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How to Maximize CBD’s Effects and Benefits

People have been using cannabis for pain and other common health problems for centuries. Recent studies show why CBD is effective in treating different diseases and minor health issues. Cannabidiol or CBD for short is a crucial element present in marijuana. It’s among the well-known cannabinoids and the most highly examined one. Therefore, you should learn what CBD is, its effects and benefits, and how to maximize them.

What is CBD

CBD is a chemical that exists in a cannabis sativa plant or marijuana. There are more than 80 recognized chemicals present in weed called cannabinoids. While THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient, CBD makes up around 40 percent of cannabis extracts.

Cannabidiol is very useful. In fact, the US FDA said cannabidiol is a new drug, not a dietary supplement. However, there are products labeled and categorized as dietary supplements in the market containing CBD. The chemical amount present in those products is not always an accurate one. This means what’s on the label is either correct or incorrect.

Patients take cannabidiol orally for various diseases such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Dystonia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Graft-vs.- host disease
  • Schizophrenia

Smokers use cannabidiol through inhalation to help themselves quit smoking.

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How Does CBD Work

Cannabidiol comes with antipsychotic effects. The actual cause of these effects is still unclear. On the other hand, CBD seems to stop the breakdown of the chemical within the human brain which can affect mood, pain, and mental function. This preventative action seems to decrease the psychotic signs associated with various conditions like schizophrenia. Likewise, CBD may block a few of THC’s psychoactive effects. It may even reduce anxiety and pain, too.

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What are the Effects and Benefits of CBD to Your Health

Recent studies show that CBD can offer several good effects and benefits to a person’s health. Cannabidiol is a component of weed, but it doesn’t produce those psychoactive effects like the ones in THC. These psychoactive effects have made weed great for recreational use. The benefits of CBD are real because cannabidiol produces strong therapeutic and medicinal effects even for the most common health problems.

A healthy appetite is important to a healthy and strong body, especially when it’s in the healing state. Some health problems cause lack of appetite, which may eventually prevent the human body from curing itself. CBD can help here. The National Cancer Institute said it boosts and stimulates appetite.

Within a person’s body, CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors that naturally exist within the system. Scientists do believe that these receptors have a crucial role in regulating a person’s feeding behavior. CBD stimulates appetite once they dock on these receptors. Also, CBD eases vomiting and nausea. Therefore, it is helpful especially for people who undergo chemotherapy and other intensive treatments for severe diseases.

CBD also comes with analgesic properties. You will experience a soothing relief for pain as soon as it binds to the CB1 receptors. Besides, CBD comes with anti-inflammatory properties which are responsible for reducing swelling.

Cannabidiol may alleviate serious social anxiety, too. SAD or general social anxiety disorder is among the most common types of anxiety disorders which impair the quality of life. Some consumers out there are complaining of severe social anxiety after using weed. However, it can be a result of low CBD levels proportionate to higher THC levels.

In a study conducted in 2011, the scientists planned to examine the CBD effects on those patients who deal with SAD. They chose 24 persons who have been dealing with this condition and were not yet receiving any form of treatment for the mentioned condition. The scientists divided these people into 2 groups.

After separating the participants in 2 groups, they started giving 600 mg of CBD on one group while the other group got a placebo. Then, the scientists asked the participants to join the replicated public speaking test. Scientists also took this as an opportunity to measure the blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs of the participants. They looked for any signs of psychological or physiological stress.

The group of participants who received CBD showed substantially reduced anxiety, discomfort, and cognitive impairment in their ability to speak. On the other hand, those patients who got a placebo showed increased anxiety, discomfort, and cognitive impairment.

The National Institute of Mental Health said around 15 million people in the US deal with social phobia and approximately 6.8 million patients have a generalized anxiety disorder. The traditional treatments for those conditions typically involve medications and counseling. Treating these conditions with CBD can provide a much better result than anti-depressant medicines. CBD acts instantly and doesn’t cause any side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

The National Cancer Institute also mentioned different studies about the potential anti-cancer effects of CBD. One study in rats and mice recommend CBD might have a defensive effect against the progress of some cancer types. CBD can do it through inducing tumor cell death, controlling malignant cell growth, and inhibiting the spread of malignant cells.

The California Pacific Medical Center also conducted a study that suggested CBD can “turn off” the gene associated with the spread and development of breast cancer. These scientists discovered that CBD prevents ID-1, which is the response in which CBD stops the malignant cells from spreading and reaching distant tissues.

CBD also relieves the psychotic signs associated with a mental condition known as schizophrenia, based on the research conducted by the University of Cologne located in Germany.

Schizophrenia is a common psychological disorder affecting around 1.1% of the population or around 2.4 million American adults.  CBD never fails to surprise the medical researchers about its potential benefits to health. An increasing number of physicians, scientists, and consumers are becoming more interested in the benefits of CBD. These people are now including CBD in their lifestyle plans.

