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Look! A Mobile App That Helps You Find the Best Weed

Do you know that there are hundreds of marijuana strains out there waiting for you to enjoy So why are you wasting time buying low-quality weed from your local shop or dispensary when you can look for the best ones nearby And with your smartphone, we’ll show you how.

Why use an app to find good weed

Let’s face it. Everything and everyone’s connected through the World Wide Web. With the internet, you can buy anything you wish. From the most unique marijuana strains to the most popular local variety, you can get these when you buy online.

Aside from buying the best weed, you may also purchase smoking accessories, growing tools and all kinds of cannabis merchandise. You can order the latest LED lights or the most in-demand growing cabinet so you can grow stealthily at home. Everything is possible when you order online.

And now with more and more people using the web through their smartphones, it’s but natural to create apps that can help cannabis consumers purchase the best weed. These apps are downloadable, available for the latest smartphone models and may be used anywhere. With an app to find the best weed, you are just minutes away from enjoying the best stuff at home.


Here are some of the best mobile apps that you must have if you want to find good marijuana near you or from where you are currently located. You need these apps to help you find good dispensaries for medical marijuana.

We also have apps to find the best weed to grow at home and for cooking recipes that include marijuana. And who could forget cannabis-themed games Whether it’s all about growing marijuana virtually to games about cannabis buying, you can enjoy these as you feel the high using your mobile phone.

So without further ado, here are the top apps to help you find the best weed, and more:

The best mobile apps to find good cannabis

  • Best Buds

Easily find the best weed from the nearest dispensaries in your area with Best Buds. You can also get the latest deals, discounts,and offers from dispensaries regarding all kinds of products including accessories and growing gear.

Best Buds is your guide if you are new to a location or you just moved in and you want to look for a good weed shop. You can also find reviews of different dispensaries and products so it’s a guarantee you won’t make a mistake.

Why use Best Buds

  1. Get the best buds around
  2. Buy the latest accessories from the best shops
  3. Will help you search for the best weed if you are new to the area
  • Merry Jane

One of the weed media sites with a lot of juicy content is Merry Jane. This was created by none other than Snoop Dog himself and is available in iOS and Android.

There are a lot of things you can do with Merry Jane. First, you can find the nearest dispensary that carries the weed strain you want to consume. You won’t just find the dispensary on the map, it will even give you the latest deals, a sneak peek at the shop’s menu and customer reviews. Merry Jane even has a convenient product catalog where you can easily browse different products. Whether you are looking for flowers, cannabis edibles, topicals, oils, concentrates or accessories, you’ll find all these when you use Merry Jane.

Why Merry Jane gets a thumbs up

  1. It has a lot of weed-related content
  2. With a news section on culture and business
  3. With a health section for medical cannabis
  4. With a dispensary search feature
  5. Let’s you check reviews, menus and product catalog of a dispensary
  6. Let’s you browse according to the product you want to buy
  7. Easy to use, handy
  • Stone Road Rewards

Stone Road Rewards is a California-based company that provides rewards for its many products. This is perfect if you live in and around the Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco or Orange County areas and you want to receive points and rewards. Stone Road Rewards sells hand-rolled joints and oils made from only the best weed. You will also find concentrates perfect for medical use as well.

With the rewards you get from Stone Road Rewards, you will be able to save money on weed as well. This rewards app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android users.

Why Stone Road Rewards

  1. Save money on weed
  2. Get the best hand-rolled joints in California
  3. Buy the best concentrates and weed for a low price
  4. Easy to use
  • Tokr

Do you wish you can just find the strain you want from your local dispensary This is the common problem of most local shops: they have limited stocks and may not have the kind of weed you need. For this problem, enter Tokr.

Tokr lets you connect with local and international businesses that sell cannabis as well as other accessories to consume cannabis. You will be able to instantly find weed shops and seedbanks that sell the most affordable weed and accessories. Tokr is available for iOS and Android phones and is all for free.

