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How to Get Rid of Munchies Caused by Weed

cannabis munchies

The term munchies is a slang term that means a sudden onset of hunger. It is a common side effect of using some strains of cannabis. The munchies phenomenon happens when the cannabinoids from cannabis interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system. If this happens, an active receptor called CB1is reproduced and this is the number one cause of munchies.

When you experience munchies, the desire to eat sweet, salty, and fatty, rich foods increases when you’re under the influence of cannabis. Feeling hungry or having cravings is a real struggle after smoking cannabis. In this article, you’ll know more about cannabis munchies and how to possibly avoid it.

How Does THC Induce Cannabis Munchies?

THC is a cannabis component that is responsible for our food cravings. THC interacts with the receptors of the brain that stimulates our emotions, reaction to pain, and enhances our sense of taste and smell.

If THC interacts with our brain receptors, dopamine increases its level that enhances the pleasure of eating. The Ghrelin hormone also increases that makes you feel so hungry.

The Advantage of Having Cannabis Munchies

Most of the cannabis strains that are used in medical marijuana are rich in THC level. THC overrides the system in the hypothalamus that chemically alters the sensations of hunger. Cannabis strains with appetite stimulants are used with patients who tend to lose weight because of their illnesses such as those with cancer, HIV, and anorexia nervosa.

These patients usually don’t have an appetite to consume food. If these patients use cannabis drugs with munchies effect, they will not only get the helpful substance in THC to cure their illnesses, but their body receptors will dictate the need to eat for the absorption of nutrients from food that is necessary for faster healing.

The Disadvantage of Cannabis Munchies

When you allow yourself to indulge in the effect of cannabis consumption, which is the munchies it may contribute to weight gain that may lead to obesity. For those who already carry extra pound. Having cannabis munchies may end up eating chocolate, junk foods and fatty meat leading to an obsessive weight. An increase in weight would also mean having a bigger munchie response.

How To Stop Munchies When Your High

Eat Before Taking In or Smoking Cannabis

You need to have a scheduled meal time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and lunchtime. If you are consuming cannabis edible make sure to stick to a specific time and the amount of consumption.

Keep Yourself Busy

It is normal to daydream while you are, you are on high, but avoid activities related to food or avoid thinking of food. Divert your attention to something that will make you serious and focus like playing video games, cleaning the house etc.

Freshen Up Your Mouth

When you are high, you tend to appreciate minty flavors such as minty candies, toothpaste or mouthwash. To remove munchies, it is recommended to brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. This would make any food intake have a weird taste and you since you prefer minty flavors while on high it would somehow satisfy your cravings.

Make Your Cravings Inconvenient

Before taking in cannabis into your system, if you know that you will be having munchies make sure that your food is conveniently stored so that when you are at the height of your high, your laziness would drag you down not to make an effort just to get your munchies.

Stay Hydrated

If you are dehydrated, your stomach feels like you are hungry. One tip to avoid munchies is to drink a glass of water while having cravings and wait for about 5 minutes to reflect if you still want to eat or you are just thirsty.

Practice Calorie Budget

If you cannot control the munchies effect, then you need to have a calorie budget day before you have a toke. For example, your everyday calorie budget has 2000 calories made sure not to consume all that 2000 calorie budget saves at least 200 calories. Your maximum calories from food intake would be lessened to 1800 calories, so when it is time for your cannabis party, you can use your saved up calories to enjoy your munchies while you’re on high.

Keep Healthier Food Alternatives

When you have the munchies, you will crave for salty foods such as junk foods, sweet foods such as candies and chocolates and fatty foods such as beef or pork fats. These cravings tend to be bad for your health. It is best to keep alternatives instead to at least satisfy your feeling whenever you have the munchies.

Don’t Smoke Alone

There are studies that cannabis users who smoke alone tend to eat less when surrounded by people.

Don’t Drink Alcohol While You’re High

As the side effect of cannabis consumption, the effect of drinking alcohol is hunger or having the munchies.  Even if you have used a strain that doesn’t give the munchies feeling if you are under the influence of alcohol, there is a tendency that you will still eat a lot.

Control Your Cravings

You cannot stop your munchies feeling when you are on high, but you can control how you respond to it.

Foods To Curb Munchies

If you fear to have the munchies in consuming cannabis because you don’t want to add pounds and inches in your body, try out these healthy foods that will satisfy your munchies without sacrificing your diet.


This food can replace your cravings for salty foods such as junk foods just make sure that the popcorn that you would consume is the unflavored one. In cooking popcorn, to ensure that it is still a healthy one try using coconut oil, or olive oil as an alternative to your usual cooking oil that contains the fatty substance.

Peanut Butter

This is a healthy alternative if you have sweet cravings. The fat found in nut butter is a good source of Vitamin E, protein, B6 and potassium.


