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Kief: Complete Definition and Smoking Guide

Kief pertains to the bulbous formation of crystals that you will see at the end of the gland. This particular substance is only a part of the so-called trichomes. Did you know that many love kief In this post, you will learn how to collect and smoke kief.

Cannabis Kief Defined

As said before, kief is the crystal formation that exists on the bulbous ending of resinous trichomes that provide that frosted look to cannabis. The ending of trichomes contains more THC, so it’s more potent and delicious than the rest. 

For cannabis, the trichomes play as their protestors against the plant-eating herbivores. The perplexing psychedelic effect experienced by the herbivores that have eaten any portion of a plant covered in the resinous substances that can effectively deter animals, saving the whole plant for human consumption.

Advantages of Kief

Cannabis connoisseurs often enjoy kief as it contains more terpenes and cannabinoids, especially THC. Hence, it can get you intensely high, and the feeling will last longer than what you feel if you smoked cannabis flowers. 

The potency and concentration of kief differ from one cannabis strain to another; it is usually more than 50% THC. Obviously, it is twice the amount of THC contained by the flowers of potent marijuana strains. 

Kief is pretty interesting to use if you’re after getting more of the cannabinoids like CBG, CBD, and THC. With this, you can just throw away the plant material that may cause a harsh, unpleasant smoking experience.

On top of that, collecting and using kief is so easy and convenient. Here, you don’t need any costly extraction tools like the ones you use in collecting other concentrates. You may consume kief in different ways. One of these is by using a vape pen. Another is adding the substance to pies, brownies, ice cream, or any other edibles that spare you from the dangers of combustion and the harmful toxins this process can produce. 

Extracting and Collecting Kief from Marijuana

The easiest way of extracting and collecting kief from cannabis is by using the 3-chambered herb grinder. Don’t use a 2-chambered grinder as it fails to collect kief. Instead, the substance simply falls off and stays in the grinder. 

In the case of larger amounts of kief, you can also use ordinary screening materials as an alternative. You can make a DIY makeshift sifter to save cash. Layered screens mounted on the top of the other will be a great and cheaper way to filter, extract, and collect kief from cannabis.

Always remember that kief can range in sizes between 75 and 125 microns. Therefore, the amount of lines or wires per inch on the sifter is important to ensure you’ll get the best possible results. 

The bigger the screen is, the smaller the number of lines per inch. Got for a sifter equipped with a mesh that ranges between 80-270 lines per inch. If you feel you can’t do the job and just want to buy kief at the nearest dispensary, you can determine the product quality through its color. 

The lighter the color is, the purer the substance. When the kief is greenish, it means it has a large amount of crushed plant material. In short, the substance is not as pure as it should be. Off-white kief is purer and a much better option.

How to Smoke Kief

Smoking is the best way to consume kief if you’re after its intense effect. It is more pungent compared to cannabis buds, so pay attention to the dose and limit to just what you can handle. You may either pack a bowl or just roll a joint. Unlike the buds, kief burns faster and stays burning until you consume it all. This means kief will still burn up even when you get distracted. Here are the ingredients and steps:


  • Marijuana buds
  • Multi-chamber grinder that has a kief collector
  • Anything you like when smoking weed (bong, spoon pipe, spliff, joint, blunt, and so on)


#1. Grind the Cannabis

Get the grinder and start making a stock of kief. Just grind the plant material, and when you’re done, check the grinder’s kief collector. Once you have enough to use, you can start burning and smoking. 

#2. Collect the Kief Stuck in the Grinder

Before you do anything else, place the grinder inside the fridge for a couple of hours or so. The leftover kief will freeze that can make it brittle and quicker to scrape off the grinder. Take the grinder out of the fridge and unscrew the cover of the kief collector. With a tiny tool for scraping (commonly included in most grinders), collect the kief and form a small pile. Be extra careful when scraping the kief to avoid spilling anything. 

Tip your grinder and put the stockpile of kief to a clean tiny storage container. After you have collected a bulk of kief, it is time to scrape off the stubborn leftover kief. In doing this, you will need something like a toothbrush, paintbrush, or a tiny pipe cleaner. Brush or scrape the surfaces with extra care. Run the brush or scraper on the edges and base of the collector, sift screen, grinder’s main chamber, and the grinding teeth. Add all the remaining kief you have scraped off the container.

#3. Add the Collected Kief to Your Usual Smoking Preference

Smoking kief is pretty straightforward. Just add it to whatever you often use when you smoke pot. When you smoke a bong or spoon pipe, add kief to those cannabis buds you put in the bowl. Feel free to do it in layers. You may also pack the bowl with buds and sprinkle some kief as toppings. If you choose to smoke spliffs, blunts, or joints, just add some kief to the buds before you roll them up. This will make the blunt or bong more pungent and intense. 


Adding kief to your favorite cannabis strains is a good way to take your typical smoking routine into the next level. If you’re looking to spice up your favorite smoke, this could be the right trick for you.