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How to Make Cannabis Oil

Probably one of the common products that can be produced from cannabis is cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is a form of an extract that a lot of people are using since it has tons of active and beneficial effects towards the body. It also is a top choice for cannabis consumption aside from smoking since a lot of cannabis users are not accustomed to smoking per se.

But what exactly is cannabis oil and how does it differ from the other cannabis-based products Cannabis oil is usually used for medical use since it boasts a perfect amount of CBD or cannabidiol that helps in treating certain symptoms of diseases. Other than that, some cannabis oils have higher levels of THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol depending on what strain of cannabis is used to make this one.

Whatever reason you have for using cannabis oil, remember to choose the best strain type to get the most out of its effect that you want to achieve.

The big question is which variant of cannabis should be used Is it CBD or THC And how can you make your very own homemade cannabis oil

Everything will be answered later as you go through this article.

What is Cannabis Oil

Per definition, cannabis oil is basically a thick extract that is usually rich with cannabinoids which come from cannabis plants.

Cannabis oil is known in so many names which made it a bit confusing for some people to identify which is which. Marijuana oil, cannabinoid oil, THC oil, CBD oil, hash oil, hemp oil, and cannabidiol oil are just some to name a few. Whatever it is called it is still the same thing.

There will also come a time that you might come across with other names used to call cannabis oil which includes Full Extract Cannabis Oil or FECO, Rick Simpson oil or RSO, and butane hash oil or BHO.

The thing is that cannabis oil is used as a general term to denote extracts that comes from the cannabis plant. Because not all cannabis oils have high levels of CBD that can be considered as CBD oil as well as not all have high THC content to be termed as THC oil. Between these two common types of cannabis oil, CBD oil is more preferred and is more accepted rather than THC oil.

Ever heard of butane hash oil or BHO Well, BHO or is also known as wax or shatter is named due to the process that is involved in extracting the cannabis oil in cannabis which is through the use of butane. Did you know that BHO became the primary reason for the world-renowned dance craze which is the dabbing Dabbing came to the scene due to the way people who use BHO sneezes wherein the cover their nose with their shoulder, hence the dab is born.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a top choice of oil when it comes to helping in alleviating the symptoms of a lot of medical conditions. It is used by a lot of people since it is proven to be effective in treating even the worst type of diseases.

There are quite a number of advantages and medical benefits that you can acquire from the use of cannabis oil. Listed below are just some of these symptoms that can be lessened or eradicated with the use of cannabis oil.

1. Pain

Probably one of the top reasons why people are venturing to the use of cannabis oil is its effectivity towards removing pain in many forms and in any part of the body. Mostly, cannabis oil is prescribed by doctors most especially for chronic pain or that kind of pain that is already unbearable and common medicine won’t do a thing. Cancer patients are usually the ones who are commonly using cannabis oil because of the relief that it can provide them after chemotherapy which is known to be really painful.

2. Epilepsy

The high THC content of some cannabis oil is very effective in controlling seizure attacks caused by epilepsy. This THC moves towards the brain and connects with the brain cells to help control the urge of being excited that leads to seizures and also keeps the body in a relaxed state.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the great benefits that make cannabis oil at top of its line is its ability to slow down the occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease. A big thanks to the high THC that these cannabis oils have for keeping the enzymes responsible for the plaques in the amyloid part of the brain. These amyloid plaques are the ones responsible for destroying the cells in the brain that leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.

4. Arthritis

Inflammation of the joints is also one of the target symptoms that cannabis oil helps alleviate. This is why a lot of people who have arthritis rely mostly on the use of cannabis oil as a form of pain relief and reduces inflammation that causes discomfort to patients.

5. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD

The THC that is found in some cannabis oil contributes to the regulation of the cause of fear and anxiety in people. This is why those who are experiencing PTSD were suggested to use cannabis oil as a form of medication.

6. Cancer

There are studies that show that the components found in cannabis help in reducing the size of tumors and event have the capability ofpreventing cancer from developing. As a matter of fact, cannabis oil was also known to help people who have cancer to get over the disease easier.

7. Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping during the night then it is suggested to use some cannabis oil to help you get a sound and undisturbed good night’s sleep. Cannabis oil is known to relax both the body and the mind that lowers the heart rate and removes every negative thought that is pondering on your head.

8. Eating Disorders

There’s no denying that those people who are regularly taking marijuana feel really hungry after taking it some dose of it. This is why cannabis oil is effective in inducing hunger for patients who have problems with eating because it helps stimulate the digestive system allowing it to perform in its best state.

9. Multiple Sclerosis

Since marijuana can help alleviate the main source of pain, it can also responsible for helping patients who have multiple sclerosis to reduce the spasms felt in their muscles. The THC that is present in cannabis oil binds with the receptors in the muscles and nerves to block out the pain.

10. Crohn’ Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Cannabis oil is also beneficial for the digestive tract since the CBD and THC found in it partners with the cells in your body and helps improve the responses of your immune system and improves the function of your tummy. Moreover, cannabis oil helps in tightening the gut and intestines decreasing the symptoms of diarrhea and inflamed digestive tract. These are just some of the conditions that are commonly battled by cannabis oil. There are a lot more benefits that cannabis oil can bring forth to you and on this crazy medical world.

Procedure in Making the Perfect Cannabis Oil

Now that you have been acquainted with what cannabis oil is and its benefits to your body, it is now time to make your very own homemade cannabis oil. It is actually easy to do and you don’t need some knowledge of rocket science to give it a try. We already found a nice step by step procedure in creating the perfect cannabis oil that is fairly easy to follow.

