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How to Roll a Joint Like a Pro

There are numerous ways to legally use cannabis. However, smoking a joint is one of the highly patronized. This proven and genuine paradigm preparation has held off the difficult times as fundamental for both neophyte and veteran smokers similarly. 

When you were just starting, you often depend on your friends to do the rolling of joints for you. Or maybe you simply purchase them pre-rolled. However, there are several benefits to learning how to roll a joint. Also, you do not like to be labeled as a person who always seeks the help of others in rolling your herb. 

Just like other things, acquiring the skills of rolling a joint will have a learning concavity. However, it is not generally that complicated. And with a bit of practice and patience, you can be a pro after a short period.

How Much Cannabis is Present in a Joint

When starting, it is recommended to use a half gram of weed and 1 ¼ sized of rolling papers. The half gram of weed will be a sufficient quantity for a few people and instilling on the minimal side shall facilitate a more manageable joint rolling. 

To point out, a lot of the pre-rolled joints that you purchase at the store are full grams. Although some of them are available in two packs of half gram each.

Once you acquire the skills of good joint rolling, you may proceed with full-gram joints and King-sized papers and broaden your smoking society.

How to Roll a Joint – What are the Steps

The joint is a classic and very popular way to consume weed. It is enticing and easy, and whether it is your first time to smoke a weed, or you have been a veteran user of cannabis, learning how to roll an excellent joint is a kind of art that is worthy of praises. 

Give life to the party, excite your date, and create a more bearable Thanksgiving party – whatever is your reason for using joint, learning how to roll a joint like a pro is not only significant but also a critical life ability.

To help you learn the professional method of rolling a joint, here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Prepare the Ingredients

Just like how you prepare for your favorite recipe, you need to collect first all the ingredients and supplies required before you begin. One thing you do not want is to be partially done with the procedure and only to discover that you need to secure one ingredient and that could mean that you will have to start over.

Here are the things that you need to secure:

  • Herb
  • A crutch for the filter or joint crutch
  • Rolling papers – Hemp papers are the most common option
  • Grinder
  • Pen or other similar items for packaging the cannabis (optional)

2. Break up the Herb

Before you start the process of rolling, you have to break up the herb. It will be very accessible if you have a grinder as you can keep your hands clean and you set up a smooth consistency of herb ideal for rolling. However, if you do not have an available grinder, you can break up the herb using your hand or you can also use a pair of scissors – although it can take a while and a little messier.

Whatever approach you employ, see to it that you finely break up the herbs. Many dry herbs are expected to easily break up, while gummier strains may require additional effort and you will also want to put on gloves.

3. Create a Filter

The filter, also known as a joint filter or crutch, is next. It can be devised out of a little piece of cardboard or a business card. Perform several accordion folds at the start, then roll it with similar thickness as the joint.

Although this is not an essential component of the joint, it helps hold the herb in the joint rather than turning out or into the mouth while you smoke. Also, the use of a filter will give you a more stable structure.

4. Store the Herb

Load the joint with the desired quantity of herb. If it is a cone, get something to thrust it in. The shake must come out between half and one gram. In this instance, you can have your fingers do the shaping of your joint. 

After structuring the joint, squeeze between the fingertips and roll it in and out through the fingers. This yields your shake.

5. Roll the Unglued Side

This is naturally an essential step. Properly rolling will grant you a superior joint, while inaccuracies can reduce the quality. Get the unglued part of the paper and fold it together into the roll.

Incorporating a little moisture, pin down the bound end. It is useful to begin on the crutch part to facilitate navigation as you roll the paper. Execute your direction down the joint, folding together and fastening while you go.

6. Gather your Stick

It is the time that you finalize the touches of your joint. To achieve a smooth burn, make sure to bind the end of the joint. It is where you will find access to use the best pen. You can also utilize a small stick, edge of a shoelace, or a hoodie’s drawstring.

Then you are set to go! If you do not like to immediately smoke the joint, or if you are rolling more joints for later consumption, make sure to twirl the edge of it to fasten it until such time that you are ready to consume the joint.

Being Creative with Your Joint

Master the basics of rolling joints, and then, the moment you get the hang of it and you become comfortable with the procedures, you can allow your creativity to excel. Just like with any steps, you will see means that will make the rolling of joint a lot easier and quicker for you.

Others want to get bigger joints, while some like their joints smaller. Some artistic smokers are doing joint-rolling as a manifestation of their art just like origami. While you become at ease with the steps, you will be sharing tips for the new rollers soon.

Tips in Rolling a Joint

When it comes to the rolling of joint, practice will make perfect. Here are some tips that can help you achieve an excellent joint:

1. Use the right paper

The paper you use can be the most essential decision you will make. Eco-papers or those of higher quality have lesser contaminants. You may also purchase papers incorporated with flavors if you wish to get an added taste. However, those can have bleaches, artificial dyes, or other toxins that can be risky to your health.

Choose a paper that does not incorporate an unpleasant flavor to the joint. Some papers create an aftertaste that some people do not like. The best kinds of paper are those that are thin and slowly and evenly burn. Some like the hemp rolling papers since they do not smolder between puffs.

If you want to handle papers with you, get a rolling paper protector. You may find it flimsy, but it prevents the papers from tearing and warping, making them more comfortable to use.

2. It is best to use a grinder

It is not mandatory to use a grinder, but it will be helpful if you can use one. The grinder can work faster in the process of rolling and can secure storage for the weed if you are transporting it. Also, it will be easier to smoothly grind the herb with the use of a grinder. Fine-grinding guarantees that you will not consume as much cannabis, thus saving you some money.

Take your time when grinding. Do not rush breaking down the herb so can ensure that it rolls more smoothly. Get rid of the stems and see to it that the buds are crushed into little pieces. It will prevent the paper from being torn.

3. Roll properly

It is not to judge, however, your expertise in rolling can make a great impact on how pleasant your smoking experience can be. Rolling the joint too tight can lead to insufficient airflow. Rolling the joint too loose can lead to a bad-tasting joint. Hence, your objective is to roll just right. If you have no experience rolling a joint, you may review the best method illustrated with detailed steps.


The joint is considered to be one of the popular ways to use cannabis, not to mention that it is a good way to relish the taste of the flower. Each cannabis smoker must learn the basics of how to roll a joint. You can say that there are boundless assumptions on the various methods of rolling a joint. However, whatever approach you employ, see to it that your work burns evenly and smoothly.

You cannot expect to be an expert on the rolling of joint on your first try, but after a few attempts and practices, you should be able to acquire the skills of joint rolling.