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Tips and Tricks on Maximizing CBD Effects and Benefits

#1. Double Check the Instructions

This may sound obvious, but some people unintentionally fail to follow the exact directions given in the labels of those CBD products they buy. Therefore, read carefully and double check the instructions to make sure you’re using the product correctly. That’s how you can actually enjoy the benefits and effects of CBD to your body.

That is true especially if you’re taking CBD oil orally. Be sure you hold this oil under your tongue for 30 seconds before you swallow. Underneath your tongue is the sublingual section where there are many capillaries and salivary glands. Dropping the oil under your tongue will give your body enough time for absorbing a CBD compound and taking it into your bloodstream so that it can travel all over your body.

You may find it hard to believe how many users just open the body, put a drop full of CBD oil in their mouth, swallow, and get annoyed because they don’t see any effects.

Possibly, the oil just slides down their throat, going to their gut and to the liver where it will be processed and mixed with your urine. So, to experience the best from taking CBD oil, make sure you give your body some time to absorb CBD.

#2. Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Products Over Pure CBD Isolates

It’s very important when maximizing the effects or benefits of CBD. In fact, most experts agreed that full-spectrum tinctures are more effective and stronger compared to 100 percent pure CBD isolates.

Full-spectrum means the CBD product has all the active weed compounds instead of just the CBD itself. Weed is full of countless phytocannabinoids and a range of terpenes. Some scientific tests have revealed that the medicinal properties of a cannabis plant are more potent and effective when all those compounds work hand in hand instead of by themselves.

#3.Mix with Melatonin

This is one thing you should always keep in mind if you’re planning to use CBD for sleep issues like insomnia. Melatonin is the natural hormone produced by the pineal gland. This hormone helps in regulating a person’s sleep-wake cycle. Different reputable companies today combine melatonin with CBD in various products such as the nighttime CBD sleep syrups. Thus, feel free to try it if you have been dealing with CBD for sleep.

#4.Don’t Disregard the “Regular Weed”

As said before, CBD becomes much more effective when you take it together with other active compounds of cannabis. It will be twice more potent compared to pure CBD isolates. THC often comes with a bad reputation because this compound makes a person feel high. However, the truth is that THC has a very crucial role in every aspect of marijuana-based therapy. Thus, the existence of THC magnifies the medicinal effects of CBD.

Likewise, many hemp-based CBD oils have no THC. If a CBD hemp oil seems ineffective on your case, then you should try a whole plant weed-based product which comes with higher THC amounts. Do this if you have instant access to weed-based products.

If recreational marijuana is not yet available in your area, however, get your medical marijuana card now so that you can gain access to licensed dispensaries. Once you have this, you’ll get access to a range of CBD oils with higher THC:CBD ratios.

Once again, many experts will agree that these weed-based products are more potent and effective than the hemp-based CBD products which don’t have detectable THC amounts.

#5.Make a CBD “Super” Coffee

This one is a bit more abstract. However, some cannabis users tried adding some drops of CBD oil to something they call “super” coffee. This coffee is basically the one with healthy saturated fats and other ingredients like organic palm oil and butter.

By adding drops of CBD oil to coffee along with these healthy saturated fats, the increased lipid content may help in “picking up” the active cannabidiol. Meaning, this will be more effectively transported to your bloodstream up to those areas of your body where CBD should be. This encourages better therapeutic response.

This method is not scientifically proven, but it’s something that you must check out if you are not experiencing the best effects and results in using CBD oil.

#6.Try CBD Liposomes

It is a newly introduced idea, but some companies already came up with products known as CBD liposomes that can improve the molecular bioavailability of the orally-taken CBD. Liposomes have been in the medical industry for a long time. They are small pockets or capsules of fat which encapsulate the lipid-soluble drugs.

Through encapsulating the active compounds in the lipid capsules, the notion is that the intestines can absorb the cannabis chemical compounds faster, thus making CBD much more available for your cells and tissues.

Final Thoughts

CBD is very helpful to people who deal with different health problems. For that reason, one should take advantage of its effects and health benefits. CBD can’t do its job alone. Taking a CBD product needs your sincerity so that you can truly enjoy its effects and benefits.

To begin, keep in mind all those tips provided above. These tips are 100% helpful for anyone who wants to maximize CBD’s effects and benefits. These tips are the solution to your disappointments and frustrations.

Following these ideas will finally help you avoid spending your cash on something useless or ineffective only to learn that is will not work just like how you have expected it to. Keep in mind as well that these are just suggestions. They are not clinical advice or a guarantee that your chosen CBD oil will start working better once you follow them.

In getting the most out of a CBD product, make sure the oil you choose is proven effective. Shop around and look for a top-rated CBD oil or any other CBD product you would like to use and follow these tips. From there, rest assured that you have more chances to experience the best out of using CBD for whatever condition you have.