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How To Store Cannabis Seeds

how to store cannabis seeds

This post is for you if you think about how to store your cannabis correctly. As you can see, there are various methods or approaches you may use to keep the quality of your marijuana while preserving it. However, with so much information available on the internet, deciding on the right strategy may be overwhelming and complicated.

We completely get how you’re feeling. But, thankfully, you came into this post, and we hope to supply you with sufficient and accurate information about cannabis storage. We guarantee that if you follow these rules, you’ll be able to experience your weed for at least a year. Furthermore, we ensure that these instructions are simple to follow.

How Long Can Weed Stay Fresh

Learning how to store your marijuana correctly can make a significant difference. Because it a more outstanding quality and benefits, pperfectly maintaining cannabis is more desirable. When it comes to the expiration of marijuana, there are no specific figures. They must, however, be of sufficient age. You must preserve them with care, much like whiskeys and excellent wines.

An adequately preserved marijuana can typically keep its high quality for six months or more. However, there are steps you may take to ensure long-term storage. You may store your cannabis for up to a year or more, whether you like it or not. What is most important is that you understand how to keep them properly. How well you store your weed has a significant impact on how long it lasts and how wonderful it tastes.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Weed

Before we present you with ideas and recommendations on how to preserve your weed, it’s essential to understand a few basic concepts. The idea is to keep your cannabis in good shape and make it consumable or edible after the storage period. Take notice of these aspects, and you’ll have a better understanding of how to protect your cannabis against degeneration.

The majority of these factors are related to the environment. You should grow your cannabis in a safe atmosphere. It would be best if you offered them all of the elements they require to develop and grow. Please remember that your goal isn’t just to increase your plants; it’s also to make sure they’re healthy. You can store beneficial marijuana for a few months with no degradation in quality.

Storing Cannabis Seeds


Every cannabis grower must understand the necessity of keeping their plants at the proper temperature. An adequate temperature must be established to avoid health issues. Keep in mind that improper temperature can lead to mold growth, and modifications are factors that might decrease the quality of your cannabis crops.

Growers should avoid using heat as much as possible because it will dry up your cannabis and lessen its potency quickly. When keeping your cannabis, maintain it between 25-30°C (75°F). It’s also vital to keep them in a cool and dry location.

Store it at a low temperature if you want to prevent your weed from degrading and losing its strength. You want to maintain it at a low temperature, but you must never allow it to freeze. The cannabinoid-containing trichomes could become brittle if exposed to too much cold. If you’re going to smoke your weed, be sure it doesn’t freeze.


When storing marijuana, you must ensure that the humidity level is correct, just as you must ensure that the temperature is right. This environmental aspect is critical in maintaining the health and the quality of your marijuana. Another reason to keep the correct humidity level is to keep pollutants at bay. Mold can grow in areas where the humidity is too high. If you don’t get the humidity level high enough, your plant will rot.

When storing marijuana, the humidity level can be between 59-63%. You don’t want to go any lower than it since you risk drying out your bud. A low humidity level also depletes the plant’s vital oils. Set the proper humidity level if you want to avoid fungus, mildew, and rot while storing your weed.


When keeping your marijuana, make sure you don’t give it too much fresh oxygen, which may speed the decomposition process. Marijuana producers who have been in the business for a while know that air impacts humidity. You should store your cannabis in an airtight container to preserve its quality and make sure that it remains edible even after extended durations of storage.


You can keep your marijuana’s quality by not exposing it to light. When it comes to appropriate marijuana storage, it’s essential to put the plants in the dark. It’s important to remember that UV light can degrade the integrity and quality of cannabis. It will significantly reduce the THC levels if they are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. It implies that it will diminish the potency as well.

The fact that light can kill trichomes is another necessity to continue them in the dark. The resin glands, or trichomes, play a crucial part in the stickiness of the bud. When drying off your marijuana, be cautious and prevent any moisture since this can spread bacteria, mold, and bacterial growth.

Things Not to Do When Storing Your Cannabis

  • Be sure that you don’t freeze them
  • Handle them properly and always be careful
  • Avoid storing them inside the refrigerator
  • Keep them in a cool dry place and not above the stove or any other heat sources
  • Store them in a proper container and not in plastic bags
  • It’s not good that you store them in plastic bags

How to Store your Weed: Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Your Weed

Since you already know how to build the ideal climate for long-term marijuana storage, the next item we need to talk about is the equipment you’ll need. Here are a few things to consider when keeping your marijuana.

