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How To Use Bongs in Smoking Weed



One of the famous methods to enjoy cannabis is with a bongs. As the cannabis world upgrades every single day, anyone who has experienced smoking strains takes their time to experiment some ways to enjoy weed. There are many styles when it talks about cannabis consumption.

Bongs are normally used by weed consumers to enhance their experience and smoothens the inhaled smoke.It all comes to all sizes, shapes and materials, depending on what you prefer. You can find these types as you read further this article. There are bongs that were made in wood, glass, clay and even bamboo, isn’t it amazing They were made in different ways and materials but they can contribute to your smoking experience equally and perfectly.

How Does a Bongs Work

A Bong is typically a water pipe where the cannabis buds are contained and heated on its bowl. The smoke is filtered with water by traveling through the downstem, made up of a cylinder with holes that is connected to the bowl of the Bong. After that, the smoke travels through the neck and goes up to the mouthpiece which consumers use to inhale.

If you want to try this one you may follow these guidelines. Before you execute your smoking you must first provide the needed materials. This includes:

  • Marijuana Strain (any type)
  • Bong
  • Lighter
  • Water
  • Grinder
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Coarse salt (for cleaning purposes)

Usually, experts say that using these pipes can be considered as challenging; but as far as you follow these easy steps, you can ensure the best experience you’ll enjoy.

  1. Fill the bong with water. The water you should pour depends on the size of the Bong you are using. Make sure that you don’t pour too much water because it may spill and splash when you try to inhale the smoke. Next, grind your strain (depending on your choice). You can use a pair of scissors or just your fingers. It should be ground up finely to ensure its wonderful effect.
  2. Next, put the cannabis in the Bong bowl. This is a funnel-like piece that is placed in the outer part of the downstem. Put a large piece of ground cannabis in the bowl first to prevent the finely ground strain from falling as you smoke. Take note that you should not pack them too tight because the air won’t be able to pass through it.
  3. Then, put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Your lips should be in the inside part of the mouthpiece and the rim of the mouthpiece should be pressed around your mouth. It should be firmly pressed so that the smoke does not escape as you inhale.
  4. After that, as you get ready to inhale the smoke from the bong. Inhale slowly as you light the bowl. Take note that the smoke must not enter your lungs, you are inhaling just to draw the smoke into the chamber. Stop lighting the bowl when you think that the chambers are already filled with a satisfying amount of smoke. Do not remove your mouth from the mouthpiece of the Bong because the smoke might escape.
  5. Next, pull the bowl from the stem and start inhaling the smoke from the chamber. When you are inhaling the smoke from the Bong, inhale deeply into your lungs so that you won’t have a sudden cough. If you can’t handle the smoke you can remove your lips from the mouthpiece but make sure that you cover it by your palm to prevent the smoke from coming out.
  6. Finally, hold the smoke in your lungs for a matter of seconds, 2-3 seconds will do. After that, exhale the smoke out of a windsor or into the room you are located.
  7. If you are already satisfied you can now remove the bowl from the Bong and pur the excess water. Clean the Bong thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and coarse salt.
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Benefits of Bong

The benefit of using a Bong is that it can excrete toxins by the help of the water and it smoothens the smoke from the strain. As the smoke enters the chamber, the weather cools it down but do not worry because the flavor and effect of the strain is still present. The puffs can be smooth when it enters your throat. Experts say that when a marijuana strain added with liquid medium can elevate its flavor and you can enjoy the buds more.

To help you understand more about its benefits, here are the specified things to acquire with using Bong.

  • Smoother smoke
  • Easy on Lungs and Throat
  • Scent and Taste much more enjoyed
  • Need less preparation than joint
  • Big and Better hits

Different Types of Bongs

If you already want to experience a Bong, these are some types of it to enjoy. This includes,

  • Acrylic Bong – This type of bong is very durable, you do not have to worry about breaking once you travel.
  • Glass Bong – This type of Bong does not change the flavor or your preferred strain. It only ensures a perfect and clean taste as you hit.
  • Ceramic Bong – This type of Bong is quite heavy and bulky. Experts say that this is not suitable for passing around with your friends.
  • Bamboo Bong – This Bong is made from natural materials. A cheap Bong and incredibly durable, do not worry because it upgrades your experience in Bongs.
  • Metal Bong – Many say that this type of Bong is sturdy and durable. The only disadvantage of this one is that when it comes to cleaning time, it is difficult to flourish. The flavor of your strain can also be affected.
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Start Using Bongs for Better Experience

As you read the given information above about the Bong, now is the time for you to try one! Given the benefits and the guidelines to use a Bong, you are now ready to experience a whole new level to enjoy your favorite strain. Study and compare the different types of Bong that suits your personal want. What are you waiting for Cite online to purchase a Bong or visit your local stores and start the fun.

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