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Is Marijuana Addictive

is marijuana addictive

Most marijuana users do not grow a marijuana addiction, contrary to the belief of most people who are disagreeing with people who use marijuana. It is very infrequent however some smokers do develop all the symptoms of an actual addiction after persistent use of marijuana. It is known that they do not overlook the amount of the marijuana they use and how frequent they take it, in however form they like. In general, they use the amount they want to use and when they want to use it, expecting the exact results they want to get and they are very clear with their intention of taking it.

Most of marijuana users do not grow a marijuana addiction; it is a fact, however it does not equate to it being completely out of the question. There are some people who surely have the behaviors of someone who has a drug addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse, claims that one person in seven people who are marijuana users would present an abusive relationship with the marijuana. About thirty percent of marijuana users all over the world have a problem with this drug, that now has a medical term which is marijuana use disorder. Marijuana users who begin smoking marijuana before they reach the age of eighteen increases the likelihood of developing marijuana use disorder for about four to seven times, as to those who use it when they are in their twenties.

What you should know about marijuana addiction

The higher potency of marijuana available today may be another factor in the rising number of people who develop the marijuana use disorder. Marijuana confiscated by the law enforcement nowadays holds an average of nine and six percent of THC compared to three and seven percent in weed confiscated in the 19th century, which is alarming in various ways possible.

Difference between marijuana abuse and marijuana dependency

There is a huge distinction between marijuana abuse and marijuana dependence, contrary to most beliefs. Marijuana abuse happens when someone continues to use the drug despite negative consequences, where they are completely neglecting it, such as losing a job, poor academic performance or getting arrested. Just as with other drug use disorders, people who continue to use marijuana in spite of continued negative consequences, is an indication of having a marijuana use disorder.

Someone who becomes addicted or dependent upon marijuana has a marijuana use disorder, but will also display some of the classic behavioral symptoms of addiction such as:

  • Losing control over the substance and constantly needing more and more amount of it
  • Will spend more time thinking about using
  • Substance use are the main part of their lives
  • spending more time and money obtaining more marijuana
  • becomes irritable or agitated if they run out

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Physical Dependence

Reliance on a substance is accompanied by a build-up of tolerance to that substance, requiring increasing larger amounts, and withdrawal symptoms when someone stops using the substance. In addition, most early research into marijuana addiction revealed that marijuana use rarely produced tolerance and withdrawal. However, the marijuana that is accessible and available to all today is more strong compared to the marijuana of the 1960s, because it contains higher levels of the active ingredient THC.

Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Various researches specially the recent ones shows that tolerance does grow to THC and that withdrawal symptoms do occur in some users.

These are the expected symptoms:

  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive salivation
  • Decreased pulse
  • Irritability
  • Increased mood swings
  • Increase in aggressive behavior

Researchers support the fact that because today’s marijuana is much more vigorous, it makes it increase the likelihood to develop physiologic dependence in some users. Though they may not be physically or chemically dependent on marijuana, some users will develop a psychological dependence upon the drug.

Either if marijuana has become more addictive or not, the number of people seeking treatment for marijuana abuse has increased significantly. That is to say that the consequences always outweigh the benefits of living an abuse free life, and it is much better to completely cut off marijuana or at the very least, take accountability for your actions and to stick to the recommended amount of marijuana use.

To sum it up, marijuana addiction is true, it exists. Take accountability for your actions, in order to live a well, holistically healthy life. If you are going through tough times because of marijuana, help is always there, and know that what you are going through is completely valid or if you are close to people who experience addiction, lend a helping hand. Extensive researches are advised with regards to this topic, there are a lot of resources who tackles this in a much in depth way.