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How to Clean a Bong With Alcohol

After cleaning a bong and numerous other smoking rigs I’ve found the easiest, fastest and most effective ways on how to clean a bong effectively. Alcohol (specifically Isopropyl Alcohol) has been the fastest and most effective way to clean pipes and bongs. It dissolves any of the bonding molecules that cause the sticky tar which releases the material from the glass and at the same time in sanitizes the rig. This also allows the rig to dry the fastest since alcohol evaporates so quickly. It should be ready to use again in 5-10 minutes after cleaning.


  1. Rinse with water and take the bong apart
    Take apart all the bong parts or pipe and make use of water in order to rinse it off. Take everything apart and be sure to rinse it properly with hot water. This will ensure that any loose material is removed before adding the alcohol.
  2. Add Alcohol
    Add alcohol to the bong. (Isopropyl Alcohol is the cheapest and most effective). After mixing the alcohol with a mixture, cover the tube and stem by using pieces of fabric or cotton. Secure them properly
  3. Shake properly and repeat the process. Usually it only takes 1-2 rounds with alcohol to fully clean the bong.

This method also applies to cleaning pipes. You may take apart your bowl. Cover everything especially the holes using your hand. Do this carefully and repeat the same process described above.

For stubborn areas where its difficult to clean, using pipe cleaners with rubbing alcohol does a great job.

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Other Ways to Clean a Bong

Quick Scrub

Cleaning your bong with a quick scrub is a great alternative if you do not have spare time in cleaning your pipe. Almost anyone can know the tricks in cleaning a bong fast. A lot of chemical cleaners that have salts are readily available in the market. You can use this to scrub your bong or pipe and clean it in just a minute or two. Using Randy’s Black Label is also a good choice, but you can also use other similar products. The fastest way in cleaning your bong is by using liquid and salt cleaners.

Deep Soak

There are other cleaners that can be used but are all more expensive than alcohol. Orange cleaners which are natural based cleaners are the next best option. A deep soak using these cleaners will also work but take a little longer to clean and even longer to completely dry before use. Using other cleaners that are not naturally based is not recommended. They may have other chemicals that can leave residue behind and will be inhaled when using the bong/pipe.

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