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Joint Rolling Machine: How is it Used

As much as we want to picture out ourselves as an expert in our skills, the task of rolling a joint can be very challenging. One can encounter numerous failures before finally succeeding a take a hit and it is not an exaggeration to say that the feeling is very frustrating. 

To be realistic, there is an easier way that will quite ensure you are achieving the best joint each time – and that is through the joint rolling machine. The machine is affordable and efficient and they operate impressively. 

However, for those who are not familiar with the usage of this machine – their major concern is how to use it.

Honestly speaking, a joint rolling machine looks strange. However, its usage is not that complicated. Once you familiarize how to use it, you will learn how to roll the best joints after several days.

How to Use a Joint Rolling Machine

There are plenty of various machines to choose from when rolling joints. You can find affordable joint rolling machines, while some can be very expensive. These machines are amazingly easy to operate, with easy-to-follow instructions available. 

If you want to utilize the convenience brought by these machines, simply do the following steps, and are you should be able to enjoy your joints after. But of course, before carrying out the steps, you need to secure first the materials needed.

Here are the materials that you will need:

  • Your preferred joint rolling machine
  • Weed grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Filters
  • Weed

Here are the steps:

  1. The first step is to secure yourself either a bigger scrap of paper or a small-sized tray to put your labor on. Even when you already master this, you cannot prevent the mess. Something uncluttered as this must do well, however, if you do not like to be troubled purchasing a tray, simply get yourself a paper plate or a common 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper to hold the mess there. 
  2. You will have to grind the weed. Use weeds anywhere between half and 1 ½ gram. You may use up to 2 grams of weeds if you like, however, at that volume you take the risk of binding it very tightly and not take a hit. Needless to say, if you cannot take a hit, it simply means it does not offer you any goodness. A miscalculation on the light of less as conflicting to more – it is always possible to do another one if you have an extra pot with you.
  3. You should ensure that the paper in the middle of the two rollers has a little looseness. This will let you pack it up a little more. Then, open up the joint-rolling machine by drifting it up and over. 

You must notice ditches on every side to use up the pegs. Then get the weed and put it in the middle of two rollers on one portion. There can be just a little chunk holding over the fold but they should not be excessive. Again, wedging to excessive loads will not produce an ideal joint. You will require a sufficient flow of air to take a nice hit. If it is packed tightly, you cannot get your desired hit. 

Ensure that you put the weed on either side to secure a space for the tip.

1. Although it is optional, you may like to create and fill in your tip. This is not a total requirement, however, it can be ideal as it assists you to smoke every bit without burning your fingertips.

First, you will like to take out the tip of the booklet you have. Zigzag around half of it and roll the remaining part. Take around 1/10th of the paper and tuck it to the corner. Get the portion that is tucked over and fold it again on itself. Continue performing this until such time that you have around half of the paper being folded. Roll the remaining part around the zagged midpoint. 

Once you are done doing the tip, just put it on the edge that you did not place the weed. By doing so, you will no longer burn your fingers.

2. Once the weed is adequately packed between the rollers, you will want to begin rolling. This may seem quite complicated, however, it is pretty instinctive once you master it.

You will like to put both thumbs around ¼ of the way from the edges of the roll closest you and put the two index fingers around ¼ inch from the edges of the roll more distant from you. Simultaneously, pull the thumbs facing you and down as you move the fingers far from you and up. Executing these movements at the same time will ensure that the two rolls are shifting at the same rate, proving you a smooth and properly packed joint.

Doing only one, the paper may pull in strange approaches and you will have a joint that results in appearing and working awfully. 

It will consume time to determine this piece out. However, the moment you familiarize and master it, you should have no issues at all.

3. Roll the two rollers around in one complete rotation. Relying upon the kind of roller you use, it may display the term “top” which indicates the top section of the paper. If you do not see the label, make sure that you know how much you are rolling. If there is a need to, get a pencil to label the various rolling points for later use.

4. Now, you will have to imbed the paper. This is the procedure where you will move the weed to the paper. Just get the paper and imbed it in the middle of the two rolls. See to it that the gummy end is attached. Then, give the roller around a half rotation until such time that the only portion with the glue is glued out. It must only be around a fourth of an inch. 

Finally, offer the end a nice lick. This serves similar to an envelope – use your saliva to wet it from edge to edge before you keep rolling. Once it is wet, roll around another half rotation – and you are done! Simply detach the roller and remove the newly rolled joint.

Tips when Using a Joint Rolling Machine

We have a few tips for you that will help you in rolling your joints using a joint rolling machine:

  1. Less is better. Earnestly, you should not tightly pack your joint or you will not be able to draw out any good from it.
  2. Do markings on the roller. This is applicable if have just started. It will be useful to learn where the bottom and top of your roll will be. Allocate three minutes with a pen labeling the various sections of the roller so you will have a clear identification of where the bottom and top are.
  3. Use the proper strategy. There are plenty of strange approaches that people consume joint rolling machines and many of them led to awful joints. See to it that you utilize the proper strategy to achieve a full but useful joint each time.

Why Use A Joint Rolling Machine

A joint rolling machine can finish the job efficiently and quickly under most conditions. There are several reasons why you should use this machine when rolling your joint:

  1. A joint rolling machine can put out your joint in around 20 to 30 seconds if you are already skillful. It is so far the most effective way outside of utilizing a specialized tool to pack multiple joints.
  2. These machines are easily used. They have several moving parts which are quite stable and need only little acceptable motor skills.
  3. With the use of this machine, you will know what to anticipate each time. Although some convey it as a rebuff, the description that says “training wheels” has some advantage to it. 
  4. The uniform, smooth, and cigarette-like look that these machines produce is easier to adapt in social environments and nearer to what the non-smokers get to see consumed.


At this time, you realize that the most efficient way to employ a joint rolling machine is to get the best joints each time. Practically speaking, it will be a minimal investment for a quite major boost in quality. Hence, except if you have an expert joint roller who is always available to serve you, you will appreciate shelling out a few dollars to secure yourself the best equipment.

Getting a quality machine for rolling a joint can be a little daunting depending on which access you have for a head shop. The best ones exhibit a smooth performance, mix up excellent jays, and the TPU sheaths can endure several years of regular use. You can always ask your friends or anyone who is using a machine for rolling a joint to solicit advice. Remember that you will be investing in this machine, so you have to ensure its quality.