Why choose Tokr

  1. Choose cannabis according to your lifestyle
  2. Helps you look for weed, products and even seeds
  3. Gets you the best deals for cannabis
  4. Directs you to nearby dispensaries

The best mobile apps to help with medical marijuana


  • Eaze MD

It’s important that you use only quality medical strains if you were prescribed with medical marijuana. One of the most efficient apps that you can use to help you find the ideal strain for your medical needs is Eaze MD. It will let you connect with licensed doctors and other medical professionals and even get to chat with them with video.

You may only need to complete a registration process and set up your account before using Eaze MD but after you’re done, you can immediately talk with a doctor and then order your medical cannabis. There is a nominal fee of $29 for consultation and $49 if you want a recommendation letter and ID card.

Why use Eaze MD

  1. You can video chat with a doctor
  2. Order your supply from the app
  3. Low rates on consultations
  4. No need to create an appointment
  5. See your doctor right away
  • Eaze

If there’s Eaze MD, there’s also Eaze. This is an app that will help you find everything related to cannabis and medical cannabis consumption. With Eaze, you won’t have to deal with long lines at the dispensary. And you can get the latest deals and discount offers on cannabis buds, oils, vapes, cartridges, drinks,and edibles.

What makes it easier to order from Eaze is that your medical cannabis and accessories will be delivered by a special dispensary driver. You don’t need to go out and waste time commuting and it’s perfect for people who are not up to commuting and driving to the dispensary as well.

Why use Eaze

  1. No need to go to a dispensary
  2. Get the latest deals and discounts
  3. From buds to edibles, from oils to sprays
  4. Orders delivered by a dispensary driver
  5. Payments are done online
  • Weedmaps

Weedmaps is simply the Google for stoners. All you need to do is to agree to Weedmaps accessing your camera and you are done. It is simple to use because all you need to do is to enter your address and Weedmaps will easily find the ideal dispensary or the type of strain.

Weedmaps comes with a complete guide for people looking for a certain cannabis strain. It even has special discounts to customers so you can save money each time you make a purchase.

Why use Weedmaps

  1. Let’s you find dispensaries easily
  2. Get information about a dispensary
  3. Provides photos and videos of the different strains
  4. Get good deals similar to Groupon
  • Stonr Medical Marijuana Diary

If you are using medical marijuana, you need to monitor your symptoms and the effects of your medication. Sometimes it’s too hard to do this especially when you are not feeling well. This is why Stonr Medical Marijuana was created.

This helpful app lets you chart your symptoms and monitor your improvements with medical cannabis. It is easy to use plus provides you with timely information about different medicinal strains. You may also share your views about medical cannabis and post it on social media.

Why use Stonr Medical Marijuana Diary

  1. You can monitor your progress with medical marijuana
  2. Much easier than writing down your symptoms and effects
  3. Let’s you monitor any side effects of cannabis
  4. Let’s you share your progress through social media
  • Potbot

A more detailed medical marijuana app is Potbot. This app provides clinical information coming from peer-reviewed research to educate users about the different effects, medical effects and side effects of weed.

It even provides you with information on where to find the best medical marijuana from your area so you can quickly reduce symptoms. You will get personalized medical treatment and recommendations on marijuana strains plus helps you with better consumption methods to get the most out of your medical marijuana dose. If you need a reliable medical marijuana app then Potbot is your choice.

Why use Potbot

  1. With more detailed information about medical cannabis
  2. Offers personalized medical help
  3. Provides information on where to find medical marijuana nearby
  4. Helps you monitor symptoms and side effects
  • Releaf

This is an app that will help you develop a medical treatment plan and fitness plan using medical cannabis. It will help you track your weed use and the ailments or conditions that you want to relieve. It lets you record the amount you use, the equipment you need and the shops or the medical cannabis dispensaries you order from.

If you are still new to using medical cannabis and you wish to track your use and symptoms then Releaf is your app.