Storage Containers

Not all pots are created equal, but not many of them are suitable for storing marijuana. The use of the incorrect container can have negative consequences. Plastic jars can induce perspiration. It’s best to use vacuum sealing, so if you don’t get one, glass jars, like mason jars, would suffice as long as the seals are airtight. You may also keep your marijuana fresher for longer by using ceramic containers.

Medicine Bottles

Marijuana experts are known to keep their valuable weed in pharmaceutical bottles. Growers can recycle vitamin bottles. These bottles are not only helpful in keeping your marijuana in good condition, but they are also highly portable. You can take them with you everywhere you go.

Glass Jars

You can also use glass jars as a container. You may buy a variety of little jars in the market, all of which come in various shapes and sizes. If you’re going to be traveling a lot, little glass jars are recommended. You can also use these jars to spice up your home’s decor.

Ziploc Bags

Numerous marijuana users make use of Ziploc Bags. Ensure you use high-quality bags to prevent any degradation. You can choose from a variety of air-tight bag brands on the market today.

Treat Containers

If you have a pet, you almost certainly have pet treat containers. The benefit of using containers is that they are odor resistant. You may travel with them, and they are pretty inconspicuous because they do not smell like marijuana.

Ensure your cannabis is sealed before putting it in this type of container.

Additional Tips On How to Store your Weed

Moisture Control

Make sure you’re using suitable materials to keep moisture at bay. Growers can toss fruit rinds into marijuana jars to rehydrate them and enhance their flavor. However, it needs extreme caution since excessive humidity might result in moldy cannabis, which is harmful to your health when smoked.

Store Only Cannabis

Avoid putting anything else inside the storage container if you want to keep your cannabis for a long time. Only the marijuana flower should be kept in the container. You should avoid Lighters, pipes, and other pot accessories because they can absorb the odor into your prized buds. As a result, unfavorable marijuana consumption occurs.

Avoid Using Tobacco Humidor

You may have heard of cannabis smokers who use tobacco humidors to keep their pot correctly. You should be aware that it is not a great practice. These humidors are composed of cedarwood, and the oil that comes from the wood absorbs the flavor and scent of your marijuana.

Tips When Storing Weed Long-Terms

Cured at Least 4 Weeks

Before storing your cannabis and placing it inside the container, ensure it has been cured for at least four weeks. Keep in mind that the curing procedure affects the potency and quality of your marijuana. Before you preserve them, make sure they’ve reached their optimum strength.

Keep Your Buds Dry Enough

As previously said, you must maintain a high level of humidity. It shouldn’t be damp, and the jars shouldn’t be sweaty. Don’t keep your buds if you think they still have a lot of moisture in them. Molds can develop and thrive even if they’re placed in a sealed container. Make careful to keep an eye on the humidity level at all times.

Best Way to Store Your Weed

Assure your cannabis is protected from humidity, light, and heat. Please keep it in a cool and dry area, and make sure you use all of the above-mentioned needed elements. Always double-check to be sure your container’s lid is securely fastened. Many commercial devices are now available on the Internet that are ideal for cannabis storage.

Always consult the professionals if you’re unsure. It’s a beautiful idea to join internet forums or societies where marijuana aficionados assemble and discuss their thoughts on cannabis storage. Many people online are constantly willing to share crucial and beneficial cannabis storage knowledge.

You may perhaps know someone who has experimented with cannabis cultivation, harvesting, and storage in the past. As a result, don’t be afraid to seek counsel or ideas from these people. They should be able to advise you on the containers to use and where you might hide them. Of course, before you follow any of that person’s recommendations, make sure you check out their reputation.

Doing Your Research

Numerous research is being undertaken every day as a result of marijuana legalization. Make sure you’re up to date on what’s going on in the cannabis business. Many scientists are trying to figure out how to improve cannabis quality. Stay informed and find out if there have been any changes to how you can adequately store your marijuana.

Research is the key to being a seasoned marijuana producer or consumer. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to do your experiments. Just help stay safe and only utilize materials that aren’t harmful to you or your marijuana.


Invest in good storing products for your weed to achieve good storing results. Keeping your weed healthy for a long time can increase its usability and performance. If you follow the ideas and guidelines, storing your marijuana should not be a tough chore. Don’t worry about it; all you need is a basic understanding of marijuana storage. Assure you’re having a good time while doing it.