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How to Use Cannabis Topicals the Right Way

For the longest time, when we hear marijuana, the first thing that comes to our minds is smoking, vaping or eating cannabis-infused edibles. Another surprising use of marijuana that is available in its topical form which is meant to achieve healthy skin. It is a form of marijuana treatment that is less invasive but still effective on certain types of skin conditions.

In countries like India and Latin America, marijuana extracts have been used to treat skin conditions, like rashes, acne, pain or even skin bumps as a topical solution for the topically for the last centuries.

Cannabis as Topicals

Marijuana topical products come in different forms such as ointments, salves, and even lotions. Unlike inhaling or eating marijuana, topical marijuana does not have any psychoactive effect. It is effectively used in treating pain, any kind of inflammatory skin condition, skin rashes, psoriasis, and other bacterial infections of the skin.

The topical form of cannabis is another way of enjoying the healing effects of both THC and CBD without ingesting it offering localized relief from simple aches and pains.

Defining Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals is a general term which includes several different types of marijuana-infused products which are intended to be applied on the skin instead of the conventional way of consumption to get relief or treatment from any skin related conditions other than smoking or eating marijuana or marijuana-infused products.

Some of the famous topical marijuana arecreams, balms, salves, liniments or ointments, and even lotions. There are also rare products, such as intimacy oil, menstrual relief oil, and herbal relief salve. Everything is intended for external use only and can create a hot or cold sensation that is beneficial to any skin conditions.

Carrier oils are used with topical marijuana and some are mixed together to have additional medical value. Some of the carrier oils are coconut oil combined with essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint and others.  – Topical Medical Marijuana

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How Does Topical Cannabis Work

It all starts with the endocannabinoid system which is believed to play a significant role with the skin’s immune response. If there is an adverse immune response, it can result in inflammation. That’s why CBD is now being studied as a possible anti-inflammatory agent that can help in minimizing the inflammation-related conditions of the skin.

There is another vital function of the endocannabinoid system, including the regulation of cell growth and most importantly, it aids in faster wound healing.

CB1 and CB2 are the receptors that are present all throughout the skin, so applying a marijuana-infused topical is a direct way to relieve pains and aches. There are studies that showed the endocannabinoid system that may be responsible for several of our bodily functions and to make sure the balance and regular functions of the body. Scientists recommend adding cannabinoids as an alternative source if there is something wrong and our bodies are not able to produce enough endocannabinoids to restore the balance in our body.

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General Reminders Before Applying Topical Cannabis

Always ask your doctor before using CBD, as a medication because it may cause other drug interactions. But if you use topical CBD you do not have to worry for any drug interactions but still seek a recommendation from your physician.

Make sure that you are not allergic to CBD topical, then you can apply as much as CBD topical to any infected area or skin irritation.

While other people who suffer from arthritis pain have experienced immediate relief with direct application of cannabinoid topical to the inflamed area or painful joints.

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How to Apply Cannabis Topicals

You have to select the correct cannabis topical for you and your condition. Here are some of the best practices before applying the cannabis-infused topical of your choice.

1. Locate where you need to apply the Topical Cannabis.

Before you apply the cannabis topical, make sure to find the source of your pain.  We may have put unintentional stress on our bodies, and we should find where the pain is coming from for easier management and more precise application of the treatment.

If you are unable to pinpoint the source of pain, try applying the topical marijuana to some common sore areas or better yet massage it these areas such as your temples, neck, elbows, knees, and other joint spots like your wrists even the soles of your feet or back of the your heel and foot and shoulders.

2. Make sure to clean the infected area.

It’s not necessary to take a shower, just get a wet washcloth or even paper towel and gently scrub to the infected area. This is to remove any unwanted dirt or particulates from the infected skin, then pat dry the area before the application of the topical solution.

3. Be more generous and vigorous in the application.

After cleaning the area, apply as many topical solutions as needed. Do not overdo it but if needed you can apply a second or third treatment. Every time you apply the CBD topical solution, robustly massage and rub it to your skin, but do not put too much pressure just be firm.

4. Wash your hands after applying the solution.

After you apply the topical marijuana, make sure to wash your hands very well. A lot of the topical solution contains an amount of citrus, even capsaicin or pepper, or some mint, and most of these compounds are not good in your nostrils, eye, or butt crack and may cause irritation. So thoroughly clean your hands. 

5. Do not expect an overnight cure.

Marijuana can prove to be very helpful but do not expect arthritis you have ever since will suddenly disappear with one application or for old wounds to subside completely. Most cannabis topical would give relief and make the pain more bearable.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Topicals

Any CBD or cannabis products for the skin, in general, are harmless even if applied generously to your skin and will not likely to cause any side effects.

Even if that is the case, it is still important to apply only a small amount to the affected area. Allergic reactions may occur, so make sure to test yourself if you are allergic. CBD skin products that have alcohol content may worsen your skin condition so make sure to check the ingredients of your preferred topical marijuana.

