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How to Setup your Own Cannabis Dab Station

Why Create a Dab Station

At first, dabbing can be really deterring.  However, its one of those pleasant activities which occur easily the moment you are able to see it completed. Basically, dabbing is the blaze vaporization of cannabis concentrates the moment it is put to a hot surface and breathed in. These concentrates are so much more compelling compared to marijuana flowers; hence a little quantity goes so many processes.

When would it be best to set up a cannabis dab station A lot of people are avid fans of cannabis concentrate, but for those who want to take the pleasure of fast, intensive highs right in the convenience of their individual homes, dab station would make a great hash sanctuary.

Dab stations include all of the fundamental dabbing equipment necessary to take pleasure in your choice of concentrate. They can be built small which can be of the same size as a bedside table or as huge as an entire room equipped with essentials. Nevertheless, at the bottom line, dab stations are your own particular cannabis concentrate haven, where you can conveniently search for anything that is necessary for the great dab.

It will be good to point out that dabbing is not ideal for everyone, particularly if one is completely new to cannabis. The process of dosing is more difficult, however, once one is able to get the hang of it, concentrates may provide you another height of physical alleviation and uncommon cerebral impacts.

Extracts also have a lot lower plant material compared to a flower, hence you are breathing in more cannabinoids such as CBD and THC and minimal blazed resin.

How to Check Out for the Ideal Setting for your Dab Station

1.Space – One of the most crucial considerations in creating a cannabis concentrate dab station is selecting for a suitable space. You must be very specific about how much space you would need for your dab station.

For instance, are you thinking of setting up a confidential environment which you intend to be penetrated by yourself alone, or are you planning to come up with a space that is enough to accommodate guests

Moreover, if you have children or pets in the house, you have to see to it that you also consider them when looking for your corner so you can confine their entry or prevent the consumables and fragile out of reach or locked up.

2. Outlets and Lighting – It is important to know that it is never useful to dab in dark places. Hence, you have to see to it that you have a good light source – it can be a nearby lamp or a window. If you do not think that a window can be an option, you can make use of an adjustable overhead desk lamp since it can act well for situating light in the proper places.

Moreover, although dab stations do not really demand an electric outlet close to the venue, securing one that can be conveniently available will grant opportunities to various setups and numbers of product types.

3. Surface Area – When creating a dab station, your tabletop real state descends to how extensible you like your setup to become. Practically, securing sufficient space for a minimal rig, dabber equipment, concentrate container, and torch is all you would have to get, thus something that is condensed and tight such as a bedside table can be enough.

Nonetheless, you should bear in mind, that greater space makes more potentiality. Also, a dab station may double being a storage solution for accessories and equipment.

When selecting the right surface for your equipment, think out properly by ensuring that you can guard your assets with a kind of surface that is outlined to keep what you have with lower hazard, particularly if are thinking on sheltering many types of equipment. Shakes and bumps occur; however, being aggressive is your ultimate tool to fight against deterioration and spills.

4. Ventilation – Luckily with dabbing concentrates, ventilation is not so much of a concern as compared to smoking cannabis. However, appropriate airflow is essential when selecting your desired dabbing location. Filters, windows, fans, and doorways are all answers to give an appropriate flow of air to and from the dab station.

Once you are able to locate the most ideal place for your setup, you shall be prepared to stack it with all of the required essentials for an excellent dabbing experience. The technology for dabbing is expanding, however, the conventional setup comprises of various items.

  1. Cannabis extract – It occurs in different kinds, however, the most typical ones which are used in dabbing are extracts with no solvents such as rosin, CO2, and BHO. Do not dab using an extract that is alcohol-based, and if by any chance you have any uncertainty about the security of dabbing specific oil, refer to a bartender.
  2. Water pipe – You may take out the pieces of a glass bowl and have them being replaced with some dabbing accessories to transform your pipe to a kind of dab rig.
  3. Nail – Look for a nail which suits the gauge of your water pipe. Some are created from quartz and ceramic, however, titanium is the most widely used.
  4. Dome – This will be the glass hood positioned around the nail. Nails which are dome-less do not require a glass globe, however, definite nails require something that would catch the vapor prior to being breathed in.
  5. Torch – Actually, even the mini torches which are used for crème Brulee can already perform the task, however, there are some people who want to advance to bigger propane-fueled torches which are able to heat the nails quicker.
  6. A new kind of dabbing method which is flame-less are becoming accessible, however, the majority of the people are still using the torch method because of its corresponding low-cost investment Maybe, the basic and obvious perk of selecting the torch route is that you can caramelize the upper portion of a crème Brulee, then take the pleasure after dab sesh.
  7. Dabber – This one is a kind of ceramic, metal, or glass tool used for dab application.

