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Raw Cannabis Juice: Benefits & How Does it Work?

juicing raw cannabis

Whether it comes to enjoying your preferred recipe for vitamins and minerals laden cold-pressed juice or your favorite type of simply blend and dig ina green smoothie, the health-enhancing world of juicing will never be the same again. And you know why Because nowadays, we are also starting to discover the amazing benefits, and nonetheless, the ultimate delight, of juicing raw cannabis.

It is no secret that the array of essential nutrients found in raw herbs, veggies, and fruits are best preserved when we avoid exposing these delicate compounds to heat and/or any methods of cooking employing high temperatures. And so, when consumed in raw form, the valuable active compounds abundant in fruits, herbs, and vegetables, including but not limited to cannabis, can provide us with the full blend of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to help our bodies glow from within. Thus, we can boost the immune system and reduce the chances of having to deal with a nasty disease.

Similarly to juicing other edible plants, one can also juice raw cannabis, including not only the cannabis flowers (aka the cannabis buds) but also marijuana leaves and/or seeds. Fresh cannabis juice offers a fantastic myriad of health benefits without experiencing the psychoactive effects of pot. That’s because raw, unheated cannabis is high in the raw, acidic forms of the active cannabinoids, and these acidic forms are non-psychoactive. Of course, for those who want to get the best of both worlds, indulging in a cup of freshly juiced cannabis from raw parts of the cannabis plant can be combined with decarbed weed, so that one does get to experience the high but also does get to make the most from juicing raw cannabis.

Is Raw Cannabis Juice Healthy for You

To start with, juicing raw cannabis does not lead to experiencing the sense of high, or in other words, the psychoactive properties of marijuana, because of the raw, unheated versions of CBD and THC being non-psychoactive. The unheated version of THC is THCa, while CBDa is the unheated, raw version of CBD.

It is important to note that when dried and cured, the raw forms of CBD, THC, and other active cannabinoids, cannot be preserved because these acidic forms of active cannabinoids are very, very sensitive to temperature and oxidation.

The thing is, most people, even those who do not consume cannabis on a regular basis or like ever, have heard of CBD and THC. In fact, many of us are quite well-aware of the basics of these most famous active cannabis compounds. However, way too many people are still unaware that in order for one to enjoy either THC or CBD, these must first be subjected to a process called decarboxylation.

Decarboxylation is how THCa gets activated by heat, thus, turning into THC, and the same goes to CBDa turning into CBD, and to CBC a turning into CBC.

Without decarbing your weed, the active compounds are not bioavailable to the body, which means that they are not capable of affecting so many things from mood and appetite stimulation to effective pain management.

Although it tends to sound rather complicated, the process of decarboxylation actually takes place each and every time you blaze up a joint or blunt, vape and/or cook with cannabis when prepping infused oils, butter, and various edibles.

And while decarboxylation is what creates THC and CBD, it simultaneously reduces the amount of various other valuable cannabinoids, and nonetheless, terpenes, that would be otherwise fully present in raw cannabis juice or any other recipes that employ raw cannabis juice, such as a delicious bowl of granola combined with a dash of raw ganja delight.

What are the Health Benefits of THCA and CBDA

Since we have been so much concentrated towards exploring the unparalleled benefits of THC and CBD, especially after years of marijuana being prohibited, we have failed to pay the well-deserved attention to the raw compounds found in cannabis, thus, failing to take the best advantage of their astonishing health benefits.

The thing is, neither THCA nor CBDA has any psychoactive effects. A study published in Neurotoxicology and Teratologyrevealed that THCA and CBDA might have a low affinity to bind to the CB1 receptor, however, researchers have not been able to identify for sure whether either CBDA or THCA do bind directly with cannabinoid receptors, and that’s what partially explains the lack of psychoactive properties of raw weed.

Even though much more research is needed for us to understand the exact pathways and mechanisms through which THCA and CBDA work on the endocannabinoid system (aka ECS), there is no doubt that these compounds do, indeed, engage with the human endocannabinoid system.

What experts have managed to find out about the effects of THCA and CBDA on our bodies’ endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) is that these compounds alter the efficiency of several primary functions, namelyCOX-2 Inhibition, TNF-Alpha Inhibition, COX-1 Release, and Interleukin-10 Release. What this means is these raw active cannabinoids have the ability to actively support our bodies’ natural abilities to cope with and to reduce inflammation, and nonetheless, to lower pain levels overall, as well as to significantly boost the immune system.

The truth is, the use of the raw, acidic active cannabinoids in the green medicine of the future is still under investigation but researchers and cannabis processors alike are positive that these compounds are worth investigation, and that they are bound to become major players as part of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

You can find out more about the potential health benefits and applications of the raw, acidic cannabinoids neatly listed below.

