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How to Make Your Very Own CBD Oil

Fasten your seatbelts, bud buddies, for you are about to get involved in the most amazing DIY CBD Oil tutorial!

Oh YES, learning how to make your very own CBD Oil is a real game (and life) changer, so we can’t help it but feel super enthusiastic about the whole thing.

We truly hope to contaminate you with a massive dose of positive DIY cannavibes, yet even more importantly, we feel extremely lucky for being able to spread awareness over the multiple benefits of making CBD Oil at home vs. purchasing a bottle of readily-available CBD Oil, whether online or offline.

Join us below and we bet that by the end of this article, you’ll feel like Mother Theresa of CBD Oil. Let’s just wholeheartedly admit it: homemade CBD Oil rocks! That’s why we feel it only makes sense to shamelessly brag about this fantastic insight, as well as to further share a generous batch of invaluable DIY CBD Oil tips with all the beautiful people out there who want to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of Cannabidiol in the healthiest, most affordable and best working way possible.

Big Gains Made Simple: Prepping CBD Oil at Home vs. Purchasing CBD Oil

The truth is, the CBD fever seems to be omnipresent. From CBD ice cream through CBD salves and CBD facials, people are eager to reap the healing superpowers of Cannabidiol in just about any possible form of CBD-laced foods, beverages or skincare products. CBD has turned into quite a buzzword recently, hasn’t it A wide choice of CBD products has started to pop up literally everywhere, from gas stations to yoga studios and health stores. However, despite the beautifully huge choice and availability of CBD Oil and CBD-based products, it is not all flowers and roses out there.

A lot of news has been coming out, warning about the inconsistency, and/or the impurity of some of the CBD oils and CBD Oil-based goods plaguing the market globally. Being bombarded with information that varies from CBD is the cure for everything through don’t fall victim to CBD scams, it becomes so challenging to know what to buy and who to trust.

Homemade CBD Oil = Reliable Quality Control

In 2016, FDA reports revealed an ugly trend-making up for a big picture that is not pretty to look at in any possible way: out of a total of 24 CBD products created and sold by eight different companies, only two passed the agency’s potency test. In other words, when tested for potency, only two products out of twenty-four did truly match the exact amount of CBD as claimed on the products’ labels.

As Ph.D. Holly Johnson, who is a laboratory director at Southern California-based Alkemist Labs commented on the results revealed by FDA tests on readily-available CBD products potency, some of the products simply contained significantly less CBD than claimed on the label.

Unfortunately, there is an even more frightening tendency when it comes to CBD oils and CBD products sold in stores, and that’s the potential inclusion of chemicals and/or other ingredients that are quite sketchy.

According to a study executed by a team of researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), some readily-available CBD Oils and CBD products contain unexpected chemicals that “can lead to dangerous consequences,” especially if the consumers are unaware of the inclusion and/or potential harms of these hazardous compounds.

After testing a total of nine samples from different CBD-based products, VCU researchers found out that a well-known cough medicine with a long history of health dangers (including but not limited to recreational abuse), namely DXM (dextromethorphan), was present in the samples. DXM was not the only unwanted chemical the experts discovered while testing CBD products’ samples. Another unexpected chemical, namely 5F-ADB, was detected as part of CBD samples’ content. 5F-ADB is just one of the growing family of synthetic cannabinoids that have made their way into the global scene of cannabis in recent years, commonly referred to as Spice or K2.

Unfortunately, what the results of the studies mentioned above reveal about the quality of store-bought CBD Oil and CBD-laced products does not look or feel pretty, not at all.

But, what could you possibly do to win the uneven battle with poor quality CBD Oil

Should you just stop taking CBD altogether until there are added protections for the consumers

Or should you try to change the world

Maybe you should go for investing more money in higher quality CBD Oil and/or CBD-based products, with a mind to only sticking with CBD companies that you know you can trust

Well, we actually have a better idea: just get in the kitchen and get down to making your very own CBD Oil. After all, no matter how much we LOVE the fact that the US CBD market has finally opened up to a large scale CBD retail scenario, we must make zero compromises whenever it comes to our health and well-being. On the bright side, we do immensely appreciate the invaluable opportunity of CBD products being widely and freely available to purchase legally just like the effective herbal supplements that they are, and not by being stigmatized by the outdated public fears regarding most things cannabis-related (thank you, 2018 Farm Bill)! Aside from quality, homemade CBD Oil beats readily-available CBD Oil because of yet another important factor: cost-effectiveness.

Video by: VOX – The booming CBD craze, explained

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Homemade CBD Oil = Affordability of the Green Medication

The reality of truth is quite straightforward: CBD Oil tends to be a hefty way to spend your hard-earned money (or your not-that-hard-earned money, although the way one earns money actually makes no difference as far as homemade CBD Oil’s cost-effectiveness is concerned).The thing is, you should never worry about investing money in your health and well-being since this is the one of the most valuable investments you can make. However, if there is a funnier, cheaper, easy, and better working way to enjoy CBD Oil than opting for readily-available products, then why not give it a try, right

We did some super simple calculations on the affordability of homemade CBD Oil vs. purchasing CBD Oil from online or offline stores, so feel free to check our insights out and do the maths for yourself when it comes to whether it’s really worth it spending money on readily-available Cannabidiol Oil of (possibly) dim quality or not.