Why use Releaf

  1. Tracks your condition and symptoms
  2. Helps you find medical treatment
  3. Records your daily activities
  4. Ideal for anyone new to taking medical cannabis
  • My Canary

One of the most practical apps to use is My Canary. This app will analyze how high you are and if you are fit to drive a car. This is an app designed and promoted by NORML, a cannabis activist group. Their aim is to help users stay safe when they drive by identifying their state of mental health before they even turn the ignition.

You will be answering a series of tests that were based on actual sobriety tests made by police authorities. Just examples of the tests that you can expect with My Canary include the ability to balance on one foot, estimating the life spans of people and animals and memorizing random numbers. Your results will be revealed by color: red for stoned, yellow for semi-sober and green for sober. My Canary won’t stop you from driving but will help you make the best decision and save you from accidents.

Why My Canary

  1. Stay safe after you get high
  2. Comes with helpful sobriety tests
  3. Ideal for drivers and even commuters

The best mobile apps to meet fellow consumer

  • 420 Friends

Do you have weed but don’t have anyone to share it Let 420 Friends help you find people who will be happy to share a smoke with you. 420 Friends is like Facebook for weed. It will send instant messages to people nearby who are also looking for joint buddies. And with this app, you will be able to meet people with the same interest as you.

Why choose 420 Friends

  1. Get in touch with people who have the same interest as you
  2. Use it Tinder-style
  3. Message anyone you see from the app
  • High There!

This is another app that lets you meet other people who love weed as much as you do. High There! will help you find other people in your area who would like to meet up and smoke. It works by initially telling the app your current mood, your energy levels and how you want to take your cannabis. Just like Tinder, you swap to the right to say Hi and the left if you want to say Bye!

High There! is free and you can cut all the hesitations of meeting people who enjoy cannabis. It is a good app to use in places, state or country has accepted and regulated because it will connect you with more and more people located nearby.

Why High There!

  1. Used Tinder-style
  2. Easy swipe left, swipe right feature
  3. Connects you with cannabis lovers everywhere
  4. Can work on PC and iOS                                              
  • Duby

This a social network made,especially for cannabis lovers. Duby will give you your own profile page and let you post photos, videos and everything there is to know about you and your love of weed.

The site also lets you connect with other people who can help you with cannabis consumption. You can connect with people and arrange for events related to weed from Duby’s seamless interface.

What makes Duby Better

  1. Connect with people who also adore cannabis
  2. Share your activities
  3. Send out private messages
  4. With swipe right and left functions
  • Massroots

Massroots is fast becoming one of the most popular social media sites for cannabis enthusiasts. It has been reported to have more than a million active users. As a social app, it lets you know who’s who nearby who shares your love for weed. It also helps you strengthen your connections so you can create groups to find the best weed, accessories,and headgear.

Massroots is also your go-to app for the latest news about cannabis in your local area as well as weed news on an international level. This app also lets you share photos, videos and your own news and opinion about cannabis.

Why Massroots rocks

  1. Social media site for anything cannabis
  2. You can share photos, videos,and news
  3. With the latest marijuana news
  4. Easy to use and access
  5. Let’s you create groups for anything cannabis-related
  • MJ

One of the most streamlined apps made for cannabis is MJ. It offers impressive content about cannabis including news, reviews,and information. You will get current updates about cultural, legal and political news and stories about cannabis both locally and internationally. MJ is where cannabis users come and share their unique experiences with weed. If you want to share yours, you can download MJ for free whether you’re using an Android phone or iOS.

Why MJ

  1. Free to use
  2. Get the latest news and information about cannabis
  3. Works similarly to Twitter
  4. Easy to use anywhere

The best mobile apps to get more information about weed

  • Weed Scale 4.20

The Weed Scale 4.20 was made to help users weigh their supply. It will make sure that you are not being cheated on by your supplier too. This handy scale uses your Android and is currently still under development.

