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Comprehensive Guide To Make Live Rosin

live rosin

Live Rosin is among the most aromatic and hottest extracts on the market. It is no doubt that the solventless extraction was taken by storm. Created from hash, flower, and kief, it endures a solvent-free extraction procedure only using pressure and heat to extrude the active compounds of the plant and create a refined product fully prepared for usage. In this article, we will discuss the things that you need to know about live rosin.

What is Live Rosin

It is known as an extraction method of creating a shattering concentrate. The procedure utilizes a mixture with only 2 things: pressure and heat, making it a concentrate you could also produce at home. Live rosin is quite flexible, though. This can be made with a kief, extra hash, and flower that you’d like to use. Unlike most other concentrates, this is solvent-free. Concentrates like wax and shatter are extracted with the use of solvents like propane, alcohol or butane. Sometimes when the residual solvent is left over during the final product, altering the taste, aroma, and quality of your concentrate. With this, you don’t need to have to worry about the residual solvents affecting your high or healthy condition.

The History of Live Rosin

The history of live rosin has been streamlined for hundreds and thousands of years now. It started with the activation of the hash. Hash is a compacted type of sticky resin typically found mostly on buds of the marijuana plant. Original hash-making t methods involved the rubbing of plant material between the two hands to split the sticky resin by friction. Today, hash-derived rosin includes a fusion between the introduction of a new extraction technique and the concentrate. Live resin methods have been around since 2011. They depended on simplistic and hazardous open-blasting methods to launch flame-retardant solvents into the air.

Afterward, the method was streamlined with the use of closed-loop systems that also encompass and reuse solvents within the equipment. In 2015, it became famous when the Phil “Soilgrown” Salazar, a California grower, discovered it accidentally. Salazar would use a hair straightener to press his hash into thin strips. One day, he exerted far too much pressure and found that the oil was starting to leak out of the hash. Live Rosin integrates these latest technologies with a solvent-free and full of flavor product that we know of today.

How to Make Live Rosin

Live Rosin is made with the use of industrial rosin press that uses sufficient heat and force to remove the resin from the hash. Prior to actually putting pressure straight to the frozen hashish, the processors should convert their frozen buds to an ice wax. The pressing of live flower buds could also bring the extra water weight to a boil and destroy the product. Its production companies put their frozen buds on the inside of a set of 5 or more micrometers bubble filters.

They are placed in a big container like a plastic garbage can. Micron filter bags were also organized in extremely tiny micron sizes to ensure utmost hash segregation. Its producers put the water and ice and stir the buds to replace the frozen trichomes. The resin drops back to the bottom of every bag. After the aggression procedure, the live rosin producers would end up with a good set of resins that has to be freeze-dried before even being pressed. The resin is put in a small micro bag and slowly pressed at high temperatures reaching up to 210º F. The final outcome is among the best marijuana concentrates on the market.

How to Properly Store a Live Rosin

Just like any other marijuana products, live rosin must be stored in a dark, airtight, cool, and dry space. Usually, you would like to store it in a cloudy container to secure and protect its terpenes and cannabinoids from light and heat exposure. Live Rosin is the new paradigm of solvent-free marijuana extracts. In a world wherein users are looking for healthier and more flavorful alternative solutions to solvent-based marijuana concentrate, it satisfies the requirements of newbie and skilled users.

What does the live resin look like

Live Rosin is normally light, cloudy golden color. Its colors range depending on the strain, the extraction batch, and the method. This comes in a variety of colors, from creamy to bright yellow. Its strong consistency differs between a buttery crumb and a sappy butter. With a dabber, it is easy to break apart.

How to Consume Live Rosin

Live rosin can all be consumed just like every other marijuana concentrate, though other methods of delivery are better than the others. below are the following on how you can enjoy it:


Smoking live rosin could also give you the high added value you have been searching for if combined with your beloved dry herb strain. Sadly, burning the extract with the direct and high heat of the lighter could also destroy a lot of the flavorful and aromatic terpenes of the extract.


Dabbing is among the best ways to gain the flavor and psychoactive effects of your live rosin extract. Using a dab rig, a dabber, rosin, and a blow torch you can light up your nail, put your dab inside, and inhale just like you would from either a bong or water pipe. Begin by heating your dab rig with your e-nail or blow torch to the optimal level. Low temp around 500 to 600º F are best suited to keep the fresh taste of the product.


Vaping is also another fun way to experience live rosin, it is just like dabbing in that you will be heating and inhaling active compounds. but vaping could be used with a reusable steam cartridge, an e-nectar collector, and a steam pen which does not need the rosin to also be loaded into the heating chamber.

Final Thoughts

Live rosin is a solvent-free hash oil created from a full melt bubble hash produced from freshly frozen components. For the longest time, full-melt extracts are among some of the most sought-after, high-quality non-solvent marijuana concentrates in the market. It is taking things a step by further ensuring the use of freshly frozen components. Most of the live rose we have come across was a bright yellow to white in shade. Whenever we assume marijuana concentrates cannot get any stronger craftsman hash producers to find ways to prove us wrong.