Now, if you want to indulge in the health and well-being superpowers of CBD by ingesting 25 mg CBD a day, you’ll likely spend about $70 – $100 a month(respectively, about $1000 – $1200 annually) on readily-available CBD Oil, and that’s only true in the case you stick with buying bigger bottles of CBD Oil with a mind to keeping costs on the lower side.

Meanwhile, DIY CBD Oil made with 225 grams of CBD-rich cannabis flowers and/or trim of an estimated 10% CBD potency yields roughly (hold your breath) 22 000 mg CBD. Yes, you read this right. Cannabis growers who are willing to cultivate CBD-rich strains as part of their beautiful marijuana garden can get a full year’s daily supply of60 mg Cannabidiolat the mind-blowing cost of as little as $200spent on CBD Oil annually. Well, now that you know how insanely awesome homemade CBD Oil is in terms of both quality and affordability, let’s put the icing on our cannacake with a short summary on the incredible benefits of DIY CBD Oil.

The Incredible Benefits of Homemade CBD Oil in a Nutshell

#1. You’ll save a lot of money.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned, do you agree For the record, as far as getting into that thrifty mode is concerned when it comes to CBD, you can invest the money you have managed to save by not having to buy readily-available CBD Oil for the sake of getting equipped with a high-quality cannabutter making machine, premium-grade cannabis decarb device, and/or a cannabinoid testing device to upgrade your cooking with cannabis skills like a pro, and ultimately, to diversify your cannabis intake routine with confidence and a big, wide smile. Sounds like one helluvacannatastic idea, doesn’t it

#2. Homemade CBD Oil tastes better.

And by better, we mean like 10000% better. The reason Well, we suppose it’s pretty much the same reason that makes a batch of DIY freshly baked cookies coming straight out of the oven taste so much better than buying a box of cookies from the local store.
Those of you who have tasted full-spectrum CBD oil is well-familiar with the distinctly nutty and somewhat bitter aftertaste. Now, guess what The taste of homemade CBD Oil is way softer, subtler and smoother, and simply put, way better. Because of this, we love working with homemade CBD Oil for making edibles that we actually get to enjoy every single bite of to the fullest.

#3. You have full control of over the ingredients.

Forget about trying to figure out whether that bottle of hemp-derived CBD Oil you just purchased will be worth it when compared with those rather costlier full spectrum CBD Oil bottles, or whether your bottle of CBD is really pesticides- and additives-free as promised on the label. As we already mentioned above, as of now, there is close to zero regulation on the ingredients in CBD products. Anyway, we do not want to condone any of the CBD Oils and CBD products available on the market, because there are plenty of companies one can trust but it is an undeniable truth that homemade CBD Oil makes it easy, convenient, reliable, and affordable to know exactly what you get to ingest from seed to harvest.

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DIY CBD Oil Recipe: The Best Step-by-Step Homemade CBD Oil Tutorial

List of Ingredients

28 grams (1 oz.) CBD rich dried and cured cannabis flowers (and/or trim).
2. 256 grams (2 cups) Coconut Oil
3. 3 tablespoons sunflower lecithin

Important Notes

If you stick with using 10% CBD cannabis flowers and/or trim for infusing 2 cups of coconut oil, you’ll get approximately 30 mg CBD per teaspoon after done cooking the coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, and CBD rich cannabis flowers infusion. While experimenting with this recipe, we gave three CBD rich strains a try. The first strain we got to make DIY CBD Oil with was CB Cheese. CB Cheese is known to offer the best of both worlds thanks to 8% CBD to 8% THC content, which resulted in reaching a potency of roughly 23 – 25 mg CBD per teaspoon. With powerfully calming effects, our batch of CB Cheese strain-based CBD Oil worked wonders for alleviating stress and depression while blanketing the body in a state of relaxation and a clear, harmoniously balanced head high.

The second strain we had the privilege to work with while testing, upgrading, and polishing this CBD Oil recipe is a true gemstone for it is one of the most CBD rich strains available from seed: Cali Kush. Topping 20% CBD and as little as 1% THC, Cali Kush is definitely a must grow for anybody who wants to experience the healing benefits of CBD in whatever DIY form imaginable. Plus, Cali Kush strain-based CBD Oil got to tower about 45 mg CBD per teaspoon, which is simply beautiful. While only within trace amounts of 1% present, THC is just enough to support the entourage effect of any type of homemade whole plant-based cannabis derivatives, paving the path towards a focus and good mood-boosting CBD intake, alongside reliable chronic pain and inflammation management.