It will work for a range from 1 to 5 grams. So if you are weighing more weed, try a large traditional scale instead. But despite its limitations, Weed Scale 4.20 is handy and can still be used to weigh other small stuff. This weed scale is available only for Android phones.

Why Weed Scale 4.20

  1. Get a handy scale to weigh weed anywhere
  2. Use the scale to weigh all kinds of light stuff
  3. You can weight very small objects
  • The Stoner’s Handbook

Another classic reference guide to help you get to know about your favorite strain. You will also get the latest information on how to use different kinds of strain for medical conditions, get the best out of recreational strains and even how to grow weed.

The Stoner’s Handbook is very easy to use and is available for free. You can download it whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone.

Why The Stoner’s Handbook

  1. Easy to use a guide book
  2. Let’s you understand different strains
  3. Get easy reference on medical cannabis

The best mobile apps about growing weed at home

  • Grow Buddy

Now you can use the Grow Buddy virtual growing assistant, an app that will accompany software installed in a desktop or tablet. With the app, you can record data about your plant’s feedings throughout the day.

The Grow Buddy tracks the growth of your plants and creates a guide based on the different strains. With this app, you will learn how to control light, water and nutrients for every stage of your plants’ development. And best of all, you don’t need to worry about safety when using Grow Buddy because it is an anonymous app and its content are also encrypted. This cannabis growing app is for free and you can get it whether you’re using an Android phone or iOS.

Why use Grow Buddy

  1. Let’s you monitor your plants
  2. Gives you a guide on how to properly care for cannabis
  3. Partners with more powerful software and equipment
  4. Records data about your growing activities
  • WeGrow

This app is from a Colorado-based company that employs chatbots to help users grow their own crops at home. The app connects users to different experienced breeders and growers to help them get answers for their growing questions.

Meet Elle, WeGrow’s personal GrowBot. She will interact with you so she can answer questions about growing. You can ask Elle about the correct temperature, the proper nutrients or any good growing equipment recommendations. With Elle, you can have your own personal growing assistant at home.

WeGrow has more than 8,000 downloads and has a database of more than 20K conversations with growers. WeGrow is quite similar to GrowBuddy but the later lets you use a journal where you can track your plants’ progress every day.

Why WeGrow for growing cannabis

  1. With a personalized growbot
  2. Let’s you connect with growers and breeders
  3. Easy to use and install
  • SimLeaf

Remember Tamagotchi from the 90s SimLeaf has the same rules and platform in which you need to take care of your virtual plants so that it will bloom and will provide you with a good yield. This is a good app for first time cannabis growers because it can also be used as a learning tool.

SimLeaf lets you choose the type of strain to grow the type and intensity of the grow light for your plants and the right pH to grow them. Just like Tamagotchi, you will be in charge of everything and if you do well, you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.

Aside from growing weed, the SimLeaf has more features and when you have completed several tasks, extra strains, new growing equipment,and techniques will be unlocked.

Why SimLeaf is better

  1. This is not a game but a training video
  2. With lots of growing information for each strain
  3. With locked features
  4. Easy to understand
  • Grow Tronix

Grow Tronix is a special app that is only accessible from the developer. You must contact the game developer to have this installed in your smartphone. It is more than just a game but can also be used as an automatic system for your growing area or space. Think of a LEGO robotic system that will help you grow your plants. So for the techy grower, the standard Grow Tronix package may be worth it.

The standard package consists of controllers, the network interface, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, software or apps. And although there’s a lot of work setting up the Grow Tronix, users report that it’s really worth the effort. If you are interested in building the Grow Tronix system, contact the developer for orders.

Why Grow Tronix tops

  1. It’s a build station
  2. Can be used on your own growing area
  3. Let’s you harness your skills
  4. Made up of components and parts

The best mobile app for cooking weed recipes

  • The Stoner’s Cookbook

For anyone who wants to cook with cannabis, this app is for you. It gives you hundreds of weed recipes so you can incorporate weed with your daily meals and it’s perfect for people who use medical cannabis. It gives you correct dosing information, how to make cannabutter , canna oil, and so many delicious recipes.

