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How to Smoke a Joint: Guide for Beginners

Smoking a joint is likely a ritual performance for cannabis enthusiasts. However, with this common rite includes some guidelines. As it fits out, more than 5,000 years of people using the weed, cannabis has emerged and currently asserts its distinct humor, art, music, language, slang, literature, and customs. And there is nowhere is that custom where uttered than when rolling, sharing, and smoking a joint.

Learning how to smoke a joint can be easy if you learn to familiarize it. However, it can be annoying to beginners who have just newly roamed out of a dispensary. After all, there are plenty of things involved: rolling, lighting, holding, and simply learning how to smoke it without flocking 

Guides on How to Smoke a Joint

Whether you have rolled your joint or decided to use a pre-rolled one, the first thing to do in lighting up is to have the joint “roasted”. Different from a cigarette, where you simultaneously light and breathe in, joints must be roasted before breathing in by keeping the flame to the last part of the joint. Then whirl the joint to ensure it is smoothly lit all over. 

By first roasting, the joint, canoeing is prevented.  You may also like to add a customized tip or filter, also called a crutch, which keeps open the joint end, keeps away the plant material from the mouth and secures the mouth and fingers from getting scorched as you carry out your tasks down the cannabis. A crutch is easy to build and can be built with just around any type of stiff paper.

Since you are set to begin inhaling, get a constant hit, and slowly exhale. If you are not a veteran of smoking, you are expected to cough, which is already common. Take some water in between your hits to calm the throat and bear in mind, the smoking of joint is similar to cigarette smoking, where you get to smoke the entire thing down. 

To guarantee the most pleasurable hit, begin by bringing the smoke into the mouth. The biggest mistake committed by a beginner is bringing it immediately to the lungs. Use the cheeks to bring the smoke into the mouth. Then rip away the joint from the mouth and breathe in deeply, permitting the smoke to be penetrated into the lungs together with a new source of oxygen. 

The mixture of oxygen-rich air and smoke will create a more suave, more delicious hit with minimal irritability. The moment the smoke strikes the lungs, allow for 2 minutes to pass and exhale completely. You will receive no benefits if you try to keep it longer. You will only experience irritation on the respiratory system and likely begin gaggling. 

Focus on your reactions, and do not hesitate to take a break if necessary.

Smoking Joints Together with Friends

Smoking joints, together with friends, is where the guidelines of joint customs apply. One of the first principles of smoking with colleagues is that the one who rolls the joint lit it. Nevertheless, the roller is permitted to give the opportunity to another.

Get two judiciously-long whiffs without gobbling up the joint, and forward to the left, except if the house rules command the other way around. If you exhale, see to it that you do not blast the smoke to the face of someone else as it can be boorish. Also, before you forward, consider ashing the hit. By doing so, there will be no droppings of ashes on the floor, skin, clothing, or furniture of your friend.

When we talk about gobbling up the joint, do not grasp onto it while in your turn. This normally occurs once the holder is imparting a story. However, no matter how captivating the story can be, people do not like to wait and simply watch until the cannabis burn down as you guard your court.

Holding a Joint

There is no proper or improper manner to hold a joint, although there are methods that are more familiar to others. Some hold it through the middle of the middle and index fingers just like a cigarette. Some choose to hold it with a chillum style where they simply glide the joint in the middle of the middle finger and index knuckles and employ their vacant palm to wrap the base of their curved hand. 

Knowing that smoke has only one way to go; this lets the consumers breathe in without having the lips touch the joint – similar to utilizing a chillum pipe.

Maybe the easiest and most prominent approach to hold a joint is to squeeze it in the middle of the index and thumb fingers. It makes it more manageable to grasp on the crutch and – in a public setting – more manageable to forward the joint. Consider holding it in various methods, and determine which way is most suitable for you.

The Principles of Joint Etiquette

Proper etiquette is also important while you learn how to smoke a joint. Smoking a joint is a common encounter, and if you find yourself participating in these ritual circles, you will not want to be charged with being guilty of violating any of the important guidelines of joint etiquette.

Give in to Skillful Rollers

If you think that you are not the best roller in your group, authorize one who is more experienced in initiating the lead. You do not like to risk roughing the buzz of everyone with an unsatisfactorily built of joint. Eventually, your day will come. For the time being, keep improving your strategy.

Do Not Gobble the Weed

The general rule is to huff, huff, and then pass. Simply get the joint, get two hits, then hand it over to the person next to you. Do not get extra hits. Do not grasp the joint for 5 minutes while entertaining your colleagues with fascinating stories about your first attempt on edibles. Just get pleasure on your two hits and allow the rotation to move.

Wait for Your Turn

Whoever is in-charged in rolling the joint is tasked to lit it up and get the first hits. If they opt to pass their first turn and give it to another one – that is their call to create. Just ensure to wait for your time and do not grab for the joint if your time has not yet arrived. In many cases, the joint is forwarded to the left. Whichever direction it goes in the circle, do not forget to obey the rotation.

Do Not Ash Abruptly

You always like to hit lightly before handing it over to the next, to prevent your friend wrapped with ash. Nevertheless, see to it that you wait for the time until the end of the joint only has embers and ash. If you abruptly tap, you will lose the potentially good flower.

Be Attentive to Your Saliva

Nobody likes a taste of your saliva, hence be attentive when having your hits. Try not wetting the joint with your lips or touching it with the tongue before breathing it in. If you unintentionally do it, just wipe if before you forward it to the next person.

Do Not Pass the Weed

Lastly, if you get to take the final hit, and it is clear that there is none left to breathe in, do not hand it over to the next person. This will not do a favor to anyone. Simply put out the light and throw the joint.

Put Out the Joint

After learning the ways of smoking a joint, the final step is to put it out. The step is similar to whether the joint is over or you are keeping a part of it for later consumption. 

In many scenarios, it is as easy as licking the fingers and lightly hitting the lit tip of the joint several times. This will not trigger any discomfort or pain provided that you do not let the finger to stay on the tip. If you have stamped it out, simply blow on it several times, and you are finished.

Optionally, you can put your undone joint inside the pre-rolled tube and airtight it for later use.


Being a beginner, it is normal to experience struggle as you familiarize the ways on how to smoke a joint. Do not be anxious about the difficulty. The best that you can do is keep on practicing until you get the hang of it. Compare the rolling paper coupons and cannabis coupons to check deals on everything you require. Then you do not have to be anxious about each joint being excellent. You can simply improve your skills and find the pleasure of this experience. 

Just seize the time and enjoy the experience and continue improving, and without you even noticing it, everyone in your group will be submissive to your excellent rolling skills. Just be patient and do not pressure yourself to become an expert. Your light will shine when it is about time.