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How to Make an Apple Pipe

Ever heard of the famous quotation: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Well, this is considered true for so many reasons which are why a lot of cannabis users managed to come up with a superb idea of combining their favorite weed strain with a piece of apple. This method also makes smoking weed out of the normal and into a more exciting, enjoyable, and healthy habit that will surely entice marijuana smokers out there.

The apple pipe is considered as a creative and fun way of smoking up some marijuana if you lack the usual smoking utensils like aluminum or an actual pipe. It is also known as the preferred and most ideal way wherein beginner smokers take in their daily dose of marijuana greatness. Creating an apple pipe is also a healthier option than using chemically infused materials that might put your self in danger rather than feeling better.

Another great thing about the apple pipe is that it adds natural flavor to your rather awful tasting weed strain. But how exactly do you make one It’s quite easy and only involves a few steps that you can quickly follow and understand.

Making Your Own Apple Pipe

Just like any other do it yourself items, the first thing that you must do is to gather up all the required materials so that every step will push through flawlessly. For this one, you only need two basic materials which are:

  • One apple, and
  • One pen

Although there are other procedures that need some other materials like a knife, spoon, or a screen, this one that we’ll be discussing only just needs the two items presented above. If you’re curious about the one that needs the other materials mentioned before, we have generously included it also below for your reference.

Moving on, there are some tips that we would like to add up to in this part of where you gather up the materials needed to make an apple pipe or what some people call the apple bong.

First, make sure that the apple that you will be using is fresh and not something that has been living in your kitchen for weeks now. Always remember that an old apple is rather soft and might fall down when you are already punching some holes in it.

When it comes to the pen that you’ll be using, it is recommended to use a pen that has a ballpoint tip since this type of pen allows you to unscrew the tip and remove the ink container inside. This prevents you from accidentally squirting some ink inside your apple and you wouldn’t want to experience a messy outcome.

Although some guides will recommend the use of a pencil, its tip is quite prone to be broken in the process of punching a hole inside your apple.

Now that you have all the necessary materials on hand, it is now time to begin your very own apple pipe! The first thing that you must do is to remove the stem from your apple using any cutting utensil like a knife for example. You can also carefully pull it off with the use of your fingers but make sure that the stem is completely removed from the apple.

Next is punch a hole in the place where the stem was once located. Use the pointed part of your pen in doing so and allow it to dig in up until you reach half of the apple.

Here are some tips when boring a hole in your apple:

  • If you find it difficult to create a hole in your apple, try pushing the pen into the apple in a twisting manner.
  • If you have managed to make a small hole in the tip of the apple, you can now remove the ink-containing vessel inside the pen and use the now blunt part to smoothly continue making that hole.
  • Don’t forget to discard the remains of the apple that is now inside your pen.

Make another hole near the bottom part of the apple. Around half an inch from the bottom of the apple will be enough for this second hole. Make sure that this second hole will coincide with the first hole that you made earlier.

It’s now time to make a carb where you will be putting your finger when you light up the pipe. To do so, punch another hole about an inch or so near the first hole. Allow this third hole to meet up with chamber system that you have created from the previous holes.

Make a bowl for your weed by carving out a hollow opening on the top of the apple where you placed your first hole. Don’t forget to dig up just enough to accommodate the amount of weed you want to smoke.

Now that you have followed each step, it’s now time to enjoy your very own apple pipe. Place a generous amount of weed on the bowl that you have carved a while ago. With one hand, hold the apple in a way that your finger will be placed over the carb while the other hand is lighting the weed that you placed on the bowl. Place the apple with the second hole to your mouth and suck in that marijuana goodness.

Looking for another variation of the apple pipe We got you covered with that! This one differs from the former in a way that you will remove a big part of the apple that will result in it to be hollow.

This one is known as the hollowed version of an apple pipe.

For this one, you will be needing a:

  • Knife
  • Apple
  • Spoon
  • Pencil

In this variation of the apple pipe, you need to remove the top portion of the apple by using the knife and cutting it just right about half an inch below the apple’s stem.

