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Comprehensive Guide How To Make A Kief


When it comes to marijuana consumption, sometimes Kief is considered the gold standard. Containing several of the purest and highest concentrations of the finest parts of the marijuana, kief can put an additional kick to joints, bong hits, and drinks. Being healthier and cost-effective than smoking, it is also surely something you’ll have to learn about and this article would help you with that.

What is Kief

Kief appears to be the sticky, sugary-looking coating of mature cannabis flowers. The whole new picture arises close up, particularly underneath a microscope or magnifying glass. Cannabis flowers are coated by small mushroom-shaped material called trichomes. Kief specifically refers to the tips of such mushroom-shaped or trichomes, the resin gland actually contains the highest and purents concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, like CBD and THC, which are essential to the experience of weeds.

Benefits of Kief

There are so many benefits to the consumption of kief. For one thing, because of its purity and potency, it lessens any need to inhale scorched plant material into the lungs. Like any other kind of smoking, this process can be bad for health, particularly over time. Consuming concentrated products enables you to much more concisely segregate cannabinoids without inhaling the rest of the burning plant material as well. But because of its potency, you could also consume very little product all in order to attain the intended outcome.

Different Ways to Extract Kief

Kief could be expensive enough to buy from a supplier. Luckily, there’re many easy methods to remove it from weed flowers, most of these requiring very less equipment or experience, whereas others are suitable for even more industrial output. As mentioned above, kief generated from these techniques may vary in color from dark amber to white. The color may modify during the extraction method; in some instances, the beginning phase of extraction produces a purer item. Therefore, it is suggested that extraction be carried out in stages so that when the purest concentrate will not become sullied with such a product containing larger quantities of plant matter.
Below are the following extraction methods to try out.


This technique is so very simple, you have probably already extracted kief without really realizing it. Many standard hand-held grinders come in three compartments that normally filter marijuana as you grind a bud for joints or even other reasons. By the moment the plant matter achieves the bottom compartment, everything which remains is pure crystals.

Dry Ice

Whenever you lower the oil temp, it will become brittle. That’s the principle in play when it comes to the extraction of dry ice jaws. In the method, the resin glands at the edge of the trichomes are subjected to cold temp and easily removed from the plant material. Place unground and dried cannabis plants inside a container or some kind of a can along with some pieces of dried ice. Then place a sieve with only a 160-micron fabric over the top of the jar and turn the whole thing inverted. Shaking the jar is starting to break the trichomes.

The first few shakes would then enable just the resinous glands to carry through, which would be the best quality kief you could get. Corresponding shakes would also lead to far more plant material crossing through the sieve, which also decreases the total grade and still produces a high concentrated result. The dry ice technique is outstanding for a significant number of buds as well as being a pretty fast method.

Dry Sift

Dry sifting is an excellent way to extract trichomes from higher quantities of plant matter but does not need a boatload of equipment, though it may be a bit labor-intensive. Dry marijuana is rubbed across all these surfaces with the use of mesh screens ranging from 80-270 microns broad, so the trichomes are segregated and would fall through the mesh. This method is most effective in cooler environments, like the basement. Warmer temps end up making the resin too sticky to carry thru the filtration system.

How To Store a Kief

You can use a clean, well-sealed glass container and keep it in a cool and dark place. Make sure that the keif is exposed to as little light and heat as necessary since these things would also breakdown power over time. Kief could also keep this as long as it can be properly stored for such a fairly long time.

Is it Dangerous

Kief isn’t as dangerous as you think. Nevertheless, as being a concentrated item, just that little goes a very long way, and so it’s smart to start with small amounts. Like all drugs, moderation is key to consumption in a safe and responsible manner. It’s also necessary to learn as well as understand the boundaries of marijuana use in particular. Bear in mind that each individual reacts in a different manner, depending on criteria like body weight and metabolism.


Kiev is the best when it comes to pure cannabinoid tranquility. Be it smoking or being blown to the moon with plenty of truly absurd dishes, there’s so many methods to enjoy the benefits of this product. And also being fairly easy to create, even for novices, it isn’t surprising why kief is so popular.