Want to cook using weed but don’t have the ingredients Aside from providing you with a complete ingredients list, it will also give you a few hints on where to find the best weed. You can also get tips on how to preserve weed in case you want to save some for later.

And aside from recipes, The Stoner’s Cookbook also has a new feature where you can read about the latest news on cannabis legalization, politics, reform, health, industry,and technology.

Why The Stoner’s Cookbook is the best

  1. Hundreds of recipes
  2. With dosing information
  3. With information about how to preserve weed
  4. Handy to use no matter where you are
  • Weed Cookbook

Get the Weed Cookbook if you need delicious weed recipes on the go. You won’t find the average space cake recipe in Weed Cookbook. You’ll get recipes that will surely wow your guests like detailed step by step information about making meals, drinks, sweets,and snacks. This app will help you cook with cannabis confidently and help people who need to dose up on medical marijuana.

This is not a free app but you can always download the Cannabis Cookbook Lite if you want a free version. And if you have your own marijuana recipe then you can submit this using this app and have it featured. You’ll be helping fellow canna cooks enjoy cannabis more and more.

Why Weed Cookbook is for you

  1. Cook beyond brownies and other traditional cannabis edibles
  2. Cook entire meals with cannabis
  3. With recipes for drinks, snacks, meals,and sweets
  4. Can help you with dosing with edibles
  5. Comes with instant recipes for butter, oils,and tinctures
  6. You can even submit your own recipe
  7. Easy to use

The best mobile app for playing marijuana-themed games and apps for fun


  • Weed Replanted: Replanted

The concept is similar to FarmVille, Farmerama and Farm Story where you grow plants for profit. Weed Firm: Replanted will require you to grow weed. You will play the part of Ted Growing, a botany student who has inherited a marijuana farm. Like Ted, you will be planting new cannabis strains and getting orders from customers.

As the owner of the farm, you also need to defend the area from bad people, corrupt police officers,and even aliens. This crazy yet fun game is a good way to pass the time as you wait for your high to subside.

Why play Weed Firm: Replanted

  1. Very easy to play
  2. Controls are very easy to understand
  3. Can be played on any mobile platform
  • Hemp Inc.

One of the most active promoters of cannabis use is Hemp Inc. and what better to promote weed than a weed game The concept of Hemp Inc. is similar to Farmville where you virtually grow different plants.

Hemp Inc. lets you keep a virtual garden that you can tend until harvest time. But it is not so tedious and demanding like Farmville though. You are more likely to have fun rather than consider it a very tiring game.

With Hemp Inc., you will even be able to meet a number of celebrities who actively promote cannabis use and legalization. Among them are Jimi Hendrix, B-Real from Cypress Hill, Tom Chong,and Snoop Dog. You will get to interact with these celebrities and even get to sell weed to them too. Everything you need to manage a cannabis growing empire is in this game.

You may also enhance the game with a set of lifestyle and activity levels such as outdoors, food, culture and more.

Why Hemp Inc. should be your choice

  1. Meet celebrities who promote weed
  2. Learn about cannabis growing business
  3. Play without the stress
  4. Can be played anywhere
  5. Available in iOS and Android
  • Snoop Lion’s Snoopify

Snoop Lion or Snoop Dog is one of the most popular marijuana celebrities and in most of his television, online and movie appearances, he goes out of his way to promote cannabis and to legalize weed.

Snoop Lion’s Snoopify is a camera app that will let you take photos and apply different stickers to your photo. Stickers are all cannabis-related so you can easily say what you mean. And if you are done glamming up your photo, you can upload this on Facebook or Twitter, depending on your preference.