This is a healthy option to curb cannabis munchies. It is considered a finger food that is a great way to make your hands busy. Example of nuts is almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pistachios. These nuts are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, calcium, riboflavin and all have natural antioxidants that will make you feel young and fresh.

Fresh Vegetables

This is a healthy option if you have carbohydrate cravings. You can eat carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and bell pepper in exchange for pastries that contain ingredients that high contents of sugar and dairy products.

Granola Bars

This is a perfect option if you want to have a healthy alternative food but still want to taste the flavors of the actual food that you are craving for such as chips and chocolates. Granola bars have ingredients that contain a low level of sugar and additives. It also contains processes of chocolate, real fruits, nuts, and oats.


This bite-sized fruit is enriched with antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and fiber that will help you feel full and will let you satisfy your cravings with its sweetness.

Appetite Suppressant

Appetite suppressants include supplements or different kinds of strains that effectively reduce appetite resulting in a decrease in food consumption and it promotes weight loss. These are some of the ways how appetite suppressants work to avoid munchies.

  • Some of the appetite suppressants increase your basal metabolic rate or it induces calories to burn at rest stimulating fat breakdown.
  • Appetite suppressants that contain Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) reduces appetite by increasing the serotonin levels and it reduces the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Caffeine products which have high levels of Chlorogenic acid prevent the inhibit fat accumulation resulting in a decrease in appetite.
  • Types of strains that have a chromium content is also an effective way to reduce the cannabis munchies effect. It helps in reducing appetite and cravings are reduced by directly impacting neurotransmitters in the cerebral part of the brain involved in eating behavior.
  • Supplements that have high contents of fiber is a good appetite suppressant because fiber is good in the digestive system.

Cannabis Strains That Beat The Munchies

Strains that contain THC-V (tetrahydrocannabivarin) provides euphoric high with appetite-suppressing qualities that won’t give you munchie feeling. Strains rich in the CBD and terpene content is also an intoxicating constituent that suppresses munchies.

Durban Poison

This strain provides a clear-headed high and is known for its sweet and spicy notes. It is also a daytime strain that makes you functional. It stimulates appetite but not to the extent that you will feel the munchie effect.

Green Crack

This strain has a hashy and earthy tasting flavor that gives you an upbeat, energetic high good for exercising and socializing. O won’t give you the munchies feeling because while on high it would make you feel busy that your attention will be diverted to other things than eating.


This strain is a bushy Sativa that is high in CBD level and is considered as a pure CBD strain with an amazing terpene profile making it perfect if you don’t want to have munchies when you are high.

Lemon G13

It is one of the strains that are heavy in the terpene limonene making it aromatic. It gives a cerebral high making you active most of the time, so when you are on high you would tend to do things that are more productive.

Strains That Induces The Munchies Effect

For some cannabis users especially for athletes and for those who are concerned with their weight and figure, the munchies or appetite stimulation is a downside of cannabis but for patients who use medical cannabis to relieve their pain and lack of appetite, the use of cannabis is helpful.

  1. Blue Dream

    This strain is perfect if you want to be functional and at the same time boost appetite. After consuming this strain it will give you a strong feeling of hunger.

  2. Critical Mass

    This strain has a heavy Indica cannabis strain that delivers high THC content. Its piney and earthy taste perfectly induce appetite, but a heavy meal expect that you will be sleepy.

  3. Blackberry Kush

    This strain is a popular strain to treat stomach issues such as an ulcer. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is used to boost appetite with the touch of medical marijuana.

  4. Girl Scout cookies

    This strain will make the cannabis user hungry. This strain also boosts hunger by encouraging your body to consume more calories. Its oven-baked smell would definitely give you the appetite to consume whatever meal that is on the table.
  5. Gigabud

    This strain would surely turn the cannabis user into a voracious eater. It reduces nausea for patients especially after chemotherapy and it has weight-loss preventing agents.

  6. NYC Diesel

    The floral aroma and fruity flavor of this strain would remind you of how hungry you are. This strain is recommended for consumers who are too fatigued to have an appetite for food.

  7. Maui Bubble Gift

    This strain is high in CBD content which is an excellent choice for pain management and treatment of nausea. This strain is good for stomach spasms and it gives the users a relaxing feeling after eating.
  8. Orange Skunk

    This strain provides a clear-headed high that relieves lack of appetite because it combats depression and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

There is no actual tool that can combat the side effects of cannabis high which is the munchies bit with the right discipline and proper mindset you will have a balanced relationship with food. In trying to combat munchies, you don’t have to ruin your diet because mthere are healthy alternatives to keep you healthy while enjoying the vibes of cannabis.

The munchies feeling and being hungry doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing. When you are hungry, it means that your stomach is empty you just don’t want to eat food, but your system tells you that you need it. But if you feel the munchies feeling, your brain would tell you that your body wants food.