Here’s a video about how dabs are made:

There are actually plenty of fun additions you can include to your dab station. Here are some ideas that can help you get started.

  • Parchment Paper

You cannot tell when this gear can come in at hand, however, securing a roll of parchment paper will save you so much time because you need not to go to the kitchen or go to a store if you are in a grasp.

  • Rigs

Tabletop rigs are ideal for dab stations. Rigs appear to run on the lower side, thus you may think on hoarding on many rigs as alternates or to build a clean array of the entire products.

  • Dab Rags and Cleaning Solution

Utilize cloth rags because they can be useful in cleaning messes. They can also be used in burnishing your glass. Secure some kind of cleaning solution. You can actually use plain rubbing alcohol, close at hand for fast cleaning.

  • Nails and Bangers

Each rig requires some definite nails and bangers, and it is necessary to secure alternatives close at hand from the dab station. Remember to place your ceramic, quartz, and titanium nails altogether so you will have what you will need once the time becomes appropriate.

  • Timer

If you are setting up a dabbing station through a nail or torch, it will be essential to secure a timer to acquire that ideal temperature each time.

  • E-Nails

E-mails are only important for people who are deeply fascinated and in love with concentrates and the amazing flavors they can give. Sincere dabbers would consider an electronic nail to be added in their dab station. E-nails come in complete sizes and shapes and function really well in a protected, secure area close a power origin.

E-nails or electronic nails are remarkably more costly as compared to the definite and dome-less nails, however, the investment is most of the time worth it for the sincere dabbers. They remove the requirement for a dome and torch, which is simply the riskiest component of dabbing.

Moreover, you have the entire control over the temperature of the nail. This is an amazing characteristic if you are a concern on creating the best out of the terpenes and flavors if you dab.

  • Torches and Butane

Definite nails are using a torch as their basic heating structure; hence you will like to secure a butane close for filling.

  • Dabber Tools and Holders

Gears are pleasant and cheap to gather. Make sure that you equip the station with a kind of holder to demonstrate your dabber gears for a simple and fast approach.

  • Hash Screens

For people who use harsh products, it is important to use screens in achieving that excellent melt while defending the nail.

  • Dab Mats

Although you may think that you can definitely dab even without these dab mats, your house can probably turn to a vicious nightmare, covered with oil which sprinkles off the nail, lost dabs which fell and instantly tightened to the table and etc. Nowadays, a lot of companies create custom-built dab mats which may also act as a place to clear your dabber.

Mats are the secure and sanative solution for keeping accessories and equipment. There are plenty of available selections out there, most prominently the silicone mats which offer glide-free and simple-to-wipe inclusion.

Acquiring a washable kind is recommended and you must see to it that it is sufficiently big for your rig to sit on top of while getting sufficient elbow room to cater containers of concentrates, dabbers, and etc.

The mat is basically to prevent your rig from any chances of breaking just in case it is being knocked off, however, it can also secure the surface below from the stains. You may also consider using a silicone baking sheet as it can also perform the trick.

  • Rig Accessories

These may contain rig holders, reclaim catchers, dropdowns, and something else outlined to advance the setup of the rig.

  • Concentrate Storage

Container storage intended for the concentrates are important and let you maintain the freshness and security of your products. Mini fridges execute really well for lasting storage if you have available space. In another way, silicone and glass containers work for a short-term solution.

  • Seating

Of course, no one would want to keep standing around after a dab. It will make a great idea if you also secure a nice seat.

  • Rosin Press

Securing a rosin press close at hand is a perfect method of providing you fresh-clutched hash oil in a grasp. You can actually make use of a hair straightener as a pleasant and affordable option to have entry to if you like to squeeze your own rosin in your home.

Compact Dab Stations

There can be so much of fun times and artistry that comes into creating your own dab stations. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of pre-built selections available for people who like to take that route. If you are considering in getting a pre-built dab station from the market, here are some certain favorites to deal with.

  • Kind Trays

The group at the back of Kind Trays has outlined a line of trays and dab stations which are both cheap and fashionable. There are numbers of available options, each of them is justifying a particular solution to the experience of dabbing.

  • ZeeFusion Custom Travel Stations

If you like procedural-built dab stations that are handcrafted, which will certainly amuse you, try the made-to-order form cherry wood dab stations of They depict the peak of quality and craftsmanship and shall provide your array a polished touch.

The technology of dabbing is continually developing and broadening, therefore it will be useful to check on various resources diving into the newest methods and products if you are inclined to bringing up the level of your dabbing game.

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