Why you should choose Snoopify

  1. Use a wide variety of weed-themed glasses
  2. Let’s you edit photos from anywhere
  3. Easy upload to social media
  4. Promotes the legalization of weed
  • Weed Joint Battery Widget

The Weed Joint Battery Widget is a fun way to represent the remaining amount of juice your battery has. This is available only on Android phones. Instead of the usual boring battery meter, you’ll get a lit stick of joint which gradually shortens as your battery’s life shortens as well. And not only is this amusing, but it will also help you be cautious about using your phone especially if you are outdoors and you don’t have enough battery power.

The Weed Joint Battery Widget is available for free.

Why use the Weed Joint Battery Widget

  1. Handy and creative way to show battery power left
  2. Easy to download and install
  3. A fun way to monitor battery power
  • 420 Clock

Do you celebrate 4:20 daily with smoke If you do then you need the 420 Clock app. This is an app that will tell you where it’s currently 420 so you can have your 420 smoke. Don’t worry if you miss the 4:20 in your area, there’s somewhere in the world where it is.

Why 420 Clock is your app

  1. It’s a fun way to celebrate weed use
  2. Let’s you be on the lookout for 420 deals and events
  3. Let’s organize fun activities to celebrate
  • Ultimate Weed Trivia

Ultimate Weed Trivia is not just a trivia question and answer game but it also educates users about marijuana use. The app lets you play with other people and the questions asked here are all about weed like pop-culture references, weed use, the science behind weed and so many more.

Once you’ve taken the hand of using this game, you can test your friends and challenge them to beat your highest score. You’ll have fun and still learn about weed with Ultimate Weed Trivia.

Why play Ultimate Weed Trivia

  1. Play and beat other player’s score
  2. Have fun and learn
  3. Let’s you play with other people online
  4. Learn about the science behind weed
  5. Easy to use

The best mobile apps to order food

  • Caviar

Caviar is the most popular food ordering app and is now available in more than 21 major cities around the world. This app has the latest menus of different restaurants in the area and will deliver your food quickly as well. You may also use Caviar to order food for pickup.

Just create an account and share your location with Caviar.

Why use Caviar

  1. This is available in many cities
  2. You can find restaurants using keywords like healthy, free delivery, chicken, pizza or trending dishes.
  3. For fancier restaurant picks
  • DoorDash

DoorDash is available in thousands of cities in the US and Canada. It has more than 110,000 restaurant menus and it is easy to register. You can also choose from their wide selection of featured eats, free delivery restaurants, try me free options and more.

The restaurant page has a swipeable carousel-type feature with vivid photos to help you decide. There are no minimum orders and can even delivery pricey food.

Why many trust DoorDash

  1. Has a large number of partner restaurants
  2. Easy to use
  3. Let’s you pay using Apple Pay, credit card and more
  4. No minimum orders
  • UberEats

If you have used Uber for a taxi then you’ll love UberEats. It serves all major cities around the planet and will help you when you crave for any type of food even food from grocery stores. Just sign up using your Uber account and then you’ll see the participating stores and restaurants.

Because Uber tracks your location, you can immediately order from any fast-food, café or restaurant in your area. You can also order a pick up if you can still walk! You can narrow your search according to ethnicity, dietary restrictions, type of food and more. The images from this app are also very tempting and these help you make your decision fast.

Why UberEats for the munchies

  1. Is a partner with more shops and restaurants in major cities
  2. Can even deliver groceries
  3. Use your existing Uber account
  4. Can choose using different categories
  5. Fast delivery
  6. With yummy food photos to help you choose
  • Seamless

Once the munchies start, you can never turn back. Seamless will help you find the food you crave for and deliver it to your doorstep. What makes Seamless better is that you can order from any restaurant, café or grocery and it will take care of everything. The service is fast too and won’t even take you half an hour to get your orders delivered.

Seamless is growing. It was merely a simple food delivery service before but now it’s the most popular food service in most cities.

Why use Seamless

  1. Deliveries are fast
  2. Easy setup and registration
  3. Can deliver from any store, restaurant or café
  4. Company still expanding