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What is “Kush” term in the World Of Cannabis?


Kush is one of the most familiar terms in the world of cannabis. So, if you are one of those marijuana enthusiasts, this word is no longer an out-of-the-world name. One way or another, Kush is something that you have heard or tastes before. To be more particular, it is also something that most dispensaries know about. One that is popular and almost always accessible.

Yet, have you ever wondered what this means Is it just a usual cannabis strain or some neologism for greatness and strength Well, to shed some light, it can be a strain or a slang term. However, the word “kush” has been used throughout the world of cannabis with various meanings.

In this article, we will make this word much clearer for you. We will talk about what Kush means, its origination, and the entirety of it. Before we even go to the difficult part, let us have an understanding of what kush is.
The definition of Kush
To have a better understanding of what kush is, there are two things we need to put in mind. The definition of kush is categorized into two things. The first pointer is kush being a strain and the second one is kush being a characterization.

Kush Being a Strain

If you noticed, there are a lot of strains that include kush as their second name. Why is this Being categorized as a strain, kush has been known as a marijuana strain when it visibly exists in the lands and mountains of Hindu Kush. The main reason this cannabis strain is called kush itself is due to the designation of its origination.

Hindu Kush mountains are definitively located in the crosses and borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also one of the most renowned mountains described as the core of ethical and social importance which includes religions and cultures. Yet, not only that it is a well-known mountain for religions and cultures but it is also by far classified important due to its role in the drug prohibition in the late ’70s leading a global campaign, especially in the United States as it continuously penetrates American’s desire onto it.

Kush Being a Characterization

Not only that kush is a well-known cannabis strain, but this word also talks about characterization. Kush being a characterization speaks about its history of penetration throughout the world. This has come into existence initially when various strains are brought-hidden in the United States.

Some cannabis aficionados use the word kush to talk about a cannabis touch, aroma, and even its looks. In classifying the features and the being of marijuana, we typically rely on a few ways. Sometimes, cannabis users classify marijuana due to their impression or potency. And sometimes, cannabis is being classified due to its type may it be an indica or a sativa one. Moreover, marijuana users also classify cannabis due to its features may it be a haze, purple cannabis, or kush marijuana, which has been generated from its traditional perception.
Kush is a strain and or, characterization
We can, therefore, conclude that the definition of kush relies upon it being a cannabis strain or being a characterization.

Diving Deeper

Learning more about Kush as a strain

Kush strains may not be the same but they share something in common. This is especially true when we are talking about kush plants that have existed with breeding and backcrossing. What are these features

The feature that they share in common is their vigorousness. Why is that As kush strains originated from the mountains of Hindu Kush, the genetic resistance of kush cannabis is even more strengthened by the fact that they face fluctuating weather and temperature from where they originated. With that, they can easily cope up with stress and can even survive even in an unlikely environment making them a perfect strain for breeding and backcrossing.

In understanding their similarities, let us dig deeper into kush characteristics. This information would be able to help us easily understand kush as a strain.

The characteristics of kush strains

As mentioned above, every kush cannabis strain shares some similarities and differences. Yet, there are still notable characteristics that will be able to help us identify kush strains. What are they They are effects, smell, flavor, and appearance.


Most of the kush strains have very massive and relaxing effects. Yet, this identification is fairly not limited as their effects can still vary based on their crosses. However, kush strains are more popular not only as a recreational but also a medicinal strain for varieties of health conditions especially insomnia.


Most of the kush strains share the same pungent aroma. Yet, kush strains are also identified due to their earthy, herbal, sweet, and spicy smell.


Most of the kush strains have soft flavor such as earthy, fruity, and floral ones.


Most of the kush strains have green and purple colors. Yet, this can still vary due to their crosses. But most of the time their pistils come with purple, orange, and even lame red.

Learning More About Kush as a Characterization

Though it may be simple and easy to hear kush as a term that describes the character, it is such a difficult task especially when we are talking about hundreds of varieties of strains. Being kush as very popular and broad stuff that has penetrated throughout the United States and Canada, there may be a lot of meanings it encompasses.

Others talk about kush when they are speaking about pungency. And others talk about it when they are speaking about potency. Moreover, some talk about kush due to their sweet taste and mellowness.

As clearly stated above, kush as characterization goes about the potency, flavor, aroma, and even appearance.

Kush is a broad term to discuss. Yet, if you are willing to learn about it, it is such an easier task for you to understand it. In this article, we were able to understand the real definition of kush easily. Kush is not only a cannabis strain but it is also a characterization.