Lastly, we gave Super Silver Haze strain homemade CBD Oil a try. With levels of 5% THC to 5% CBD, we should have ended up with about 15 mg CBD per teaspoon, however, since we used Super Silver Haze trim instead of buds, we got roughly 10 mg CBD per teaspoon. Despite seemingly small, we agree that this dosage of homemade CBD Oildemonstrated very promising anti-stress, anti-depression, and anti-anxiety properties, which is exactly what one should expect from Super Silver Haze strain. Plus, it was the most brilliant way to make use of cannabis trim!

#2. Please, mind, that since this DIY CBD Oil recipe results in full-spectrum CBD Oil because of being made with CBD rich cannabis flowers, there will be small amounts of THC present in your homemade CBD Oil. While this is actually a wonderful benefit for your health as the active cannabinoids are known to work best when in combination (a phenomenon popular under the term “the entourage effect” or “the ensemble effect”), taking homemade CBD Oil internally can lead to a positive drug test. And so, if you are eligible for drug testing, it is best to consider substituting CBD rich cannabis flowers with hemp-derived cannabis flowers that are known not to exceed 0.2% THC.

#3.If you happen to dislike the taste of coconut oil or in the case you are allergic to coconut oil, feel free to substitute it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, dairy butter or ghee, and simply follow the same steps as listed below. We need to note, though, that coconut oil proves to work best in terms of your homemade CBD Oil’s potency.

#4. Store your homemade CBD Oil just the way you would normally store any other form of readily-available CBD Oil.

#5. Once it’s time to strain the plant material, don’t hurry to disregard the remnants! You can make awesome cannabis-infused tea (aka cannatea) using your CBD-rich leftovers, hooray.

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Step 1: Decarb your high CBD cannabis flowers and/or trim. This way, you will use heat in your best favor to convert CBDA into CBD.

Step 2: Fill a crockpot with water about halfway up to the top. As a rule of thumb, you need to add as much water as to cover the amount of CBD rich cannabis flowers, sunflower lecithin, and coconut oil which you are about to combine in a mason jar.

Step 3: In a mason jar, combine coconut oil and sunflower lecithin. Next, add your finely chopped, decarbed CBD richweed. It is important to add your decarbed CBD rich weed after placing coconut oil and sunflower lecithin into the mason jar, and not vice versa, because adding the cannabis flowers first can result in overheating your CBD rich pot as the plant material will be left on the bottom of your crockpot. Overheating is intricately related to decreasing the healing potency of some of the active compounds (including but not limited to Cannabidiol), so simply start with combining coconut oil and sunflower lecithin to ensure the best potency and quality of your homemade CBD Oil. Now, cover the lid and place the sealed mason jar in the crockpot.

Step 4: Put the crockpot on high. After about 30 minutes, you want to burp the jar by opening the lid. This is necessary to avoid too much pressure building up in the cooking process. There are no strict rules when it comes to how often you’ll need to burp the jar as this depends on how powerful is your crockpot. As a rule of thumb, if you notice a lot of pressure as soon as you do the first burp, then you’ll need to make sure to burp the jar often (every 20 minutes or so) until you notice that pressure has stopped building up. Anyway, keep an eye on your CBD Oil to be every hour or so, since monitoring is the best way to master this recipe. After several successful trials, you’ll know exactly how much burping and/or monitoring your CBD Oil requires. On the bright side, there is no risk of overcooking you CBD Oil with the crockpot and mason jar method.

Step 5: You can keep cooking your coconut oil, sunflower lecithin and CBD rich cannabis mixture using the crockpot and mason jar method for 4 and up to 24 hours. Yeah, that’s certainly a huge time gap but we barely found any difference between the batch of CBD Oil fusion we cooked for 4 hours vs. the one we cooked for some good 23 hours, so it’s mostly a matter of personal preferences (or forgetfulness). But, really, since water in your crockpot will most probably not boil even on high setting (unless you’re using some form of ultra-all-mighty-crockpot-device we have personally never heard of or worked with before), you’d best keep in mind that simmering water indicates no problems. Then again, mind the difference between a simmer and a boil.

Step 6: Once done cooking, use a cheesecloth to strain your CBD Oil while still warm (but not hot), transferring it into suitable containers of your choice.

How to Make Your Very Own CBD Oil: The Takeaway

As cannabis legalization grows, the regulations that have been blocking the paths towards learning more about the amazing health and spiritual benefits of cannabis are bound to be lifted once and for all (Amen).

In the foreseeable future, we will be able to make the best use of other active cannabinoids, apart from CBD and THC, such as CBN, CBG, and CBC, to name a few. So, how about a bottle of pure, high-quality homemade CBN Oil We sure live in the most exciting times in the modern history of humanity and cannabis use, bud buddies, and we don’t know about you but we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings on the global stage of marijuana-related research and innovations.

We hope that learning how to make your very own CBD Oil will feel like a breeze after reading this article, for we also hope that the tips and tricks we listed will be just as pleasant to read and follow as educational and informative for you in the long run. Wishing you a wonderful, pleasurable, and meaningful DIY CBD Oil adventure!

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