#1. In animal studies, THCA has shown to reduce nausea and is further investigated for its appetite-stimulating properties.
#2. The inflammation-relieving properties of THCA were revealed in a study exploring human white blood cells playing an important role in both engulfing, as well as digesting foreign substances.
#3. Another study has shown that THCA possesses anti-oxidant properties, and could protect brain cells from chemically induced cell death.
#4. The chronic pain management properties of THCA are also promising, as a study has shown that THCA can inhibit COX activity by working through quite the same mechanism of action as ibuprofen and aspirin.
#5. Similarly to THCA, CBDA is also found to suppress nausea and vomiting
#6. CBDA has shown to reduce stress by working on the serotonin receptor.
#7. CBDA is also revealed to inhibit cyclooxygenase, meaning that it can help with the long-term management of chronic pain.
#8. The anti-cancer properties of CBDA also seem promising, although more research is needed since as of now, CBDA has only shown to decrease breast cancer cell growth, as well as to increase the production of prostaglandin in human colon cancer cells but hasn’t shown to inhibit cancer cell growth in other ranges of cancer cell lines.

When to Expect to Feel the Effects of Medicating with Raw Marijuana

Many experts have reported that ingesting raw cannabinoids typically does not lead to an instantaneous relief in the symptoms one may choose to relief by juicing raw cannabis. However, some of the beneficial effects may have no delay at all.

As a rule of thumb, be patient about reaping the huge gains from consuming raw cannabis in the long run. Cannabinoid acids such as THCa and CBDa are known to get stored in body fat (scientifically speaking, in the adipose tissue). Therefore, it may take several weeks before your body fat tissue is fully saturated so that you can start to truly experience the health enhancement that raw cannabis consumption is capable of providing. Usually, it takes about 4 – 8 weeks for the cannabinoid acids to saturate a body’s fat tissue. However, due to strictly individual factors, such as current weight, emotional state, food preferences, metabolism levels, to name a few, this period can widely vary. Some feel the benefits from raw cannabis after the first weeks of regular intake, others do so within several days, while there are also people who need some sufficient 3+ months before they can report on the health benefits of raw ganja.

It is only once the adipose tissue has thoroughly absorbed the cannabinoid acids that the full medicinal effects of raw cannabis consumption begin to take place.

How to Consume Raw Cannabis: Top 3 Recipes

As a rule of thumb, in order to make raw cannabis juice, you will need cannabis buds and/or leaves. Seeds can be also used, but let’s focus on raw cannabis flowers and leaves. These should be freshly harvested, and not cured, so dispensary-bought weed will not do the trick, since raw cannabis flowers are not on the dispensaries’ menus, at least as of now.

For those who grow their own cannabis plants, whether in an outdoor, indoor or greenhouse cannabis garden, laying hands on top-quality, pesticides and other possible toxins-free cannabis flowers and/or leaves can feel like a breeze. If you don’t grow your own cannabis plants, then the only option you have is to check on friends who may happen to be marijuana growers themselves. Also, you may contact a professional cannabis cultivator, even if you don’t know him/her directly, and ask if it is possible to get supplied with freshly harvested cannabis buds and/or leaves.

Alternatively, you may also inquire at a dispensary about where you could be able to discover a reliable source for live cannabis. Above all, only choose to eat raw cannabis buds or leaves that have been obtained from cannabis plants grown without being treated with any toxic substances. Unlike smoking cannabis when we get to heat up the plant material, consuming raw cannabis gets the active compounds straight into your body, so you should make 0 compromises on premium cannabis quality.

As to the number of cannabis flowers and/or leaves one should ingest when opting for raw cannabis juicing, there is no particular limit. As with any other aspect of life, you should best start slow and increase your intake based on your personal prudence. As a rule of thumb, 1 gram of raw cannabis flowers and/or leaves per serving should be a great starting dose but you should feel free to increase it to some good 5+ grams. One of the major benefits of consuming raw cannabis is that you can make the most from high amounts of the raw cannabinoids since you will not get to experience the psychotropic effects of pot, which is sometimes quite limiting when it comes to how much cannabis you can consume per serving/smoking session.

Juicing raw cannabis is fairly simple, as you want to approach this process as you would typically approach juicing any other fruit or vegetable. You can use a cold extractor or a blender, mixing the cannabis buds and leaves with a little bit of water or other suitable liquid, such as milk, as to allow the cannabis concoction to liquefy. Best of all, there are no limits to letting your imagination run wild while experimenting with consuming raw cannabis. Basically, all you have to do is to toss in your favorite fruits, veggies, and/or herbs in a blender, add any sweeteners or flavors to the taste, add a generous sprinkle of cannabis flowers and/or leaves, and enjoy life!

Since we firmly believe that the cannabis culture is so much about sharing, we have a tiny gift to all the bud buddies out there who wish to become raw cannabis juice pro masters: our top 3 raw cannabis juice recipes!

Raw Cannabis, Ginger, and Lemon Shots

These shots work beautifully for enhancing your health without having to drink a big cup of juice. Instead, these mighty energy and immune system boost shots are a one-hit gulp of healthiness.

