of people install various temperature control equipment like coolers and thermometers to make sure that the plants will get just the sufficient amount of heat

Type of Grow Lights

cannabis plant grow lights

Indoor growing will never materialize without light installation. Nevertheless, it is essential to realize that your cannabis plants require light for it to produce buds. Generally, the type and number of grow lights matter accordingly to the number of plants you’ll also employ. Generally, the most common lights that are installed include HPS, LED and Fluorescent. If you wanted a full spectrum of lights handling different plant’s stages, then HPS and LED lights would be an intuitive idea as lights. However, fluorescent lamps are often employed to very small scale planting with very limited space.

Nutrients and pH

It is essential to supply your cannabis plants with sufficient nutrients for it to grow. Nevertheless, make sure that you’ve provided the N-P-K minerals at right proportions according to its stage. Aside from that, make sure to maintain the pH of the system. It should be close to neutrality as much as possible to indicate its well-being.

Safety and Risks

In deciding things, it is vital for you to consider also the safety and all the risks that you are going to face during the cannabis plant’s cultivation. Make sure that only a few people know that you are planting cannabis indoors. It is important to keep everything discreet as much as possible. As known, there are strict laws regarding cannabis cultivation. Nevertheless, you also need to understand the policies and observe the movements around the community. In such a way, you’ll be preventing risks of exposing with cannabis cultivation.

Planning for Grow Room Installation

cannabis plant seedlings

In general sense, everything lies into your own perspective. Nevertheless, there is no specific design or orientation that you have to use for the cannabis garden. Though, it is a necessity that you should always consider the light, temperature, and space itself whether it will be conducive for your plants.
But nonetheless, there are few types that you could employ in your areas. The most common types include the following:

Grow Tents

As the name tells you, this growing space is enclosed mostly with tents. Nonetheless, these tents are made from durable high-quality materials that resist pests and external environmental factors like moisture and heat.


These are inclusive house or room that is used for cultivating plants. Often made with various materials, such as glass and metals, this house is made to be used for bigger spaces with resisting capability to external conditions that could put the plants in danger.


An innovative cultivation technology that uses nutrient solutions as a growing medium for the plant to grow. Though a bit expensive, a lot of growers tend to use this cultivation method. It gives you more control to the number of nutrients and intake that the plant will get.

Grow Cabinet or Cupboard

Recycle your old cabinet or cupboard by turning it into a growing place. You could recreate by securing and putting some plants inside it. Though it poses a limitation, a lot of people uses this furniture as a growing area. Nevertheless, you could grow discreetly and privately with these materials.