These are studies say about using cannabinoids like CBD and THC as topical applications. Whenever CBD gels were applied to the arthritic knee joints of rats, it was found out that there was a reduction in the swelling of their joints.

There was a decrease in allergic inflammation in a model of eczema with the application of topical THC.

The five major phytocannabinoids which are the CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, and CBC have shown strong activity to fight  MRSA. In some laboratory animal experiments, the topical cannabinoid extracts showed anti-inflammatory factors.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Topicals

1. Gives Localized Pain Management

Cannabis-infused oils or creams are effective in attaining pain relief and proven to act fast once applied. The cannabinoids bind with the CB2 receptors in your skin thus giving a quick relief. Topical cannabis act on a peripheral basis, meaning they can not enter into the bloodstream.  Which also means no psychoactivity, so you do not have to worry about any side effects of putting a lot of THC. If you have full-body aches or pains, it is suggested to use marijuana-infused bath salts or a marijuana massage.

2. Enhances Sexual Intimacy

Some companies have developed marijuana-infused oils and lubricants that are created to enhance sexual pleasure. Marijuana is also a famous aphrodisiac, especially for women. The use of marijuana for sexual pleasure can be dated back 2000 years ago in India wherein it is combined into some tantric sex practices.

3. Treatment for Mild Skin Irritations

You never know that you could be applying marijuana topicals for your bug bites, scratches, and some other skin irritations. Marijuana mixed creams and salves are very good because they provide localized relief for pain and reduce swelling.

Certain marijuana topical may also have antibacterial properties. However, make sure to apply this type of topicals carefully. Cannabis topicals are not produced equally so make it a habit to check the content list first.

4. Lessens the Symptoms of Psoriasis

People who suffer from psoriasis know how painful this condition is. Psoriasis is known to cause excessive buildup of skin cells which causes itchiness, painful red patches on the skin which is a cause of embarrassment and it is uncomfortable to people. A lot of psoriasis patients do not have any option because right now there is no known cure for this skin condition.

But cannabis is a very strong treatment option because studies have shown that cannabinoids prevent the buildup of dead skin cells.

5. Keeps Your Skin Youthful

Putting marijuana-infused balms, oils, and lotions can do wonderful things to your skin, marijuana applied to your skin avoids aging because it is believed to have a strong antioxidant component.

6. Promotes Wound Healing

Antioxidants speed up the healing process and avoid tissue damages that are caused by the environment. Cannabidiol or CBD is more potent antioxidant compared to Vitamins C or E. Cannabis will not only keep a youthful skin but it also keeps it healthy.

8. Reduce Inflammation and Arthritis

Arthritis can affect both the elderly and the young generation. Arthritis causes swelling, pain, and inflammation of the joints. Arthritic pain is mainly caused by inflammation so marijuana topicals are the ideal and strong treatment.

10. Heal Burns Faster

Burns are painful types of injury and it can take several weeks or even months to heal it depends on the degree. Most of the pain related to burns is because of inflammation and cannabis is proven to help lessen inflammation.

How Cannabis Topicals Fight Bacterial Skin Infections

Marijuana has anti-bacterial components that can give relief to a lot of bacterial skin infections. When compared to other antibiotics, the use of marijuana as antibiotic will not lead to antibiotic resistance problem.

The use of CBD topicals is one of the revolutionary marijuana-infused products. Cannabis topicals can help provide relief in many skin conditions. Of all the marijuana mixed products, topicals are the safest and effective treatment for skin bumps and skin conditions.  

Marijuana topicals are a significantly useful way to get localized pain and aches relief and lessen any inflammation. Now that the market for marijuana mixed products are expanding fast. The use of marijuana is now significantly more spreading globally, and now branching out of the traditional marijuana consumption and consumers.

Is It Worth It to Try Cannabis Topicals

Yes. A huge number of topical cannabis have minimal THC content. Many marijuana consumers are worried about the potential risks which come with the topical solution and whether if they have a positive result.

A lot of studies have been done, to prove that marijuana topicals are effective and safe to use by all ages and in any type of skin conditions. Just make sure to use the right cannabis topical for your skin condition and check if the active ingredients that are used to make the topical products to avoid skin allergy or may worsen the condition. 

The main advantage of using and applying marijuana topically is that you will not experience any of the psychological effects that the marijuana products do to our mind and body. Aside from that, marijuana topicals are also amazingly easy to integrate it into your daily routine and activities plus it can come in handy since it is now in topical form and you can now bring them anywhere and anytime you want to use it.

The cannabinoid found in raw plant cannabis – the buds you grind up to pack an in a bowl or roll into a joint – is called THCA and is a non-psychoactive version of the cannabinoid. However, when heated at the right low temperature – or decarboxylated – it will change its chemical makeup, becoming what we all know as psychoactive THC.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is really amazing and at the same time, a tricky plant. The cannabinoids of marijuana provide a huge amount of medicinal value that may change if they are heated to different temperatures. Marijuana is really a magical and amazing plant and it has a lot of potential in many fields and applications. Marijuana topicals are one of the newest marijuana end product today that can be accessible to many people who needs medical help.