Just like any other recipe or procedures, the first thing that you need to do is to gather all the required materials in making cannabis oil. These include the following:

  • An ounce of marijuana of your choice preferably a medical marijuana strain.
  • A gallon of alcohol and make sure that it has high proof but don’t go for rubbing alcohol.
  • A ceramic bowl or a medium glass.
  • A wooden spoon.
  • A metal strainer.
  • Cheesecloth or you can also use a coffee filter with a mesh strainer.
  • A catch basin like a container.
  • Silicon spatula.
  • A double boiler.
  • A plastic syringe.
  • A glass jar.
  • Non-latex gloves.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Oven mittens.
  • A respiratory mask.

The next step involves the actual extraction of the cannabinoids from the marijuana strain of your choice. In doing so, you must drench the buds of your cannabis in alcohol in the bowl.

Stir everything well inside the bowl while crushing the mixture using a wooden spatula for around 3 minutes.

After doing this, you must strain the whole mixture allowing the cannabis-infused alcohol (which will appear dark green in color) to drain on the free container.

Gather the strained cannabis from the strainer and place it back to the initial bowl that you used before. Allow it to be drenched once again with alcohol and do the previous steps for the second time. This is called the second straining.

The next thing that you must do is to fill the double boiler with water until the bottom part is filled with it. On the top part of the double boiler, pour in the filtered dark green substance that you collected a while ago.

Place the double boiler on top of a stove and allow the bottom part that is filled with water to boil. The heat coming from the boiling water will help the top portion of the double boiler with the filtered dark green substance to separate from the alcohol. Make sure that you use low heat to allow even separation of alcohol from the cannabis filtrate.

You will know that everything went well and when it is done if the substance at the top of the double boiler presents a dark green syrup-like content. Remove the top of the double boiler and allow it to cool down. The product of this step is now the cannabis oil that you wished for.

You must store the finished product in a cool, dry place while it is contained in syringes or glass jars.

For a better visual of this process, you can always watch the video provided on the link below:
Loaded Up – How to Make a Homemade Waterfall Bong

Best Strains to use for Cannabis Oil

Almost all strains of marijuana can be used to make a good cannabis oil but not all can give you the best results that you need. There are some top choices of marijuana strains that can provide you with the best quality of cannabis oil for different conditions and purposes. Listed below are just some of the best marijuana strains that you can use to make cannabis oil.

1. Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple is a very famous marijuana strain coming from the indica lineage. It has a very powerful effect that is effective against the alleviation of psychoactive conditions plus eases the pain that is being felt by a lot of patients. It is good for people who are looking for a great relaxing high that you deserve.

2. Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a sativa marijuana strain that is very potent which provides an incredible euphoric high that releases all the creative juices in your head. So if you’re feeling a little down, try to concoct a cannabis oil out of this cannabis strain.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is termed as the “Top Cash Crop” by a lot of marijuana connoisseurs that promotes a sudden jolt of energy for you to be able to perform better at work or anywhere that you need to tend to. This strain is best used for the alleviation of stress, pain, and depression plus a lot more medical conditions.

4. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 or better known as GG4 is a top favorite among medical marijuana patients. It contains very high levels of THC that promotes intense relaxation of both the mind and the body. GG4 is perfect for people who are looking for appetite inducer marijuana strains to battle out their eating disorders.

5. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is another very well-known marijuana strain worldwide that helps patients who are dealing with physical and mental conditions.

Other good choices of marijuana strains include Strawberry Cough, Super Lemon Haze, Banana Kush, Cherry Pie, and Green Crack.

Common Ways to use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be consumed and use in a lot of different ways depending on your preferences. Once you’ve finally made your very own homemade cannabis oil, you can generally use it as a base for a lot of fun and fascinating things that will surely help you get the best out of the cannabis strain that you used.

Some people want it to be mixed with their favorite drink or even as an added buzz to their most loved dishes. For whatever trip you want to ride, cannabis oil will definitely take you for a great high with medicinal benefits that will never go wrong.

Listed below are just some of the ways you can use your cannabis oil.


Cannabis oil can be freely used to bake some of your favorite sweet treats which and is known to be one of the classical uses to whip some edibles. Just be aware that it might affect the taste of your baked goodies.

2. Skin Care

Mixing cannabis oil with vitamin E or aloe vera can double as a valuable daily lotion that you can use against sunburn. It can also be used as a moisturizer for the face which can provide you with such radiant glow on your skin. It also has some anti-aging properties for those people who are conscious of how they look because of age.

3. Smoothies

Cannabis oil can also be used as a part of the ingredients in your favorite smoothie. Since it has an admirable consistency, you can add around 5 to 10 mg depending on the strength of the strain that you used to your most loved smoothie recipe.

4. Coffee and Tea

If you want your tea or coffee to have that creamy feel then why not add some cannabis oil in it Take your tea or coffee sipping experience to a whole new medicinal level with just enough mix of cannabis oil.

5. Cooking

Instead of using typical cooking oil, you can always make cannabis oil as a substitute when you cook your favorite dish. Aside from making it a healthy option, it can also infuse some good medicinal benefits to the food that you eat. One of the best uses for cannabis oil is on salads.

Cannabis oil is clearly a great innovation that has been brought to the world of marijuana. You can be as creative as possible in any way that you want.