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How to Make a Pen Pipe: A Must-Try

Ready to smoke some weed but have no pipe If you have a pen, we can show you how to make a pen pipe. This is one of the simplest ways to DIY a weed pipe and takes seconds to make. We promise no drilling, no cutting, and no buying anything to make this simple pen pipe.

Why learn how to make a pen pipe

Indeed, why do you need to learn how to make this simple pipe when you can use sophisticated glass pipes, bongs, and other smoking headgear Admit that there are moments that you’re just curious if this thing can be used as a pipe. 

Most cannabis smokers go creative and look for possible alternatives. How did you think the apple bong or the water bottle bong came to be 

A pen pipe is also for people who’re in a pinch as we all know ready to use pipes and bongs cost a lot to buy. With a pen pipe, you can use old pens, new pens, or any kind of pen that’s just lying around on your desk. And when you’re done using this pen pipe, just toss it to the trash. 

It’s one way to recycle too. Instead of tossing an old, non-working pen away, you can ease on landfill waste by keeping all your pens for future use. 

Finally, many smokers just want to try out something new. When one user brags about how he turned an ordinary pen into a pipe, another user just has to do it. And so, a viral post leads to everyone doing it! So without further ado, here are steps to make your very own pen pipe at home.

Things you need to make a pen pipe

  • An ordinary pen with removable tips
  • Some dried weed
  • Weed grinder
  • A small tool to remove the pen’s tip


  1. Collect all your materials. Remember, you need a pen with a twistable end and a removable another end. Gather everything nearby so you can finish your pen pipe fast. 
  2. Take the pen and remove the tips. Use a small tool to remove the end of the pipe. In most pens, this tip is twistable but in some, it is very hard to remove. You may need a tool to pry it out. Save the writing tip because you will use this as your bowl. Remove the inner ink tube and save it.
  3. Ready your weed. Grind it to a fine consistency because this is the only way dried weed can fit in a very small bowl. You may only need a pinch of weed so don’t grind too much weed. 
  4. Place the tip back but this time, invert it. The pointy writing end fits inside the tube. If this wobbles, secure this with tape or a dab of glue. But if you’re still going to use the pen when you’re done, don’t glue it down.
  5. Once the bowl is in place, fill lit with dried ground weed. Fill this to the brim and use a small tool to pack it down. Don’t pack it too much; instead, leave room for air to circulate. It will be very hard to puff if you pack it firmly in the bowl. 
  6. Your pen pipe is ready and loaded. All you need to do is to light up your bowl and inhale from the other end. 

It may take time to get used to this pen pipe because you’ll be taking a puff in a vertical position. If you find this hard to do, try placing only a small amount of weed in the bowl so weed won’t fall out of it. It’s also possible to have a hard time reusing this pen so when you’re done, just toss it out the trash as much as possible. 

Some tips to make the perfect pen pipe

Here are some ways to better this pen pipe:

  • Pack the dried weed by hand and make sure you have finely cut weed because a fluffy dried bud won’t fit at all. 
  • Use a toothpick to remove any dried wed that may block the tip. You need the tip to be free from any weed or dirt because air has to enter this way. 
  • It’s best to use a clean pen. You don’t need to learn how to lean this kind of pen. If you see ink-stained walls and tips, don’t use it. Choose a pen with clean walls and tips. 
  • It’s easy for the tip to fall so we recommend taping it or using some glue to keep it in place. 
  • When you‘ve used this pen a couple of times, it’s time to throw it away. Use another pen or make another pen pipe. 
  • Pen pipes are too small for you Use a larger pen or use other materials. You may use an empty water bottle, a plastic food container, and other household items that may be used as a pipe or bong. 

Some benefits of a pen pipe

The amount of weed you consume in a pen pipe is smaller than regular pipes and bongs and thus, this pipe helps you monitor your dose. The small bowl can hold only a few bits of weed; you can save on weed and save money to be used in buying weed later. 

If you’ve heard about microdosing then you know that it’s the smallest dose that will ever provide the best effect or expected effect. Experts say that it’s hard to microdose if you were to smoke a joint or vape a product. But if you were to use a small pipe, with only a few bits of weed, you’ll be able to control your dose easily. 

Now that you know how to make a pen pipe there’s no stopping you from making pipes out of any ordinary things you have at home. Pen pipes are convenient, easy to make, and have potential advantages to microdosing. It’s also a nice DIY project to show off to your friends the next time you share your stash.