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How to Pass a Drug Test: Stoner’s Preparation Guide

There can be some reasons why you are curious to know how to pass a drug test. One of the most common is for employment purposes.  This is an essential requirement by the employers before hiring a new employee for a certain job position within their companies. 

If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you will need to exert much effort and time on it. This should not bother you a lot as long as you know what to do. This guide will help you stay calm in times your new or existing company requests a drug test. 

An Overview of Marijuana Legalization in Some States

Marijuana legalization has been implemented in some parts of the world, especially in Canada. There have been constant issues and debates in accepting cannabis as part of a country’s legal product. As Canada announced that marijuana is officially legal, it has paved the way for better opportunities for local and online stores. 

However, the crimes and violations associated with marijuana consumption continue to rise as this product is abused in different establishments and natures of work. Thus, employers from private and public establishments become stricter when it comes to compliance with this rule. 

Those who work in industries like healthcare, transportation, and law enforcement are also requested to undergo a drug test. Even for normal companies nowadays, owners would assure that their current and future employees will be tested. 

Education, medical care, and professional sports employers should strictly undergo a drug screening for medical marijuana. Employees cannot go to work when under the influence of alcohol. The same rule goes to drug consumption. In that case, workers need to be guided well in how to pass a drug test if they consider themselves stoners. 

Methods on How to Pass a Drug Test

The most difficult of this process is waiting for the test result. Of course, you are expecting to get a negative result. If the paper shows that you are positive in drug use, you will face the consequences like losing your job. If you have been caught in the act while using marijuana or illegal drugs, then you will suffer the consequences, such as being sent to jail. 

There is nothing wrong when enjoying weeds occasionally, especially if you are suffering from medical conditions. This time, the most crucial thing to do is to manage the drug screening result because of the actual process. Luckily, there are several ways you can do to get desirable results. 

1. Exercising

Exercise can help you if you have more than seventy-two hours left before getting tested. Engage in a little exercise when you are less than three days away. This gives more time for the THC levels to be absorbed into the fat cells. 

When you do more exercise, you will burn the fats off completely. Then, the THC levels will be released afterward. 

2. Considering the Effect of Diet

Diet works the same way as exercise. When you’re still seventy-two hours away from taking a test, you will need to eat lean meals with more fiber. After you reached the mark, you can switch to a high-fat diet. This will involve adding some red meat. This is the only way that your body will begin saving fat cells. You also block the THC levels from entering your kidneys.

3. Learning About Diuretics

Urinate more by using diuretics. Diuretics do not only detox or clean you of the remaining THC. They also flush out the gall bladder to lower the THC amount. You can buy diuretic pills on the market. You just need to be ready as they need a prescription. You can find many diuretic solutions online. 

Below are the lists of diuretics to find at the local grocery store.

  • Citrus drinks and fruits
  • Cranberry juice
  • Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea
  • Garlic
  • Palo Azul

Make sure you do a brief research about how these diuretics work. The right supplier should provide the necessary information regarding the products to help you get negative results in the drug test. Go directly to their contact page if you have some questions regarding the product. 

4. Drinking Plenty of Water

Drink an excessive amount of water as it is good. It does flush the THC amount out of your system. It also dilutes the toxin levels in the urine. Nevertheless, do not get this confusing with being free from THC. 

Drink more water until the test is completed. Do not go overboard in this case. Or else, you might die from excessive drinking of water. Just put the right amount of strain on your kidneys.

The only issue faced with drinking water is that it lowers the substance amount in urine. This is true when it comes to creatine. It gives way to a clear color that technicians usually watch out for. 

5. Taking Supplements

It is essential to take supplements several days before getting tested. Read the labels on the supplements. But, never overdo its dosage in this case. 

  • Creatine. The urine test will check for the creatine available. Once you dilute, there isn’t single creatine left in the body. Follow it by taking a creatine supplement. This can then increase the creatine amount in your body. Be ready as the creatine comes with health risks. Speak to your doctor before you ever take a creatine supplement.
  • B12. This adds up a yellowish color to the urine. This also keeps lab technicians from doubting your sample. This is an essential supplement to ever consider. This can be bought at any health store or pharmacy. 
  • Multivitamin. This is good in replenishing minerals and vitamins in the body. 
  • Niacin. If you still have a few more days to pass a drug test, take niacin in small doses. If you take it in an excessive amount, you will get a bright red and burning sensation. You will also develop hives. Take 250milligrams or less of niacin a day. Take it only in small doses over several days up to a week. Never rely that much on niacin. Use it as a complement to other methods, as discussed.


Combine the essential methods on how to pass a drug test—taking supplements, drinking water, diuretics, diet, and exercise. All these will help you fully prepare in achieving the results you want. Also, include buying THC test kits. These will check your levels before finally take the test. Do not think twice, but consider all these to help you pass the said drug test!