Remove the stem from the now removed top portion of the apple. Here are some quick guides for you to ponder on when doing this step:

  • Avoid cutting too close to the stem since you want the top of the apple to be sturdy since it will be the place where you will be putting your weed later.
  • To easily remove the apple’s stem, you can gently wiggle it out and make sure to avoid damaging the sliced top of the apple.

Now that the top portion of the apple is out of the way, it is now time to make that chamber inside the apple. With the use of a spoon, carefully carve out the fleshy portion of the apple until you make at most 1/3 of an inch or around 0.8  cm from the edge of the apple as well as from the bottom of the apple. Just like before, we will be laying down some guidelines to help you perfect this step.

  • Remember to not to dig too close to the edges and the bottom of the apple or it will cause the apple to be not sturdy and may easily collapse when used.
  • To help you get the carving right, use a knife first and make a circle at the middle then proceed with the use of a spoon.

The next thing that you will be doing is to create the mouthpiece and the carb by punching a hole an inch above the apple’s bottom part (for the carb) and a few inches on the side of the carb which will act as the mouthpiece for your apple pipe.

Once this is done, place back the top portion of the apple and place a good amount of the weed where the stem was once located. Just like the typical apple pipe, cover up the carb with your finger while lighting the weed and sucking in the delicious smoke from the mouthpiece.

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Benefits of Using an Apple Pipe

There are actually great things that come with the use of an apple pipe. One of which is that the evidence of smoking marijuana will come right off instantly without leaving any trace behind. This is good most especially for those who are sneaky when it comes to smoking weed and for those countries where it is still illegal to take in some marijuana.

It is also a cheaper and healthier way of consuming your marijuana compared to using a conventional bong that might cost too much. Aside from that, the apple is disposable and can be easily thrown away without leaving a mess or some trace that you are actually accustomed to this kind of hobby.

Compared to other do it yourself cannabis devices, this one doesn’t require a lot of materials or expensive items to make. It is also doesn’t take much of your time to make and with such simplicity, anyone can make it any time and anywhere you want.

Disadvantages of Using an Apple Pipe

Yes, there are some downsides when it comes to using an apple pipe. Like any other objects, devices, and such, negatives will always be a part of it and sometimes gives out a good balance of goods and bads.

One possible disadvantage that might arise from an apple pipe is during the process of creating it. For beginners, it will be a bit of a hassle or it might take a lot of time to perfect the carving process to make an apple pipe. Remember that carving too much or punching a deeper hole might cause the apple pipe to be not sturdy.

Smaller fruits like an apple might cause you to burn your hair or your face even. Since you will be lighting up the weed on top of the apple that is situated close to your face, there is some danger of accidentally blowing up some flame on your face that might scorch you and cause burns.

But overall, an apple pipe is still the best choice despite its negative sides. It is just a matter of practice to be able to perfect making your very own apple pipe at home. Just like what other people say, practice makes perfect and that we learn from our mistakes so don’t be afraid to fail at your first try. Jot down some notes on what you probably did wrong and avoid them the next time that you make one. Follow each step carefully and when in doubt, watch some videos on the internet to guide you better.

Can You Eat The Used Apple

It may be a funny thought but a lot of people are asking this one if they can eat the apple they used in smoking marijuana. There were a lot of tests and experiments done to prove this one and one of which involves using a high THC strain of marijuana with an apple pipe. Obviously, just like eating an apple as it is, browning will be always evident but there are some people who are not quite fascinated with eating apples that are already brown in color.

Results show that there were no effects presented in such tests. This might be true since THC is a substance that is not that soluble in water but is very much soluble in alcohols and in fats. This means that the effects of marijuana will not mix up or dissolve well in apple since it is composed of mostly water.

For those people who are not that well-acquainted with marijuana and its uses, people tend to mix it up with butter or oil for the reason that it blends well and absorbs all the great contents of weed to make a wonderful product that can be further used to create edibles or food that gives you a great high.

Although it may still need some further studies with other types and strains of marijuana, it is still obvious that the apple that is soaked with marijuana smoke wouldn’t give you additional high or make you high per se. It’s just, well, a plain apple that you can snack on after using it as an apple pipe.