Simply combine the desired amount of raw cannabis flowers and/or leaves, fresh or dried ginger root, and squeeze in some lemon juice. Dilute with a little bit of water, blend, and enjoy these delicious shots as part of a healthy family morning routine that not only you but all of your beloved ones can join.

For glowing skin, you can also add parsley. For a powerful detox, don’t hesitate to add beetroot in your raw cannashots. If the taste is too bitter or unpalatable to you, you can add some raw, organic honey, maple syrup, and/or a handful of cranberries.

Raw Cannabis, Fruits, and Coconut Milk Shake

In a blender, combine the desired amount of raw cannabis flowers and/or leaves, ripe banana, a handful of strawberries, a pinch of vanilla, full-fat coconut milk, and the desired amount of raw, organic honey, maple syrup, and/or dates. Blend until smooth. Optionally, you can serve it with whipped coconut cream topped with chopped chocolate and/or raw cocoa nibs.

Raw Cannabis Juice Capsules

For those who may find a hard time getting used with the distinct raw cannabis flavor, you can easily add fresh cannabis juice to suitably-sized capsules for an odorless, tasteless cannajuicing experience.

Important Notes

Any raw cannabis recipe can be further enhanced in terms of reaping the psychoactive properties of marijuana by simply adding the desired amount of decarbed cannabis flowers, cannabis-infused butter or oil, or a few drops of weed tincture.

What is the Best Cannabis Strain for Raw Juicing

Basically, there is no right or wrong cannabis strain one can choose to consume raw, whether by juicing it or in any other possible raw form. The taste of raw cannabis is (unsurprisingly) earthy, mildly bitter, and definitely somewhat spicy. If it seems too harsh to your taste, it is fairly effortless to dilute it with fresh juice or a smoothie but if you want to hear our personal opinion on that matter, we find that raw cannabis actually tastes absolutely amazing!

Of course, since we are proud to call ourselves cannabis growers, even though far away from large-scale cannabis cultivators, the truth is, we are quite biased, as homegrown weed always taste better. That’s especially true if you stick with organic cannabis growing practices when cannabis plants display their finest, most subtle, delicate, and fragrant blend of aromas and flavors.

By the way, masking the distinct flavor of raw cannabis does not take away any of the herb’s therapeutic properties, so feel free to go on and tailor it to your personal taste.

What should be your top priority when choosing the best cannabis strain to directly eat or juice raw, apart from the flavor, is the potential benefits you want to reap.

For example, if the benefits of CBDa seem compatible with your current health state, then you should best go for high CBD strains, such as Cali Kush topping the amazing 20% CBD and only 1% THC.

We feel blessed for being able to experiment with consuming well over 20 different cannabis strains raw as of the date of creating this article, such as Dark Angel, Fruit Pebbles, Blue Diesel, and Sweet Tooth, to name a few), and trust us, it is very, very difficult to come up with an ultimate top X strains best to eat raw or whatsoever. It’s really a matter of taste and preferences, but above all, it’s a matter of using highest quality weed-grown that hasn’t been in contact with any toxic substances or hazardous compounds so that you can truly get to enjoy the best that the raw green medication has to offer.

One cute health tip, though, is to look for purple cannabis strains, such as our absolute top favorite, His Majesty Purple Kush, if you want to reap some of the amazing benefits of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid compounds that are in charge of giving various plants, such as grapes and blueberries, their distinct purple-blue coloring. Although these compounds are packed with awesome health benefits, once you heat up a purple cannabis strain in order to smoke it or cook with it, they are inevitably lost. However, when juicing raw cannabis, you can get to make the best from what anthocyanins have to offer for your well-being.

Apart from juicing raw cannabis, you can also add freshly harvested cannabis flowers and/or leaves to any of your favorite salads! If you like the taste of rocket salad, then you’ll definitely fall hard to raw cannabis salads, too! Our team’s personal top favorite raw cannabis salad makes use of 3 grams of finely chopped, fresh cannabis flowers and leaves, baby spinach, rocket, iceberg lettuce, pears and apples, tofu cheese, and a delicious pomegranate, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup dressing.

Juicing Raw Cannabis: The Takeaway

Juicing raw cannabis is easy, fun, and promises a whole array of health benefits one should not possibly deprive himself/herself of experiencing. As of now, enjoying raw cannabis in salads, dressings, juice, or smoothies, is something that most of us can only prep and enjoy at home.

However, the future of cannabis seems brighter than ever before, so we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the day when many coffee shops, fresh juice bars, bar & dinner spots, and nonetheless, cafes, will serve raw cannabis delicacies alongside other palatable drinks and treats. But as always, we remain true to the idea that nothing can outperform homegrown cannabis-based products, so we really don’t mind enjoying our delicious, toxins-free harvest raw or heated straight in the comfort of our homes, alone or with friends, at any time, because there is no bad time to give your body and mind the love, care, attention, and relaxation they deserve.